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  New Beginnings
Well, I'm officially on Spring Break and feel like I can actually take a nice deep breath, knit profusely, and talk about it. So today I get to share with you some of the knitting fun that has been sporadically plodding along behind the scenes.

The most exciting undertaking to have begun in the last couple of weeks is the second project in the ongoing process of project provocation that Adrian and I seem to continually dish out, or as we officially call it, our 2-Person-Knit-a-long.

I think we've probably been waxing poetic about Alice Starmore's Na Craga [via Ravelry] pattern for well over a year. Armed with lots of wool (this thing is a beast) it's a wonder that we've finally taken the plunge and started the knitting. I can't tell you how good it feels to have tweedy cables back in my life.

Gimme The Good Stuff

We're both heavily modifying it from its sack-like origins. Since the fabric is thick like a jacket, and I'm pre-disposed to being warm, this is undergoing a full cardiganization. I also have hopes of making it hooded, the thought of which makes me positively giddy, but this of course all depends on how much yarn I have. Yarn which, as naturally happens, is discontinued.

Twisted Ribbing

I'm dipping into my last sweaters-worth of the lovely Skye Tweed from Classic Elite (may she rest in peace). This will be my third sweater with this yarn... wow, maybe it's good that I'm being forced to move on?

I'll be doing the standard seamless treatment on this one too, meaning lovely knitting done all in one piece, just the way I like it. Rather than steeking this time around, I'm knitting back and forth (all the cabling happens on even rows, so it's nice and clean) with a buttonband worked in as I go.

Cables Everywhere

The cables in this thing are spectacular - those cheese-grater-like honeycombs not only run up the body, but also right up the center of the sleeves and flow into one of the best saddle-shoulders I think I've ever seen. The braided plait cables, while being the biggest hand-haters of any motif in the pattern, look so good I can't complain (that much). And how about that twisted ribbing?! It really makes it.

Knitting a sweater like this is always an up and down saga, but so far we haven't had any major snags, aside from sometimes being so brain dead at the end of the day that the thought of even looking at the thing sometimes seems outside of my human capacity. In these cases, it's good to have a back up. To that end, I'm still plugging away on my ginormous garter stitch afghan which I can now safely use to keep me warm whilst I work on it - a huge bonus in my book.


I'm getting out of the city for the week and couldn't be happier. For those of you who are lucky enough to get a break this week - I hope you enjoy! Tomorrow my knitting and I will be spending some quality time on a train speeding along the Hudson and away from Gotham. Have a great week!

Train speeding along the Hudson! I'll be waving to you from Albany. :)
Have a nice relaxing time.

Your knitting is, of course, as breathtaking as ever. I have wanted a Na Craga forever, too, but alas the sizing is toooo much on my smallish frame. Some day, I'll figure out how to make it narrower...

I wish I had a Spring Break around here. The kids are home for the next two weeks before they get their "official" break. I imagine you will get along with your cardigan quite nicely with some time off. It's gorgeous! Love the Honeycomb stitches.

Perhaps, with a finite yarn amount, it would be wonderfully recreated into a vesy hoodie? Have a spectacular Spring Break!

Great photos! Have a nice break. I go on vacation on Thursday and I can't wait!

That looks like it is going to be one awesome sweater. Enjoy your break!

Beautiful cables!! As usual, your color choices are delicious. :o)

Three sweaters from the same yarn... yes, it is time to move on. Gorgeous cables. Lovely and plush-looking. Have fun knitting on the train.

enjoy your break Jared, hope you have enough yarn left for a hood!

You NEVER cease to amaze me.....

The sweater is turning out to be quite lovely! Have a good week getting away.

those cables are absolutely gorgeous. i am craving some good tweedy cables these days but yeah... the brainpower to do it at the end of the day has been running kinda low. in the meantime i will live vicariously through this loveliness.
hope you have a fantastic spring break. i escaped the island for break on friday and am soaking up some florida sunshine right now... so so good :)

Ohhhh, your pics give me 'cable envy'!

Have a nice time and happy knitting!

Loving the cables, loving the sweater, really envious of the photos! Enjoy your break.

Isn't spring break wonderful. Being a teacher means that I have all those vacations worked in, whether I want them or not (usually I want them). Right now I'm trying to catch up on reading blogs, next will be some quality knitting time.

Beautiful sweater! Can't wait to see it modeled.

Looks beautiful so far!

Skye tweed is a gorgeous yarn and it looks great with all those cables.

Ahh...Na Craga is a fun knit. The great thing about cabled sweaters is you can tick off pattern repeats rather than inches. 8 pattern repeats sounds so much better than 24"!

Beautiful work! Enjoy your break.

it is lovely. i am currently knitting with skye tweed and i think it is the most lovely yarn ever and that classic elite should consider putting it on the market again like i think aran knitting should be reprinted. i cannot wait to see your na cragas finished. they both look ever so fabulous.

It's perfectly gorgeous. Can't wait to see more. Enjoy your spring break.

Lovin the cabley goodness!

This sweater is going to be fantastic!

I too am sad to see that Skye Tweed is no more :( Bring it back!!

the sweater is beautiful, I can't wait to see more progress on it! I need to show my husband your blog, he has been toying with the idea of me teaching him how to knit and you knit some amazing stuff!

I'm going to be watching the progress on this with interest. I just finished the Central Park Hoodie for my DIL (can't post,it's a surprise present) and now my husband wants a cardigan with a hood too, grrr...ciao

Just love that cardigan, the different cables are just lovely. It will be great to see it finished as you describe it so well. What is spring break for??? Sound pretty good to get a whole week off, is this a paid holiday or you have to use your own holiday leave for it? We have Easter long weekend this weekend (Friday through to and including Monday).

I knit that sweater for my (very large, and long armed) husband. It took me four years (well, I did have two babies to knit for during that time).

I'm sure you'll be finished faster!

It is a very warm sweater--think Isle of Mann fishermen.

Yes, isn't Na Craga a wonderful pattern. I knit one for my brother-in-law and it was a pleasure from start to finish. I love your suggestion of cardiganizing it. I hope you do end up with enough wool to put a hoodie. Can't wait to see how you make the cables crawl up it!

I forgot to say: Have a lovely, woolly break. I'm extremely jealous.

Such patience! To work on a sweater with millions of tiny little twists and cables and a plain old garter stitch project at the same time...it looks beautiful, and you certainly show a lot of dedication! I'm sure the finished results will be great!

That's lovely. I love the twisted ribbing.

Na Craga doesn't float my boat, but I cerainly have my eye on Cromarty, and will likely make some mods to her, as well. Thanks for being the mod pioneer!

Cably goodness, what's better than that?

Na Craga has been on my list for a while so I am eager to see what modifications you end up making to it. Please let us know! BTW, beautiful yarn choice.

Can't wait to see the finished sweater. I'm sure it will be amazing!!

No break for me when the kids are home. Thanks for sharing the new knitting. I'm dying for a new project.

Those cables really pop in that yarn; no wonder you like it. I'm always interested to see how you modify patterns, because I'm not too found of the boxy look myself.

That yarn looks luscious! Have a great spring break.

Can you give us a hint how you're dealing with cardiganization when there are three cables front and center? Are you splitting one, adding one, or having an off-centre opening? Enquiring minds want to know.

Spectacular work as always! I'm in suspense, waiting for the finished NaCraga.

Hi-I visit your blog all the time...ever since I became a blogger myself- Nov. 2007.
I have been wanting to tell you this:
You work is amazing, often times I just sit in awe staring at my laptop screen at your works of art! I am not a blog stalker, but your work is stalker worthy! : )
Please don't visit my blog- I am a suburbian mom (CT) that loves to "try" to knit, crochet, and sew...save yourself the click-really!

I wanted to finally comment, and tell you I am captivated by your talent! Happy Spring Break!

i'm really into the word "cardiganization"; its not an easy one to work into most conversations. keep on cardiganizing those sweaters!

Everything is perfect, work, pictures, colors, etc, I really enjoy reading your blog.
A french admirer

The sweater looks and sounds like it is going to be fabulous. Enjoy your break. School is just getting started back up here in Korea (March is the beginning of the school year) and my schedule is going to be very full this time around. I just hope I can have my evenings and some of my weekends (I have to teach a couple classes on Saturdays) free to knit!

I've not knit cable for a long time, but your enthusiasm for it is rather contagious. I've been perusing the cable section of my Barbara Walker treasury. Thanks once more for the inspiration.

Love that yarn. BTW, just read your post about the whales, and i am insanely jealous...i grew up there too, and have NEVER seen them.

Those cables look beautiful.
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