b r o o k l y n t w e e d
  Nightmare on Tweed Street
It takes a lot to make me frustrated, but this... well... yeah.

Nightmare on Tweed Street

This tangled mess was eventually sorted out. I will not tell you how long it took, nor will I repeat the many colorful expletives that were flying freely from my flailing person.

Enjoy your weekend and be careful with those craaazy hanks of yarn.

[Disclaimer: The above pictured entanglement reflects in no way on the yarn distributor, vendor, or even the Postal Service (although I'd love to blame them). That was aaaaall me. Heh.]

That brings me back to my days working at an LYS (which, in truth, wasn't that long ago). My coworkers noticed early on that I was good at de-tangling yarn, so guess who got asked to do it whenever a skein went berserk?

The question is does it make the end product more statisfying or can you even bear to pick up the damn yarn when it's all finally sorted? I hope the former rather than the latter.

It must be the weather, i had the same mess on my swift earlier this week with precious sock-yarn. It is indeed time for a deep breath and....

I hate it when that happens, but it does to the best of us.

Why do I find this strangely comforting that even b r o o k l y n t w e e d can make a big giant mess of a skein of gorgeous yarn? My sym[em]pathy.

ohmigod, that's horrendous. I cringed just looking at it!

I had a skein of the same kind of mess and horrors yesterday. My cat "helped" me sort it out after a mere hour and some.

Lets just hope that neither of us finds this kind of mess again any time soon.

you still took a gorgeous photograph of the mess. it goes into the book of:
kids, this is how NOT to do it...

ack! ack! a lovely shade of green though...does this mean you're finishing the baby sweater?

And I thought you crafted a knitter's Christmas tree.

Oy, it wasn't all you, I didn't exactly send those skeins all neat and tidy!

Aagh! I hope you had a nice glass of (insert favorite beverage here) afterwards. Or maybe before? Calm the nerves and all....

Yikes! But how nice of Sundara to take part of the blame!

Ohhh, I have a sock hank that is waiting for the same work...the dog took it for a toy and did laps around the backyard with it, that a couple of thows in the air and it looks like a bird's nest. My husband is a bit disappointed as it is his pair of socks.

eek! I did something like that once. 5 hours later....

Goddess! What did you do??? Did you drop the skein?


It takes a special kind of talent to create a mess like that.

That reminds me of one particular skein of Socks that Rock. I believe it took me and my dear about 3 hours to untangle that precious hank. Gives me the heeBGB's just to recall. Glad you got it sorted out!

Yikes!! But I'm glad to know it happens to other people too. :-)

Arggh, what a mess. But you took a beautiful photograph of it! (silver lining, silver lining...)

Ah, I feel your frustration. I have a ball of Manos that I'm still not speaking to, or knitting with, until I'm sure it will behave.


This looks like my 18 months old son just paid you a visit... (ask me how I know!)

I just gasped. Loudly.

that is my nightmare... especially when I have a huge order due!!! I know your pain!

Yeeeks! And here I thought if I had one of those, my love affair with my new ball winder would be complete. I'm getting knots without one of those things, I'd hate to see what happens WITH one of them.
Ahhh, I'll probably still get one. Glad you got it sorted out, no go and get as far away from it as possible for a while! *grin*

Oh dear lord. I hate that. *Cringe*

Oh dear. Was that for the EZ baby sweater. I'm glad you got it untangled in the end. Have an awesome weekend. I'll have an extra spoonful or two of bread puddng for you.

Oy God I have so been there!

Oh that sucks. What happened to get it to that state?

oh . . . my . . . *shudder*

Reminds me of the time I was dyeing yarn and was re-skeining, although I didn't have a swift! Boy that was a mess...got it tangled up! It took me four hours to fix that mess. *Shudder.

I'm having a similar problem with a skein of Schaefer Anne, although I thought my problem was because I don't have a swift. I see that a swift might not be a cure-all. It is taking me a long time to get my skein wound up, as I have to be in a very patient mood to get much untangled.

oh my gosh! At least you got it straightened out. I can't tell you how many times that has happened to me - all it seems to take is one errant loop and they all jump ship.

Sorry about your mess... the photo of the mess is beautiful at least!

Wow! That's spectacular. How on earth did you manage that??

That happened to me, very close to xmas, took me hours of precious knitting time to untangle and eventually wind into a ball to send off in a package. whew.

Ho!! That's hilarious. I couldn't help laughing. That's not schadenfreude, don't worry.

Here in France, they sell yarn mostly in balls, not skeins, and well, although shops aren't so pretty therefore, I dont envy skein-buying knitters!

Ummm...Just think of it as a YARN PUZZLE!

That always seems to work when I get 'worked up in a stitch' over a tangle like this...at least it's not Mohair :)

To quote Charlie Brown:

I would need a thing like that to fix my skeins. But, that doesn't look fun at all.

Oh how I understand your woes!

I've managed to do that at least 2 or 3 times now..without a winder.
The amount of times I've sat there thinking "wow, I am spending 4 hours untangling yarn instead of actual paid work"...I'd rather not remember


Oh you poor deer. I am so sorry that happened to you, but I am happy to know that I am not the only one who has a skein explode every now and then.

looks like the "swamp thing" just had it's way with the swift. that sucks dude, sorry.

Right, now, imagine doing that everyday, in a professional setting. And trying not to let the explatives fly!
Sorry to see it. !

"your" class starts on Thursday!
It's full! I'll keep you posted and send pictures.

That looks not unlike the scene at my house yesterday. As I was getting ready for work, and before I had chipped my car out of the ice. Fortunately, patience and fortitude won out, and I had the fresh ball at the ready to spit splice this morning.


Wow it must be in the stars or something. I just wrote the other day about my yarn hell.

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