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  Some Things Speak For Themselves

Cut 1

Cut 2

Cut 4

Cut 3

Cut Detail

Successful Cut

Cardigan: Check.

Bravo. Wow. Amazing. And lastly, thank goodness it worked because what a gorgeous sweater!


I always gasp when I see scissors near knitting! It is looking great....

That's so pretty. yum.

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Yikes! But fan-freaking-tastic!!

Wow, that was traumatizing just to ... "watch". But the sweater is stunning, truly. Beautiful work.

This is just amazing to see! You make me want to be brave enough to try this myself! Thank you for sharing. (c:

blessings and peace, Pam

Beautiful, your steeking is flawless - if only I had the nerve

That is one of the most beautiful sweaters I have seen. Fantastic pattern and exquisite workmanship.

Holy smokes! That was amazing!

I love how you took several pictures as you made the one long cut! And not even a HINT of a tremor to your scissor-holding hand! Thank you, as always, for the great photographs.

Wow, that's all I can say. I've never really felt the need to do a massively cabled aran-style sweater, but suddenly I feel a need to knit one Right Now.

really gorgeous.

and also really inspring for a newbie knitter like me!

handsome handsome handsome

You are a brave man. I'm interested to see how the chain looks when it's turned under, I usually yse the sewing machine to steek. The cab;ey goodness of that sweater is awesome.

You couldn't have said it better. That must feel pretty good to have that part finished!

Beautifully done!

Unbelievable, you've made it!

Right, so I start to wonder, looking at some of your photos..

a) Hand model? No, don't think you'd trust 'em to cut your cardy.
b) Professional photographer friend? No, look like your photo-style.
c) Grown a third hand? Doubt it.
d) Timer? Then you're quite fast to pick up scissors before the 'click'.
e) Trade secret? Well, fair enough.

Very nice sweater: the yarn, color and pattern are exquisite!

This is really fascinating. I've never looked into the actual process of steeking this closely and your beautiful pictures are really wonderful. I feel like I'm actually there!

You have one of the most beautiful blogs on the net. Really inspiring (and quick!) work!!


absolutely gorgeous! I love the cables you chose.

How many balls of Skye Tweed did you end up using?

Your preparation paid off! Excellent job.

Uuuuuaaaaaaiihhhh .... phuhh ... well, it's looking fine man. Congratulation to such a fantastic cardigan!

Wow, my heart was racing just looking at the pictures! Great job! The cardigan is gorgeous!

That gave me the heebie-jeebies . . . kudos to you for your bravery and your awesome sweater.

Huzzah for a good cardiganization! Do show us close-ups of the inside after you work the button bands, won't you? Oh, the tweedy beauty. I love it.

I'm delurking to say that I've been watching your progress, and I can't wait to see the end result. You are brave to cut such an amazing sweater!

Wow, that's one amazing cardigan. You couldn't find something like that at the Gap no matter how hard you tried, that's what I love about it. And you definitely make the steeking not so scary looking.

But I'm with Cheryl, how did you get those pictures and cut the steek at the same time? ;)

Absolutely, positively brilliant.

I'm with the others, how did you get the shots while steeking?

Holy crap, that's amazing!

there's something about this that just took steeking from holy-shit-that-looks-scary-but-kind-of -awesome to i-HAVE-to-do-that.

it looks so satisfying somehow. i can just feel the yarn breaking under the shears...

VERY COOL!!! and a cardigan is born.

Hello from a lurker. This cardigan is fabulous, and also, your watch is hot. :]

that is amazing!! I can't wait to see what happens next! What do you do with the yellow now?

I held my breath...absolutely beautiful work :)

What a fantastic sweater. Nice work.

truly amazing. VERY inspiring.

You are a very brave soul! It's gorgeous! Can't wait to see the finished product!

Wow. That's all I can think of to say. And that you are quite brave!

Wonderful! Thank you. I came to look at your always great photos, and I am leaving thinking, for the first time, that I may be able to do steeking. Beautiful knitting!

It looks like you were just undoing a zipper. Slick.

Day-um! Beautiful.

man, that is fearless........

6,000 words' worth. Very beautifully said.


I'm waiting with bated breath for a final modeled shot. I can scarcely contain my excitement. What a beauty.

This is a gorgeous sweater. I love the ribbon-like cables on either side of the front. Just amazing.

Wonderfully courageus steeging job!

They say a picture is worth a thousand words?! These are worth a 1,000 "I can do that too if I gave it a try" mantras! :) Your photos made me quiver! I can't wait to see the finished product.

Beautiful Work.

my heart is all fluttery just looking at your photos.

Thank you for showing us this, I had no idea you can do this without having to use the sewing machine and make ugly stitches before cutting.....

-Bente from Norway-

Dude, that is Hard Core ;)
I've been watching progress on the Cardi with bated breath..can I breathe out yet?

Wow - that is really interesting - and beautiful details in the knitting patterns!

Going to have to turn that process over in my head a little and try to figure it out!

please say it's for me.

ihave been eagerly looking forward to this moment. have started to swatch myself. and cable knitting is wonderful. much better than lace. and this sweater is a gem. beautiful craftsmanship and so inspiring. thank god for ez, meg and their followers that make knitting such a bliss.

Amazing... and slightly scary... It looks just beautiful.

Wow and Ditto to all the comments above!

I'm just catching up with blogs this morning and that was no way to start a Monday! Yarn and scissors--I nearly choked on my coffee. But, whew, what a beautiful job you did.

Even your steek looks gorgeous. That sweater is beautiful. Thank you so much for documenting your work so beautifully (and giving encouragement to the rest of us).

oh. my. goodness. You even make cutting a steek look so lovely! I have to make sure my husband doesn't see your gorgeous sweater or he's going to want me to rip out what I have and make one like yours instead :P And as much as I intend to try steeks, I don't think I'm quite ready...

Thanks for the visuals in this and the last post!

your photos (and that cardigan) just took my breath away!

wow. unbelievably beautiful. and such great, clear pics too… I think my next sweater will have to be in tweed!

That third picture gave me a little involuntary shiver all down my spine. I'm so excited about your steaks, and impressed of course. Congratualations.
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