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hi! how was the holdiay for you all? did everyone get a bunch of knitting done like i did? holiday knitting is hard to beat.
i ended up teaching 3 people how to knit over thanksgiving and i think they all took to it really well! my brothers girlfriend caved after two days of my mom and i participating in knit-speak and parading around in our hand-knit garments. ha.

so here is a quick summary of what i'm up to:

* i finished an original earflap hat pattern that turned out really great.
* i pumped out a GREAT scarf for my good friend emily. big, chunky and thick
with a great splay of stripes
* started making some ornaments for the tree (mini-sweaters from weekend knitting)

i'm starting a few more projects in (what feels like a futile) attempt to finish everyone's christmas gifts. i think i have about 5 more projects... maybe more. i'm sort of ignoring that issue.

OH and here's something that really made my day:
knock yourself out! i know i will...
  brooklyn tweed goes west
i finished the ganomy hat and its looks pretty great. i haven't had a chance for photos because of my frantic preparation for thanksgiving. i'm leaving for home this afternoon. since i'm flying all the way to seattle, i am hoping that they let me bring my needles on the plane, dammit! i always get crap for my needles at security because i'm a guy... which makes me a "suspicious candidate" for carrying knitting. grrr.... don't get me started.

anyway, i'll post pics when i get home next week. oh yes, and i'm finally closing in on my raglan. i've finished the sleeves (after frogging about 3 times each) - finally got the right width, shaping and length (i was making it up as i went so it took me a few tries.) i'm just finishing about 1.5 inches on the body and then it'll all be done and i'll be wearing it all over.

happy thanksgiving to all. brooklyn tweed is officially on holiday. see you all next monday.
  some objects of the finished variety
thought i'd post a couple of photos. i finished these a while ago but haven't done the photo-documentation thing.


here are the old stand-by wrist warmers that most of us knitty fans have lying around somewhere. i wear them often, so they're already quite pilly... the look of love, right?

pattern: knitty.com
materials: tahki 'donegal tweed.' color: dijon
needles: US 6 dpn's

* Manos Scarf *

This is a scarf I made for my girlfriend last winter. i finally took some pics of it. its made with manos in a GREAT color. its very long for multiple neck wraps. one of my more favorite scarves i have done

pattern: my own. knit in 1x1 ribbing so it is reversible and nice and thick. the thick-and-thin quality of the wool adds a great subtle texture. i'm really into this scarf. i might make one for myself in a different color.

materials: manos del uruguay. 2 skeins
needles: US 10.5

* Malabrigo BULKY cap *

this IS a finished object ... just not in the photo. just thought i'd toss it in for good measure. the bulky malabrigo takes softness to another level! i'm obsessed with this brand if you can't tell.

pattern: my own

materials: malabrigo bulky merino. color: pearl

needles: US9 29" circulars using the magic loop method

  good ol' liz
i've been spending much of my commute/general subway time with elizabeth zimmerman. i've been researching her methods and practical but inventive patterns. her outlook on our craft is wonderful and she has some great insight. while i wouldn't wear many of her designs, i still enjoy reading about their construction and of course all of her words about the joys of PROCESS.

i've recently picked up
knitter's almanac. i love her three hat patterns for the month of july. (maxine at stitch therapy in park slope (my LYS) has the maltese fisherman's hat knit up in her shop and it is AWESOME - i'm planning on making one for the winter at some point) zimmemann's sweater chapters are wonderful too. i'm knitting up the "ganomy hat" to break up the monotony of the standard hat pattern i've been working over and over for christmas gifts. its a simple and practical pattern with a very interesting design (and a wonderfully creative approach to earflaps.... a personal obsession). so we'll see how i like it when it becomes fully realized...

the only real problem with her books is that there aren't very many good photo references for the projects [this is especially true in 'almanac']. to get an idea of how something really looks, fits, and feels, you really have to just knit it yourself (this was probably her secret agenda!) either way, i have no problem doing that since really .... the reason most of us are doing this is because we enjoy the process more than the result.
  Finished Objects!
two of my favorite hats that i've recently completed: my prospect park inspired striped hat and Shedir from knitty.com

Shedir Cap

Prospect Park Striped Hat

laying dormant on the window sill.....

and IN ACTION!!!

and look how great the tops look (especially shedir... how great is that?!)

there is a whole host of hats in my living room waiting to be photographed, but these two were the pioneers. i wanted to show them off first. also... many of the others are gifts, so i may not post them all until after christmas. these two, however...... all mine.

SHEDIR IS COMPLETE!! i will take pictures of it this weekend to post. it looks GREAT and fits nice and snug. i'm so proud of the end product - lots of work and it really paid off. last night was an exciting race against the clock as my obsessive finishing compulsion kept me up into the wee hours, despite my knowledge of the alarm that was set for 7am this morning.... totally worth the loss of sleep.

i've been pumping out the hats like nobody's business - the christmas gift pile is growing. here's a little inventory:

* * *

shedir cable cap :: rowan calmer [coffee]
seed stitch earflap hat :: malabrigo worsted merino [sealing wax]
prospect park striped cap :: aurora 8 [brown and burnt orange]
lamb's pride stocking cap (2) :: lamb's pride [various colors]
bulky marino cozy cap :: malabrigo bulky merino [pearl]
fighead cabled cap :: malabrigo worsted merino [sunset]
multi-direcional hat with brim (from knit.1 magazine) :: cashmere blend

* * *
i'm hoping to have a grandiose photo shoot with all the hats on parade... my roommate has some fake heads which i may use to model the pieces. we'll see. until then, i'll be knitting away on these! happy knitting weekend to all!
i've been struck with a feverish resolve to comlpe shedir this week! i've spent a good few hours on it the last few nights and am closing in on the victory. i'm shaping the crown and should be finishing it tonight... i'm very happy with the progress. it looks great! when i finish i'll take some pictures and post. until then... probably knitting till my fingers bleed!

ooh - i also purchased the new men's issue of knit.1 magazine. its wonderful, a lot of great patterns, especially in the hat realm. you should all check it out at barnes and noble or borders. i've already ordered the yarn for a few new projects.
  photos..... finally....
i finally got around to taking some photos of my stuff this week. i'll post them periodically throughout the next couple of days so as not to overwhelm you all.

here is the progress on the Shedir Cabled Cap from knitty.com. As you can imagine its a little slow-going and very mentally engaging.... not always my preference when i'm wanting a little zen time with my needles. but i have been working on and off and the finish line is in sight. i think i'll try to complete it this week. its made with Rowan Calmer and is soft and streeeetchy.

Shedir Cap 1

Shedir Cap 2

i also finally purchased some karaoke to experiment with. two skeins - so not enough for a scarf but i may purchase more. the color is Rust and it was my first purchase from knitpixie


i knitted up a test swatch trying out various stitches and guages to get a feel for the yarn and see what looked good. The photo is a bad representation of the subtle color shifts.... which is too bad for you! because they're great!

Karaoke Swatch

[click the photo to go to my flickr account. hit "all sizes" above the photo to view the full-size pic - the details of the stitches are better viewed that way]

life has been crazy lately. dont fret... i've still been knitting fiercely. can't remember a time when i wasn't... but nevertheless.

i haven't posted as much as i've planned recently, including pictures! (sorry - i know how annoying pictureless blogs are.)
i finished the malabrigo ear flap hat and have started another hat (cable cap) that i'm designing with my other hank of this blessed merino.

i hope everyone is knitting well... while i feel like i've been very productive over the last few weeks i still feel like i have a huge weight of holiday projects looming over my head. i hope i can get everything done before christmas!

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