b r o o k l y n t w e e d
  Some yarns are worth it.*

200g of Love
200g Sundara Yarns Worsted Merino Semi-Solid (Pine over Yellow)

*See previous post

So lovely! I definitely would have taken the time to unravel that, too.


I do believe I encountered the same issue when trying to wind my very first hank. I actually thought I could knit right from the unwound yarn, heh. Imagine how that looked.

Well good. And you still have your sanity I presume?

Once while I was trying to untangle a great huge mess of Schaefer Anne's sublime pink/blue/green mix, the Flyer actually said, "I thought this was part of the whole Zen mysticism of knitting." I promptly threw it at him and bought a hank. You are a better person than me!

that's some lovely yarn. good job on the de-tangle--i think that's something we have all seen at some point. i nearly wept with frustration over a similarly tangled skein of cashmere--and then my cat jumped into my lap, hooked the corner on his foot, and took off running across the living room with the tangled mess trailing along behind him. not pretty, not pretty...

I love the colors of that yarn. I'm knitting with a Sundara yarn right now, and it's soooooo pretty. Much too nice to give up on due to tangling!

Just gorgeous! That is most definitely worth the trouble.

Too true! Hey, guess what I just cast off?

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yep - I'd say so!


Well worth the effort!

Oh...that's a heartbreaker! No one could stay mad at a yarn like that.

Mmm, that stirs the green-loving portion of my heart.

Good save!

I'm so glad you got it all worked out. The yarn is gorgeous, but I can't even imagine the horrifying experience those tangles must have been.

What persistence! That yarn is definitely worth it!

NICE SAVE. hehe. :) that's some beautiful stuff :)

Just gorgeous! must have been worth all the trouble. Love that green!

So glad you got it together! I won't ask how long it took, but you are right it is worth it. Beautiful yarn!

I've had the same mishap with Sundara's yarn, though not her fault either. And yes, it is sooooo worth it!

Hmmm. I had the same issue with Sundara's silky merino in "Envy". It took me hours last July to sort things out. I did a photo (no text) blog of it complete with a small kitten who "helped".

I'm on the last few inches of the somewhat cowl from Knit and Tonic using the same yarn. It's been wonderful to work with.
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