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  Kureyon Gloves
Last week while riding the train early in the morning with my bare hands stuffed deep in the pockets of my winter jacket I decided I was sick of having cold hands in the morning. Last weekend I resolved to put my current knitting on hold and tend to my cold-hand problem post-haste.

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See, I'm a fidgety person who tends to keep busy at all times (a blessing and a curse), including in transit - so mittens aren't great for me. I love knitting them but feel positively annoyed while wearing them in most situations. Too many times I've tried to answer the phone or scribble some notes in a notebook while mitten-clad, only to see my phone crash onto the sidewalk or my pen go flying under my neighbors subway seat. And lets not even talk about coffee spillage. Granted gloves also lend themselves to an obvious loss of dexterity but at this point in the winter, it's all relative.

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Pattern: Ken (free from the Berroco design team) [*via Ravelry]
Materials: Noro Kureyon; #51
Amount: 160 grams (just over 1.5 skeins)
Needles: US8/5.0mm Double Pointed Needles

Started: 22 February 2008
Finished: 23 February 2008

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This was a total impulse knit. I didn't even have a pattern in mind, just grabbed two balls of Kureyon from the stash and went pattern-huntin' on Ravelry. I found this free pattern, got gauge on the first try and went for it. There's something really refreshing about spicing up your knitting with small, impulse-projects, especially when they work out - and I find that they often do. Maybe it's the absence of obsessive planning and worrying that seems to surprise us time and again.

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I like this pattern - it's fitted and detailed while remaining straightforward. Knitting ten fingers is always kind of a drag, but at this gauge they go mighty quick. I think that Kureyon is slightly heavier than the yarn called for in the pattern and makes for a semi-dense, very fitted glove. I really like it like this, but if you prefer a glove with a bit of ease on your hands, I'd recommend maybe using a different yarn or jumping up a needle size.

Green Fingers (by b r o o k l y n t w e e d)

I guess I should also mention that my hands are large-ish and the pattern specifies a men's medium, so if you have average size manhands, you can probably disregard my previous warning.

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I was putting off knitting myself a pair of gloves, mostly because I continue to entertain the idea that spring is just around the corner. I know that this is wishful thinking here in the city, and winter is, after all, one of my favorite times of year. Although I think most of us knitters are perpetually wistful for Fall, winter is pretty great too (Sometimes I forget. Usually early in the morning).

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To sum up - this is a great *free* pattern that is definitely worthy of being squeezed into a weekend. Why not go spelunking in your stash and surprise someone you love with warm hands for the rest of the winter? Until next time - happy knitting.

Cool gloves. Off to raid the stash!

I absolutely adore your photographs. And those gloves are brilliant. keep up the blog action

Thank you so much for such an awesome blog. Everytime I pop in here I'm always so inspired. This is now one of my favorite knitting blogs. Again thank you!!!

Love those mittens - what a great way to use a single skein!

very nice weekend project. i did the same thing a few weeks ago with mittens but they're not versatile at all. i'm going to raid my stash too for a pair of Kens.

beautiful gloves.
I am not yet intrepid enough to use so many needles but the results are fabulous.

Dude--you knit them in a day? Wow. Kureyon never disappoints...

I am digging through my stash right now and pondering who the lucky recipient will be!


Great gloves! Today I had the pleasure of meeting Elizabeth Zimmerman's goddaughter at Stix and Stitches in Montclair, NJ - it gets better. I actually touched 2 garments knitted by EZ's own hands - a tam and a sweater that were beyond fabulous. The sweater was very tailored and fitted with very unusual tapered sleeves. It was awesome. I know you are a huge fan. I didn't have my camera but one of the ladies in the shop promised to email some to me.

wow these are just beautiful. I also love the noro yarn.
kureyon is my favorite

Gorgeous gloves. So beautirul. I am totally agree with your preferences gloves than mittens. Once I was a glove knitter and knitted many pairs, because gloves are much more practical in daily use. Now I have a wip gloves of Bohus pattern in my stash, your post took my head turn to that. Thank you.

Really nice.

I agree about having a quick project. I felt that way while doing gift knitting back in Nov/Dec. it was so nice to do something that only took a few days, instead of weeks or months.

I made fingerless Kureyon gloves in the same colorway. How exciting. =)

In the picture with your fingers all spread out, it looks as though the gloves are painted onto your hands. It's a very lovely picture.

What a great choice for man hands. Beautiful gloves and pictures, as always.

Noro Kureyon never fails to delight me. Especially when knit up in "fraternal" pairs like your lovely gloves. I love the off-kilter quirkiness of pairs that harmonize beautifully, but don't rigidly "match up". Gives them more of an artistic, hand-crafted look.

I have fairly large hands, so I should probably be able to make a pair of these for myself. The winter here shows no sign of letting up. Right now, the snowbanks are 8-10 feet high (not kidding!) But like you, I love winter. It's so incredibly beautiful, and gives me a never ending excuse to knit more more more.

Cheers for your ever-fabulous blog!

Gloves so nice I want to make a pair even though I live in Coastal South Carolina. My Hubby would love them though.

Fabulous gloves. I wonder if I'd be able to deal with the scratchiness of Kureyon if it was on my hands -- do you think the constant contact with snow and ice would soften them up? Anyway, yours are spectacular, and I can't believe how quickly you knit them!

How could this be a knitter with cold hands? Such an irony.

So happy to see that you took care of this with once again a uniquely beautiful creation.

Be well, stay warm

What a great idea! Stay warm.

great gloves... i keep promising myself a pair of convertible mitten/gloves from my handspun but keep putting myself down on the priority list.... perhaps you've lit a fire under my kiester

Your posts are always inspirational! Thanks for the tip.

Gorgeous gloves, will watch for some Kureyon when next I hit civilization and a yarn shop.

Those are beautiful, as is everything you knit. If wearing gloves bothers you why not try the fingerless gloves with a mitten top? This way, your hands will be warm and when you need to write or answer your phone you can just flip the top and go!

Everything you do is gorgeous. I'm sure many of us, admirers, will knit some similar gloves soon now! Always a pleasure to come visit your page... Cheers!

How is it possible for one person to inspire me so? Seriously. Thank you again for pushing me out of my winter daze and knitting or spinning something that is simple, beautiful, and complex all at the same time!
Thank you.

Fabulous! Very manly yet zippy.

You've outdone yourself with the photos. The gloves are great, the photos are incredible. Thanks very much for the effort to share them.

Querido seu blog é maravilhoso nunca vi pontos e tramas tão bem trabalhadas parabens bjs lu.
You is fantastic.

Interesting how the thumb width stays constant, while you increase the *hand*. That's an option I hadn't considered. . . .

I love them, very pretty!

Only fellow knitters could appreciate that when your hands were cold you chose to "KNIT" gloves. Anyone
else would wonder if they didn't sell gloves where you lived and why you couldn't just buy some? Of course
we don't acknowledge those people, do we : )

I just knit myself some gloves, which turned out great and I love them... except that every time I put them on, I'm so mad because I can't accomplish anything. And then I take them off. what a waste... Yours are beautiful, and I hope they get a lot of wear. :)

I would have expected Koolhaas wristwarmers, not gloves!



Very nice gloves!!Love the color!


Those mittens are really beautiful. I used to live where it is realcoldlong. Have you ever considered making gloves with the last two or three fingers knitted mitten style or making mittens with the fold over flap letting your fingers out of mitten prison whenever you need them? you can even knit fingers in the "hobo style" mittens for your lesser used digits or partial fingers for all of them. But again the gloves are b e a u t i f u l.

I just wanted to tell you how much my boys (5yrs and 8 yrs) love looking at your blog. You're an excellent knitter and have very good taste. Now, I'm having problems tracking down the two sweater patterns they won't life without. (Cobblestone-didn't get that IK mag, and the Street Smart-sold out) Keep up the good work. You're quite the knitter's motivator.

Your gloves are EXCELLENT! I'm not having any luck with store bought gloves––I keep losing them; and I SO dislike mittens. They're good for kids.

I've decided to knit a pair, and this pattern looks like the ticket! Thanks––your blog is super inspirational.

Hi tehere :o) I am a first time visitor and have now gone through ALL of your archives... and it has been a thrill! Month after month of brilliant knits and beautiful yarn. I even read your first post where you quote you don´t l o v e blogs, and knowing that I am truly happy this has not stopped you from blogging. You´re on my blog roll now, of course. Best regards from Norway :o)

Hi Jared!

First time to post...Your new gloves are to die for :-) I'm putting a hold on all projects and knitting a pair up now!! I don't know if I will finish as fast as you though...amazing! I'm hoping I have stashed Noro somewhere...

I enjoy your blog immensely!! The colors and textures you use for all your projects are so rich and beautiful! Great eye for composition and perspective in your photography.

THANKS for inspiring me to be a better knitter!



Here for the first time (I think). I love your photography! Your knits are gorgeous too. I've bookmarked your blog and will be back again.

I suppose i have you to think for our current weather - nothing like knitting yourself a winter staple to guarantee the rapid return of spring! those gloves are fantastic. i was just thinking that i want some gloves instead of mittens...


You really should talk about your photography sometime. Not that we ever tire of seeing or hearing about your knits - but your pictures are spectacular.

I love the idea of mittens and gloves, but I keep buying these silly "Magic" one size gloves. I destroy a pair or two each year, because my finger nails cut holes into the fingertips.

Will hand knitted gloves fix that problem? I have been wary about making gloves if they were only going to last a single season.

I love the way the Kureyon makes two gloves that are not identical, yet clearly a pair. We are huge Kureyon fans at our house, and I love what you do with it. I may have to make some gloves for my son!

I love these gloves. I have got to get some Noro and play with it; I keep seeing the most amazing projects with that stuff. I wonder what the outcome would be doing some kind of fair isle color work with two or three different skeins....probably an unrecognizable pattern, but hey, it sounds fun!

The thumbs look unusual, but very nice!

I agree with you about the impulse knits, they turn out well because we don't have a chance to get sick of them!

It just snowed 20cm this morning here in Southwestern Ontario, and this post totally warmed me right up :)

really beautiful jared. i have been loving fingerless gloves lately, but i think it's partially about dexterity and partially fear of knitting 10 fingers... i need to get over it! :)

Wow those are great gloves - and the pictures are really beautiful too.

I have never thought of using Kureyon to knit gloves - must give it a go sometime.

Thanks for the link to the pattern too.

Julie, the Cobblestone sweater is for sale in the Knitting Daily online store


those are fab! i made up a pair of noro mittens not too long ago, and i can't tell you how many cigarette ashes and coffee spills have occurred on the poor dears thus far. i'm scared of gloves a little bit, though.... just as i was scared of mittens, probably.

Totally fantastic Gloves! I too have been putting off making gloves. My daughter's hands are like an icebox and she wants gloves - made by me - yeah! ummm. well, ok - now that I have seen yours - what am I afraid of???
Off I go! Thanks

wow! haow fast you have made these gloves!!!! they're so beautiful!

Nice gloves... I just finished mittens with Noro Cashmere Island and I love the feel of the cashmere so much. I also love the new colorways being introduced by Noro too

I've only recently found your blog and I have to say that the speed of your knitting leaves me breathless - gloves in a day and a half?! Wasn't that last sweater done in only two weeks? You rock!
Have you ever timed yourself (stiched per minute)?

wouah it is the first time that I see a man knitting and on top of that great good....
see you soon

The gloves look lovely. I enjoy a bit of spontaneous knitting, now and then. It seems to get finished, at least!

I recently subscribed to Spin-Off magazine and just received my first one which happened to be the Winter 2007. Congratulations on your article! I read your "Behind the Scenes" article on Kromski and found it very interesting.

First of all, I am sorry for my Engilsh; I am French. I admire your knitting work. Congratulations !

once again - great job- your knitting is so precise - IM GREEN!


Nice gloves!
I completely relate to your frustration with mittens!

Hi, I'm going on a weekend trip to New York in a couple of weeks and wonder if you can recommend any yarn stores? Have to say that I love your blog and gets inspired every time I read it.
Carina in Sweden

Ooooh, I love these! The colors are so perfect! And, as always, I adore your photography.

Very,very good!!

Love these gloves!!! You've given me inspiration to try my hands at this pattern.

Wow, gloves in Noro Kureyon, what a great idea! I like how the colors turned out. Knit in a day (or two)? That's incredible. I am also working on a quick knit, also in Kureyon, and coincidentally your Koolhaas Hat pattern. The pattern has been declared "cool" by my teenager who is going to Alaska and needs "a bunch of hats".

I'm currently attempting your Hemlock Ring (Eco in maroon) and made a major mistake. It was either burn the thing or find a quick creative outlet until I can face it again. These gloves were just the trick and I've never made gloves before! The pattern was quite easy to follow, I now have custom fit gloves and I can go back to my Hemlock Ring with renewed calm. Thanks!

Too chunky and inelegant. Gloves should be trim and smart--those things look like something you'd use when reaching into the oven!
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