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  Striped Sock
You all know I'm not a big fan of sock knitting. This I'm sure seems like blasphemy to the lot of you. I've tried, really, to break through to the other side. I've completed two pairs, and started a good number of others. It just never sticks. And that whole second sock thing? Impossible.

So today I bring you yet another attempt to get on-board this ship. One lonely sock which I'm sorry to say will remain alone. I don't plan on making another. My excuse is that I need more yarn and the color I need is sold out. You should know, however, I only discovered this after deciding already to cap this project prematurely. After all, one sock is enough to take some nice photos... so I don't feel like it's a complete bust.

Pattern: My own patchwork of internet techniques
Details: Toe-Up with Magic Cast-On (Love this) and short row heel using yarn over method
Materials: Elann Esprit in Tarragon #5345 (Green) & Brown (Sold Out)
Needles: US 2's and US 3's (for ribbing)

I was excited to try a sock yarn that had elastic in it. I thought I would like it because the composition closely resembles that of most of the store-bought socks I wear. How can you go wrong with cotton that does have memory? Well, I won't say I was disappointed, but I wasn't in love. The cotton is spun in a way that feels, for lack of a better word, crunchy. I definitely didn't have the tactile 'cant-put-you-down' relationship I usually have with my projects. I hear the resounding "told-ya-so's" echoing from my wool closet. How many times must I test the golden rule? WOOL IS ALL.

I also think knitting a sock for US Mens 12 loses some of its appeal.

I do like how it looks in the pictures. Unfortunately, I can't wear photographs. Oh if only.

Well... just think of it as making a prop for photography, nothing more. In which case, this project is complete, and a resounding success :).

You just have to knit them 2 at a time - that is the ONLY way I finish both socks.
Handsome sock!

What a lovely sock, Jared!

Too bad. Such a nice looking sock, too.

You can't really use the out of stock excuse--they refill their stock every once in a while. But if don't enjoy working with the yarn, there's no way to force anyone to do a second sock. (Unless it's a gift, I guess.)

it is a damn nice sock, though.
i have a couple of balls of esprit too and swatched it, but haven't felt moved to knit it up. wool socks are pretty fabulous... it's hard for crunchy cotton to compete.

It's really too bad it wasn't the greatest sock experience because it is absolutely gorgeous! Perfect!

well, that is why there are all sorts of patterns out there - some of us love socks, some, not so much..... ;)

Hmm. I don't know if you are the type of person who can deal with a little bit of asymmetry, but I would perhaps buy another nice contrasting brown in a shade that doesn't conflict with the first one and still goes nicely with the tarragon, and knit a mismatched but coordinating sock.

But I understand if you want an excuse to quit. Poor lonely sock...

It's a beautiful sock. Do you know any peg-legged pirates you can gift it to?

You got yourself some foots.

I think we're all getting enough aesthetic pleasure from that one sock to justify calling the project fini.

Oh my, how is it that I had never heard of the magic cast on before? It looks soooo much better than the method I am using. Must. Cast. On. Socks.

Socks are weird, aren't they? I like knitting them, yet I still have to develop a liking for wearing them anywhere other than at home. Yet the yarns are so gorgeous and you only need very little to complete a project...the allure is definitely undeniable.

What a handsome sock! But I agree with you--I just don't understand other knitters' love of sock knitting. It's not just the process, though--why knit something that's just going to wear a hole in it...?

I can't seem to get into sock knitting either, though I really, really want to. I keep buying sock yarn and then realizing that I have absolutely nothing to do with it. I want to knit my husband a pair, but he has huge swimmer calves. Perhaps I should just stick with hats...

What a lovely sock!
I've found that I love knitting socks with two circular needles two at a time. Maybe the next time you try you might go for that.

I hear you on the lack of sock knitting love. I actually like knitting them quite a lot, but they seem to take too long for what you get at the end. I doubt they will ever trump sweaters in my book.

Very nice sock! Have you ever thought about wearing your lone socks together? You might look a little eccentric, but is there anything wrong with that? Sadly, I too am a one-sock lady. That said, I have my eye on Knitty's Red Herring socks. They may just be the socks to change everything.

I understand not liking to knit socks for a men's size 12 foot, as that is the size of my husband's foot (also he is a wide width). He can buy his socks. I don't like the yarns with elastic, as I have a latex allergy. Wool and women-sized feet and interesting patterns are the way to go if you really want to knit socks. For example, Sundara's petals collection rocks.

I have the very unfortunate problem that I can't wear wool next to my skin. Wool sweaters are fine, wool socks, not so fine. I do prefer to knit with wool though. So....what to do. Does crunchy cotton equal uncomfortable socks, or yucky to knit with, or both? There are so many wonderful wool sock yarns on the market, but I haven't found anything in stretchy cotton.

You have one fine sock there!

well, even if it's only ONE sock, it sure is a lovely one! :)

i agree....it is a gorgeous sock.

i'm totally with you in the sock knitting camp. generally i do manage to finish a pair...but i could have knitted a jumper or cardi in the time it takes me to finish one measly sock.

It is lovely, but I do get the second sock thing. Make it into a sock puppet with nice googly eyes.

Not to throw a monkey wrench into your anti-sock vibe but the elann stuff IS crunchy!ICK! Cascade Fixation is much softer (and more durable). In addition, Crystal Palace just came out with Panda Cotton, a stretchy bamboo, cotton and nylon blend that is super soft and fingering weight so you might find sock nirvana yet :)

I also think the Turkish Cast On is much easier than the magic.

It is still delurking week I believe so Hi there!

Great colors. Very guy-ish/manly. I've had a few dud socks in my time. Send the one sock to the local VA hospital for one of our injured military. They really DO appreciate the efforts.

Ok...how do you get your socks to look so perfect? Especially combining colors....I would have at least one or two holes! Awesome job!!! Gabe

Yay Wool, and nice sock!

I know what you mean about the crunch of Esprit. I bought it to make some little coffee cup sleeves, and UGH! It's gross. Anyway, if you want it, I have an extra ball and 1/2 of brown. (It's the dark brown though, which looks quite a bit darker than the brown you used.) Since you can't see the disgusting crunch in the photo, the sock looks great! Maybe you can con someone into knitting it's mate for you. :)

Hey, you knits condemns beautiful things with improbably beautiful wool!

If I would not be married and 4 children would have and no house to be paid off want - then I would involve only such yarns like "Rowan"! Is simply wonderful!!!!

I will regularly look here to come and also a left to you on my Blog to set - if I may!

It greets you completely cordially from Germany (North-Rhine/Westphalia)

It's beautiful, it really is. I hear you on the size 12 thing, though, that's my husband's size too. I've even bought the yarn to make him a pair already, but I can't even bring myself to start, so you're one up on me there. I like the VA idea from dave daniels, above, or you can crochet a little chain loop and hang it from the mantle next December. And maybe you can get someone to fill it with wool.


That's a shame, cause your socks look so good. Maybe you can wear 2 completely different ones. Why not? I know someone who always wears two different socks, pretty cool. If only indeed! I'd wear me a photo of the hottest hottie I could-and not of their feet;)

Mark my words. It will happen to you too. Someday you will love handknitting socks.

that's a beautiful sock. :) and you're right...size 12 man socks make it tedious to knit. hahaha

Well, that's a fine singular sock. The second sock is always pure evil.

Yup, it certainly is a fantastic sock!! Too bad there won't be a sequel...we'll just have to enjoy it on it's own, I guess. Of course, that isn't that difficult to do. *grin*

oh bummer! it's sure gorgeous though :)

It's a gorgeous sock, now I've been reading for a while, but never commented before and its not my place to tell you what to do but how about running a win the sock competition for knitters without borders, and the winner could complete the sock in a differnt colourway, to be honest I think an odd pair would be quite funky and its such a shame to see it on its ownsome like that.

Well, sometimes we must suffer for fashion. The socks looks great, but I guess next time you're going to have to go with the ol' standby.

It's a handsome and well made sock. I'm glad hubby doesn't have size 12 feet, but he is allergic to wool, so I'll be hitting the elastic cotton eventually.

Wow, I actually felt a bit sad when I read your story about The Lonely Sock... I really really hope that someone, who has some left over, can donate some of this brown yarn so that The Lonely Sock doesn't have to be doomed to a future in isolation.... sigh!

Wool IS all. Exactly right.

I remember when you started this sock in Esprit--I wondered if the elastic would solve the sizing issues I've had with my first sock. (Ok, so it's just half a sock. I can't get into it, either.)

Have a great trip!

ah well - I've never seen the point of kntting socks (unless they're big slob-around-the-house socks) - is that blasphemy??
enjoy ireland - there's nothing not to enjoy! :D

If you change your mind about the second sock I have a ball of the Esprit in brown that I can send you....I'm just saying I've got it go give is all. :)

I find the perfect remedy for second sock syndrome is to develop the absolute fanatical need to wear mismatched socks.

I can only wish that my hubby loves to wear the handknit socks like you :(

I discovered your blog while you were off in the green. OMG! Your photography is gorgeous, so is your knnitting. I just love you yarn choices and the colors. Crap! I think I might be drooling.

Hello, I found your blog a few weeks ago and I must say, I love love love your photography! These socks are also very pretty and I want to ask you, where do switch color? On the bottom of the foot? Thanks, Nynke

Je découvre ton blog via Sophie alias Knitchy, une super méticuleuse qui détricote dix s'il le faut. Tu es un super tricoteur très productif. J'aime bien le quartier de Brooklyn depuis que j'ai vu le film SMOOKE de Paul Auster.
Le fil à la patte. Bruxelles



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