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  Fiber Fix Friday: Handspun Edition
I've had a great time getting acquainted with my wheel and have been rocking the handspun many a late-summer night. I figured this Friday Fiber Flash would focus on the handspun yarns that seem to be accruing in every vacant nook and cranny in sight. Click the images for more details.

Burning Bush

Pulse 2-Ply

<span class=

Babs <span class=

My First <span class=

Have a wonderful weekend!

It looks as though Autumn is definitely in the air at your place! Yummy colors.

It's still High Summer here in California -- 101+

I wish I lived someplace that had seasons.

All this is *your* handspun?
Didn't you say you had not done this before? It looks great!

Gorgeous, all of it! I have been trying very hard not to get into spinning (thereby adding a fiber addiction to a yarn addiction), but your pictures are a little too tempting!

Wow. Dude, you are fiber gifted. Those don't look like beginner efforts AT ALL. I love how they are all tweedy. :)

I think you are channeling Judith MacKenzie! Amazing, wonderful yarn! You definitely need to attend SOAR next fall!

so pretty - those colors are amazing.

Wow... that is most excellent in my eyes. Yum.

Oh. My. God. You are a born spinner!

Wow..wow..gorgeous! I have 14 pounds of fiber sitting in my closet and a little drop spindle to do it all with. I think I need a wheel. LOL.

Those are all so beautiful ....man ..look at you rock that wheel...lucky duck..



Drool drool drool.
Can't wait to see how you knit them all up!

Gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous ***sigh***


Wow, your spinning is awesome! It's so uniforman consistant. I am still very much a beginner. I love the fall colors! You're one of those that are just good at whatever he attempts!

Oh, they are all beautiful. But my favorite is the dreamy light green.

I am beginning to wonder if you and Eunny were separated at birth... Both of you seem to be part spider. That is incredible yarn, beautifully photographed.

gorgeous color combinations. each skein would make lovely inspiration for furniture pieces...

I feel like you have some magic power over me-- everything you do I just want to do too, immediately. I've never had an interest in spinning, but now that I see your yarn I think I should give up everything else I do and spin 24/7.

Your fibers are gorgeous (and so seductive!)

You got the hang of that really quickly.

It does not surprise me, that you have the most wonderful handspun yarn right from the start! You are a fiber genious! ;o)

I love them , they are so pretty, Especially the teal one :-) :-)

Wow, your handspun looks absolutely gorgeous. Great photography too!

Wow. You got bit. Hard.

These are gorgeous. A friend of mine is going to teach me how to spin, but we're talking hand-hand spinning -- no wheels involved. I'm ridiculously excited.

These are all fabulous!! I love them all, but by favorite is the last one - great color combo.

Looks like you have the color spectrum well represented there. Great spinning, and I can't wait to see the fantastic knitting that results. I definitely see some garter stitch in the cards.

Jared, you continue to be such a source of inspiration for me. I just started out spinning on drop spindle....no money for a wheel yet....but looking at your hand-spun yarns make me feel inspired to perfect my spindle spinning. Great job!

Very soothing colourways in your plying, Jared. And what will they become...?

OH MY... I am just cleaning up the drool from my keyboard. If these are your first spinning excursions, I have to say you are very very talented. But we shouldn't expect anything else from you, should we? All the gorgeous knitting and now also fabulous spinning. I totally understand that you spend every minute with the new toy. Any ideas what you will knit with your handspun?

What beautiful color combinations! I think each piece made will be a masterpiece!!

your spinning is looking wonderful.
How long have you been doing this??? I thought it was only a few weeks ago that you and your wheel got together?
dang. good. job.

really beautiful stuff. I am going to be shoping for yarn for your Cobblestone Pullover. It is the only pattern of many I showed Hubby that he said he would wear. Any machine wash yarn suggestions?

You just have such a nice sense of colour. Not to mention awesome photos... thanks for the fibre fix!

What a lovely autumn palette.

You are a truly gifted artist. Delicious colors.

very yummy colors, and your tension looks beautiful. i had a rough start with the wheel, but your photos make me want to give it another go.

They're all gorgeous. I'm particularly fascinated by Pulse, because I found the roving to be ugly, but the yarn is beautiful. Funny how being spun up nicely really makes a difference. The two colors didn't seem to work well for me in the roving, but the flecks of dark green in that yellowy color worked out beautiful. Must be why I'm not making the big bucks dyeing rovings to sell.

Wow! Very very pretty. I especially like the yellow (and I usually hate yellow). Do you have enough in any one color to make a garment? What are your plans for your handspun? Kate Gilbert just posted a beautiful girl's raglan out of her handspun...

You could knock me over with a feather. I love the orangey colors. When are you going to begin selling it?? I want the orange right now!!

Of course you would be brilliant at this too! Of course.

They are beautiful! I've got similar piles growing around my house. Addicting isn't it?

Oh, lovely! Are you still working on a spindle? If so, it gives me hope that my drop spindle will eventually yield results that don't look like lumpy porridge next to my wheel-spun stuff.

Well, damn, your handspun is looking a whole lot better than mine! Beautiful colors, too. But I'll bet you don't have any dog hair yarn yet. I've been spinning Newfoundland and Golden Retriever--no basic wool here!

That burning bush take smy breath away. Ooh la la!

Wot they all said.


Those are gorgeous!

Hi, refering to the Hemlock Ring blanket, do you think your chart could be repeatable if I wanted it to be? Thanks.

Those colors are fantastic!

I love the green/blue, I love them all, but I really love the green/blue!

look at you go!!!! it looks great! What are you going to make with all those skeins?

I just learned a good tip while looking at your flickr pics for your Miss Babs BFL. It makes so much sense to this new spinner to pre-draft into nice little balls. Amazing the way the fiber changes as its spun - so beautiful! Thanks for sharing. Terry

Seriously, is there anything that you just suck at?! Who else in the world could just buy a spinning wheel and churn out gorgeous yarn like that?? I'm going to just believe that you had some truly hideous stuff that you refused to photograph and post because otherwise you'd have to be some kind of fiber superhero.

All kidding aside, brilliant work! You have a great eye for color. Thanks for sharing!

seems like the wheel was a solid investment.
let me know when you'll start selling these little bundles of joy. :)
the teal and lemongrass yellow are my favorites. :)

Just found your blog - awesome work! In EZ's form, do you/will you use handspun for your work (i.e. the gorgeous blanket?) or can you make recommendations for using alernative yarns?

And *your* handspun is wonderful!

Love it.


I just found yer blog and all I can say is fantabulous! Truly inspiring, to the point I'm wondering if I can shave off more $ from the grocery budget to obtain some Cascade for the Hemlock ring..........

Thank you for blogging (both of my sons knit too!)


The handspun is divine. Excuse me while I dry the drool off my shirt with the hand dryer.

Mmm, yummy-scrumbos.

OMG what beautiful colors! (are you taking orders?) :-) I took an all day spinning class once, and my yarn looked nothing like that, (I think they called it "designer yarn"), so I can appreciate the work that went into it. You're an insipation to guy knitters, (and spinners), everywhere!

I love the way plying affects color.... I can't wait to begin really spinning myself!

OOO--beautiful fall colors. I love them.

Was it good for you? It was good for me.

i wanna come over and play with your yarn.

This is the kind of fix I could get used to

Oh my goodness!?

You are already making yarn that looks like that!? I received my first spinning wheel two weeks ago (a Kromski Minstrel, too), and my efforts look like crap so far.

Good job, I love them all. And I hope I get close to that soon...there must be some trick I am missing.

I desperately want that last one. Teal is my all-time favorite color. But all of it is gorgeous. :-)

all of them are beautiful..yummy yarn!

ok, so how much per hank? You are the next Sundara--Tweed Style. I am drooling over those colors!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Don't make us beg.....

Lovely yarn.

You take wonderfull pictures, and i love the yarn.

Oh my goodness! I love the blue/green handspun yarn you made!!!! It is so beautiful to see all of the other colors intermingling in there. Wow... I'm so happy to have found your site - I'll be visiting here often! Em

Fantastic colors! Your blogg is a huge inspiration for me!
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