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  Fiber Fix Friday

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Enjoy the weekend.

such tweedy goodness! and lots of it! amazing how many shades "green" comes in!

Right, I hate to keep harping on how yummy Kilcarra is, but I have to say that they have a splendid green—dark, boggy, manly—just a killer shade. Saw it again on Wednesday at the LYS. I know it's not fair to say, I'll have to get a pic of it to you (which of course won't do it justice and only if you want one). Ah well, guess you'll have to take my word on it for now. Nice Friday photo.

What is the name of the contraption you use to wind your yarn so nicely? I'm new to knitting (very new) and hate the knots in the yarn.

ngroudas @ gmail.com (remove spaces)

I keep meaning to ask - what camera you use to get such amazing pictures? I hoped the little side bar in flickr would tell me, but I don't see it on your recent yarn-porn shots. This shot o' green makes me salivate - I think a spring green project is in order to usher in the warmer days!

Beautiful yarn portrait.

I especially like the Rowanspun DK, the "Goblin" shade is fantastic!

What a beautiful shot! Green's my favorite color, too, and that Sundara yarn in the picture just makes me drool.

yes it is needless to flatter you but you have the gift of making knitting everything but an aunty thing. you should make a lovely knitting book!!!!
yes it is yarn porn in a way, and what a great expression.

Can I just say I love that you called this photo set "His Dark Materials"! That was a great series. Haven't thought about it in a long time.

Great shades of green. And the striped sweater is gorgeous! Have a great weekend!

Oh, I love green, too. To me it's a very optimistic color, full with life, energy and hope. I've neglected this color for a while, but recently I've been trying to include more of it in my life.

It makes me feel better when others have the same obsessions as me... I can always count on you for a green or tweed fix and sometimes at the same time! swoon!

Ooohh, the green.....

Your photo make me want to run out and get a winder just to be able to create such inspiring vignettes from own stash!

Your color choices are so nice. I really want to get a ball winder too. My kids are sick of helping me wind skeins.

Yum! One of these days I'm going to save some money so I can buy my very own ball winder.

Lovely, lovely photo. Hope you had a lovely weekend too....loooong weekend that is! Where are you Tweed? We miss you out here in cyberspace - you left us hanging for some more great photos!

I do love pictures of pretty yarn! Thanks for sharing your photos.

Just wandered by today and love your blog and your knits. You have a great sense of color! :)

I am the secretary of the Madison Knitters Guild, in Madison Wisconsin. We are a large guild and for approximately 2/3 of our meetings we bring in some national knitting "talent." We are currently making plans for 07-08 and we would like to have a Men's Knitting Night theme for one of our meetings. Do you ever give presentations? It would be great for us to have a panel of accomplished male knitters.

Yummy colours!

What a lovely description of the gluttonous pleasures of planning and beginning a piece of knitting. And the secret joys to be gained from a swatch. If outsiders only knew, they would ban us.
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