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  damn memory
i'm an idiot. i took all these great pictures for a post today and left the camera at k's in Philly. so of course i have nothing visual to offer. and i was so excited to put up more hat pictures. we'll have to wait a little while. my apologies.

well, thanks for all the comments on my hats! my site has had the highest traffic in its history because of some name dropping over at more hi-profile blogs like diana and caitlyn! thanks for the publicity!

my lace weight silk wool came from blackberry ridge on friday so i'm all set to start ene's scarf. it calls for a 36" circ US 6 and i only have a 29". i'm going to try improvising with what i have... but this may prove insanely frustrating. any ene veterans have advice? i already love this project: it only calls for two skeins, both of which are under $10 and have 650 yards each!! now THATS what i call value. my poor ass offers its appreciation.

again sorry for no pictures! we have model shots of a few of the hats on the way. and of course more after christmas when i will harrass my family members for photos of them wearing their new head adornments. may your bleeding fingers be minimal as you finish up all your holiday knits!
  knitting for pleasure again!

well... its always pleasurable, but lets be honest, when you've made what seems like a hundred hats for christmas gifts... you're reeeeaally ready to get back into the world of "real projects" slash "things for yourself" (or at least that you really can't wait to work on, even if they are gifts. at least there's no holiday pressure). so yes, i'm finishing off the last two hat gifts for the fam and its on to bigger and better things.

The next big thing:

ene's scarf from scarf style

I'm excited to work on a big lace project. i really want to make this one. i already purchased the yarn - Blackberry Ridge Laceweight Silk Blend in the color shown ("willow"). Since it is my first "official" (major) foray into the lace world, i decided to stick with the materials called for by the pattern. Plus i think it looks just great as it is! didnt want to fuss with yarn substitution etc. etc.

I also plan on immediately finishing my 95% completed sweater that has been on hold since the holiday knitting began. its a shame that i didn't finish it before, because i could really use another sweater in the ASS COLD weather we've been having in nyc.

next sweater project will probably be a variation on this sweater:

i think i'm going to edit out the cabling and do a more simple, slim-fitting body. I'll probably play up the shawl collar a little more, which is the major draw to this pattern (not to mention that it was free). i'm thinking debbie bliss cashmerino aran. does anyone have any tips or comments (or WARNINGS?) about this yarn that i should know before taking the plunge and buying 10 balls?


  christmas hats on parade
well, its about time for a beefy huge photo-post to update you all on what i've been doing most evenings
this winter... the good news is, i think i'll be finished with all of my gifts for everyone just in time for christmas. i only have two more hats to finish (both of which are in progress and will not be included in this post, for obvious reasons.)

here it is, the winter line from brooklyn tweed ... THE HAT PARADE:

from top to bottom: shedir cables, lamb's pride pompom, bulky merino cozy cap, striped hat with earflaps, ganomey hat, merino ear flaps, prospect park stipes, merino ear flaps II, nautilus hat. read on for specs...

pattern: my own
materials: lamb's pride worsted [colors: heather, red]
needles: US 8 dpn's
thoughts: this was actually made a while back, but i am gifting it this christmas because its nice and lord knows i have too many hats for myself.

pattern:modified version of the Official Kitty Hat
materials: malabrigo pure worsted merino [color: sealing wax]
needles: US 7 36" circs using magic loop method

thoughts:well, this yarn is a marvel of the wool-world. and the color is absolutely insane. i enjoyed every minute of knitting it up and its such a beautiful FO. the color is so intense, it sort of sucks you in. it'll be hard to give it up, but i know it will be worn by a VERY appreciative head.

Pattern: Prospect Park Cap original pattern
Materials: karabella aurora 8 superwash merino [colors: burnt orange, brown]
Needles: US 6 16" circular

Thoughts: see previous post for more in depth details and photos

Pattern: moss stitch ear flaps my own pattern
Materials: malabrigo pure worsted merino [color: sunset]
Needles: US 7 36" circular using magic loop

Thoughts: i beefed up the earflaps on this one for more adequate coverage. so soft. so warm. great color. check.

Pattern:the Ganomey Hat Elizabeth Zimmermann's Knitter's Almanac
Materials: Lamb's Pride Bulky [color: loden leaf]
Needles: US 9 29" circulars using magic loop

Thoughts: this hat is warm and fun to knit. so inventive, although i can't say i'm surprised. zimmarmann is a wonder! to get the full effect you really need to see it modeled. i may post more photos of these hats being worn later.

Pattern: seeded ear flap stripes original pattern
Materials: malabrigo pure worsted merino [colors: sunset and continental (blue)]
Needles: US 7 36" circular using magic loop

Thoughts: this is still obviously in progress (wasn't planning on giving someone a uni-flap hat for christmas.) still to do: add second earflap, add i-cords to flaps and pom-pom on top of hat. Finish off with a crochet chaing edging all around the bottom to pull everything together.

Pattern: bulky cozy cap my own pattern
Materials: malabrigo bulky merino [color: pearl]
Needles: US 9 29" circular using magic loop

Thoughts: this hat was a very quick knit and is very simple. but its veeery soft, bulky and warm. semi luxurious. cool color too.


Pattern: FAT stripes scarf my own (1x1 ribbing, extra thick and reversible)

Materials: Lion Brand Thick N' Quick

Needles: US 15 straight bamboo needles

Thoughts: this was a fun knit, despite the aversion to acrylic... my roommate will love it and it will keep anyone warm who borrows it (me, most of all)

Closing Comments :: Now I understand that these hats aren't nearly as fun when not modeled in the photos. Here is my defense. My head is freakishly large and in order to model most of these hats i would sacrifice their elasticity. I was short on "regular-sized head" people as well. But the provided photos will suffice for providing all the necessary information about materials, etc. I hope you enjoy! Comments are always welcome and if you have any questions, or want patterns, just ask!

Not Pictured above: the Nautilus Hat (modified version for smaller guage) made with Misti Alpaca Worsted (forgot to get a picture of it.) and Shedir from Knitty (see previous post for in-depth description and photos)

work is crazy right now and i'm getting frantic with knitted gifts. this combo has left little
time to post. hopefully i'll be back more frequently in the near future.

the new knitty is out with no inspiring or fashionable patterns for men ... i guess i'm never surprised but i'm always secretly hoping something great will pop up each time it comes out. i hate having to wait till the summer to get any substantial male patterns, and even then theres not many choices that i personally enjoy. it DOES give me more time to work on my own sweater designs, which is good i suppose.

despite the familiar absence of male-pattern-inspiration.... THIS is awesome! i'm excited to incorporate it into my next few projects!

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