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  Ufserud Ordered!
well thank you all for your input on my colors! I would love to say that there was a clear victor in the competition... but it seems that you all have varying tastes (thank god), or worse (like me) want to see multiple combinations knit up.

The three contenders came down to B, C and E, with B having the most votes. Here's the thing... while I really like E, I really just can't shake the whole high school mascot/letterman's jacket vibe it puts out. that yellow. that green. its got that kitchy home-game feeling to it, which was originally why i found it interesting. but after more consideration, i like B better (surprise surprise!) i really like both B and C, and probably will use both color schemes on future projects (i have a fair-isle queue in my pattern bible)... but the winner for this one is...... B!

dont i always go back to these neutral green tones? and as Marq1 so astutely observed, they do complement the color scheme of my blog perfectly.

its been quiet around brooklyn t w e e d this week. Be warned, this silence should not be confused with a "silence" in my knitting. I've actually been obsessively knitting away on something that, alas, I cannot show you all yet. but look forward to a surprise FO in the future that is aaaaawe-some if I do say so myself.

don't worry - when Ufserud comes, I'll go picture crazy. its hard for me to sift through knitblogs that are pictureless, and for that I apologize. blocks of text, regardless of their wildly exciting content, are just hard to traverse sometimes.

and one last thing... i gotta give a shout out to craftoholic's latest creation. if you haven't already seen them... YES these are awesome. i'm gonna make some for k whenever i finish the pile-o-projects lurking in the corner. the glove-version of pomatomous, i feel, surpassess the original sock pattern in design and intrigue! (not to imply any negativity on the socks, they're awesome too!) it got me excited... so obviously, i'm plugging it. well, i'll see you soon - with more norwegian knitterly things to share!

Great choice! I voted for B and C, so I feel like my voice has heard, thank you very much. HA!

I'm intrigued and can't wait to see what that aaaaawe-some thing is that you're working on. Why you would torture your readers that way is beyond me...but hey, it's your blog, I guess... :P

I cannot get over those gloves. They are sooo gorgeous...like a little painting on your hands.

Those gloves ARE gorgeous. She did an excellant job on the thumb gores, how she worked them in to the design repeat.
So, where are YOUR mittens that you were working on? I've been waiting anxiously to see them. (Mostly since I can not get my hands on that book, no matter how hard I try.)
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