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  looking toward the future
i've been meaning to assemble a collection of images for future projects. here's the beginning of that list. these are images of projects that i've probably had stewing in my mind for a while but haven't had the time or money to make happen.

Jarrett (Rowan)Huntington Castle PulloverIrish Shawlneck SweaterBallet T-ShirtLace Leaf PulloverRaspy (Rowan)Urban Aran 2Knock Around Cashmere PulloverCabled HoodieSeamless Hybrid Sweater (EZ)Rowan Fair Isle


UfserudOdessaKomi CapTurkish Patterned Cap


Forbes ForestHere and There CablesLog Cabin SocksIrish Hiking Scarf Mermaid Gloves (Pomotomous)Brioche ScarfBackyard LeavesFair Isle Bag

click on any of the thumbnails to see more details.
all comments positive or negative towards any of these patterns are welcome! i do like to know what i'm getting into before i make the plunge....

urban aran 2 is COOL!!

Hey, your list is great. I see a lot of doable projects with some shorter in duration and some longer. All knitters need a varied list of projects.

I haven't made any of those, but they all look great. I especially like the Urban Aran and the Turkish Patterned Cap.

I've been itching to make the Odessa hat myself...only stashbusting has stopped me.

Looks like you have enough projects ahead.

Those are all good choices. I too like the Urban Aran sweater. That should be at the top of the list.

Forbes Forest is the most interesting pattern I've ever knit. I enjoyed every stitch from cast-on to cast-off!

The Irish hiking scarf is beautiful done up. I made one to match a cabled purse I made, but couldn't find the yarn in worsted weight, so I did it with chunky and modified it to two cables. It turned out great, and I ended up liking it better with just the two cables.

Well, the Irish Hiking Scarf is really easy...and it's fast to knit up. I used four 50 g balls on mine and got a short scarf out of it.

I did Backyard Leaves last summer. It was enjoyable to knit, not nearly as difficult to follow as I expected—it was my first attempt at knitting from a chart—and the finished object was impressive.

i really enjoyed making a Here and There cables scarf from two skeins of Lorna's Laces Shepherds Worsted. It's a beautiful, engenious design. I made it a pattern repeat narrower than the instructions call for.

Great taste!
I've knit the turkish pattern hat twice, and lost both hats. now the komi hat is all planned out, but I'm kind of in a sock phase right now;-)
the leaves sweater is awesome, too, I'd love to see that in a more manly version!
You did an amazing job on the urban aran cardi, looks very good on you!
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