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  Color Study: Purples

Pearl Duo

my 'wandering traveler' plant (zebrina pendula) | pure merino bulky (handpaintedyarn.com) in 'pearl'


You take such great pictures...and I wish I had your yarn stash. Gorgeous purples!

Plum, cream & a little bit of green. Delicious.

yum, love that color

it's no wonder dyers have so much inspiration - everything can be a yarn color!

I spied Pearl last week over at Handpainted Yarn. Thanks for showing its true colors in ball form. Quite lovely.


that purple is gorgeous!!!

great pictures as always! can't wait to see what you do with the handpaintedyarn!

the pearl reminds me of the bulky I recently knit a sweater out of -- except handpaintedyarns.com called it "pearl ten" at the time I ordered it, and then later moved the details about it to another colorway they called "persephone." Very similar though!


Thanks for such great blogging and photos. I really lookd forward to you reprots and your tweed Body armour sweater is looking fab.....

stunning photos! What kit do you use? Are these hand held shots? I love the DOF expecially in the plant shot :^)

PURDY =)*)

oh isn't purple a fantastic and enigmatic colour. i am taken with it at the moment. even got myself a purple coat... and purple goes with dark brown, lime, denim blue and bottle green. which actually is quite interesting as bottle green and grey is often too dull, denim blue and red a bit air hostessy. and the yarn ball and the plant looks good in purple...

I love your color sense...

I adore color comparisons like this. Nice work.

Delurking here.
Your eye for color, design and placement is insightful and inspiring. I always enjoy your blog. Thank you.

I love your photos more and more each time i pop in!
body armor is stunning!

I know I'm a little late to the party but I just noticed yesterday that you've got a little 'shout out' in the Spring issue of Knitscene.
Yay for you!

I love so much your photos, your yarns, your knitting...
Hugs n luv
Márcia from Brazil

Lovely pairing of photos.

YUmmmmm purple!!

I was just getting over those stunning cables, when you hit us with these gorgeous photos! Love your blog.
I'm also a plant lover, though, and, Jared, it's time to trim your plant! luv, mom.

Beatiful....as per usual! Always love it when you post.

I love those plants and have a couple. There was an article in The Believer magazine about them while back... I uploaded it here. (It's only a page long.)

what a stunning pairing, jared. beautiful.

Beautiful photos, as usual. Love that purple. "Wandering Traveler"? Not sure if you're being politically correct or not - most everywhere else, and in my family (who are Jewish) it was a "Wandering Jew". This euphenism gave me quite a chuckle.

The purple and grey color study is lovely!

Would it be strange to want to macrame/knit/crochet a plant holder with the 'pearl' yarn for this plant :)?
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