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  Body Armor
Cable Porn

Cable Porn

Cable Porn

Cable Porn

Cable Porn

The body is done...


Not only is that brilliant work, you also got through it FAST! Woo.

Delicious. Simply delicious.

Just gorgeous stuff!


Beautiful!! Your cables are so well formed and even.

It's very beautiful!

Very fine looking armor!

you do beautiful work.... lovely.

You're so darn fast! Do you have house elves helping you, or what?

It's looking great.

that is absolutely beautiful, you knit so fast and do such amazing work!

Gorgeous, and very masculine. What is that delicious yarn?

The body looks amazing! You really are taking advantage of knitting while the knitting is good, huh? You are flying through this project!

Amazing!!! Not only your knitting...but your photography is incredible! I sat this weekend and drank a cup of coffee and drooled over your flicker page! Awsome work my friend.

That's not really all since Sunday morning, is it? If it is, then I wanna know what kind of coffee that was you were drinking, because I need some!

GORGEOUS! I can't wait to see the whole thing together!

All the cables and fancy stitch patterns are beautiful, but what I'm lusting after is that delicious yarn. Yum.

It is a little armadillo isn’t it? If armadillo’s were tweedy and fabulous.

wow. cables and tweed - what can be better!!!!!

I knew it was going to be gorgeous. But how can you knit so fast? Don't you have a job? ;)

Looks good enough to eat...like very expensive chocolate.

Gorgeous! Perfect amount of tweediness.

That is just breathtakingly beautiful knitting! (Gorgeous photos, too.)

That gives me a shiver. Looking over the closeups of rippling cables with the idea of body armor reverberating through my head gave me visions of a fantastic reptilian warrior.

I wish I could draw....

Bravo! *applause*

soooo good!

soooo good!

You slow poke!?! I have this picture of sparks flying in your apartment as your needles gnash this work out. I am working on a similar tweedy (silky wool) cabled cardigan in charcoal, but it's not going as fast as yours -- and I really want to get a blog going, but haven't mastered that yet. You are wonderful encouragement...thanks, Bradford bradfordsteiner@mac.com

Absolutely stunning! Honestly, it's just perfect.

it's looking amazing!! perfect color for the texture/pattern. can't wait to see it done!


Oh my. Serious droolage. The art of the sweater.

Absolutely stunning!

My god, that was as close to porn as knitting pictures get. Seriously! Your stitches are so crisp, the cables are just stunning and the yarn is amazingly beautiful. I can't wait to see it done!

Wow! I don't know how you do it. I've started a sweater with that yarn and I find it's not an easy yarn to work with. It's very stiff and hard to get nice tight stitches. I'm constantly amazed by you!

HOLY CRAP that was fast. It's beautiful work and really inspiring.

Oh, man, those are some fabulous photos! Couldn't be more perfect. (The Cables! The Yarn! The Photos!)

just drop-dead stunning, jared. amazing work. can't wait to see the finished product. ~gabriella

beautiful photography of amazing knitting! well done.

All hail the Meister of Cabletown!!!

It looks so lizardy for some reason. Like a dragon suit.

Beyond WOW! What an inspiration!

While I know you said it was forest green with blue and red specks, on my Mac it looks more like chocolate with blue/orange/yellow specking, which of course, would make a beautiful autumnal combination! But colour shading aside, a lovely piece of work.


Damn that's gorgeous!

Cripes! You are a speed demon, and I'd like to second what everyone has been saying -- this is a gorgeous sweater, beautifully executed. I am in awe.

Wowsers, you did that so fast. The color and texture look wonderful!

*bows before your excellence* are you drinking pure caffeine? Such beauty and speed....I must master the execution of perfect cabling techniques in addition to my already well rehearsed stockinetted, its tightly knit majesty. Bravo good sir!

Wow! Amazing detail. And you've not given too much away yet.....darn it.

Your knitting and photography can just take my breath away!

What PLANET are you from? LOL. I can't believe you can whip those cables out so fast and so nicely. It looks chocolatey brown on my mac. too, but Sunday Morning shot with the coffee looks more forest green. What ever shade it is, it is gorgeous, and I can't wait to see more. There is nothing like great knitting done with beautiful tweed. Thank you for posting this!!!!! Made my day.

WOW! It's gorgeous! Can't wait to see the whole thing done and being worn.

The very definition of awesome. Absolutely beautiful.

Gorgeous.. Gorgeous... and done SO fast...

The cables are absolutely gorgeus! Wow, and the yarn is great too!

It's looking fantastic and you're making swift progress!

...and I hereby Knight thee Tweedy Genius of Brooklynshire. Thou havest thine armour already. Goeth forth and knit to thy hart's content gentle Knight.

you are one knitting machine. is it passap for a last name????
this is lovely. the yarn is lovely and i am envious of the variety of wools you can get. i suppose the quality is a bit like rowan yorkshire tweed, isn't it????

Careful Jared, you might light your yarn on fire by knitting that fast!

And if the body looks that good by itself, I can't wait to see the finished product. :)

Humminuh humminuh. OK that's the first time I've ever spelled out that sound so forgive if that's not the correct spelling. If there is one. You know what I'm trying so though.

This looks fabulous so far! Aren't you glad you swatched!? All the swatch haters out there take note: It pays to be patient, especially when it comes to complicated sweaters. I've learned a valuable lesson here today and you saved me from learning it the hard way. Thanks Brooklyn Tweed!! Man what a cornball message... ha!


Congrats on getting the body done- welcome to sleeve island.

Tu trabajo es sencillamente e-s-p-e-c-t-a-c-u-l-a-r!!! Bravo Jared!!!

Lovely, lovely knitting. Art on the needles!

Congratulations your work is wonderful!!!!!!

I've only recently come across your blog and I'm just setting up one of my own. Am just in process of adding a link to yours from mine, so that anyone who stumbles across my very amateur dabblings (both blog and knit) gets to see how it should be done: beautiful work (completed blindingly quick, e.g. this jumper), gorgeous photos and regular updates!

Oh that's gorgeous.
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