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i am too-anxiously awaiting the release of the new knit.1

if the sweater pattern on the cover is that good, its already worth buying.
not to mention, its the male issue - one of the few resources for male
patterns that i can actually justify investing my time and fibers in.

i guess i'll be twiddling my thumbs till nov. 15 for a new sweater project...

i've started knitting up my malabrigo worsted - the rumors are true. the experience is very amazing and i recommend trying it on your next worsted weight project. i'm knitting a seed stitch cap with earflaps, based on the 'kitty hat' but modified to a tolerable/non-cheesy piece.

below is the color of the hat - worsted pure merino "sealing wax."
malabrigo sealing wax
the actual wool is a little deeper red with a hint of brown with very slight variegation.
spent a wonderful weekend in philly with k. finished my prospy park hat
on saturday just in time to wear it to the Fruit Bats/Son Volt concert, which
was unbelievably awesome. the hat is wearing well and oh so soft. i didn't
have a chance to take pictures, i will soon.

the other knitting hi-lite: finally got to check out loop in philly - i had been
wanting to check it out for some time. ever since i read the article in the philly
paper about the two local yarn suppliers that were run and owned by MEN.
loop and the knit with (in chestnut hill) - both of which have my hearty stamp
of approval. bought a fat hank of malabrigo, it has quickly asserted itself as
my temporary yarn of choice. can you tell? this hank is a deep, subtly
variegated red. the color title... get this ... "sealing wax." how great?!

can definitely get 2, if not 3 red hats for holiday gifts pumped out in no time
from my new acquisition.

OH. i also scored a great sweater from daffys for 19 dollars, its a warm brown
t w e e d wool that i am planning on tearing out and recycling. a LARGE sweater
with wonderful wool for less than 20 dollars. i can make a smaller size sweater for myself that will fit and still have some left over to make something small.
oh how i love yarn recycling.....
okay wow... so i have no willpower. already purchased this today. hey, i found a great deal on ebay! yes i'm defensive about my problem. [please see previous post]

Malabrigo - Sunset

malabrigo worsted pure merino
color: sunset

i have absoluetely no self control. seriously. none.

malabrigo :: worsted pure merino

y e s , p l e a s e

[check out that price/yardage ratio......]
well - i finished my prospect park cap last night... was planning on wearing it today because of the fall chill, but decided that i'm going to go back and rework the decreases. the hat is just a liiittle too short - definitely wearable but not so that i'll be completely happy with it every time i put it on. i guess its to be expected since i was altering a previous hat pattern that i had conceived but translating it to a significantly smaller gauge. think i'll go back into the body tonight, add an inch (a few more stripes) and re-decrease, shouldn't take me more than an hour. i'll feel much better about rocking the hat this fall after performing surgery on it
pumping out an original hat pattern for my aurora 8...
i can't stop knitting this stuff up! it looks and feels great.
i guess the hype is well-founded. hope to finish my hat
tonight and be wearing it in the morning

i'm on a bit of a stripe kick. photos to come soon.

i'm headed over to the yarn co. on 82nd and b'way
after work. i've stopped trying to convince myself that
i wont buy anything on my (all too frequent) excursions to nyc yarn
suppliers... i've realized it is more realistic to try and insure some
sort of spending limit. though, i'm worried because i know
the karabella and manos stashes there are crazy...not to mention
tahki. i've been scheming for some tahki 'soho' recently...
we'll see what happens
as those of you in new york understand... my love for School Products is
perpetually exploding out of my chest. one of my more favorite hide-a-ways
in manhattan.

so i went last night after work, caught the 1 train down from lincoln center and
was swimming in a sea of yarn by 5:15.

i walked in audibly chanting to myself "i will not spend money on yarn... etc."
has that ever worked? i walked out 38 dollars cheaper than i was when i went
in but about 38 times happier!

finally bought some aurora 8 because i've been wanting to use it ever since
my mom got on the karabella kick when she visited maxine this summer
with me at Stitch Therapy. also splurged on some karabella Puffy... a bulky
semi-boucle merino that will be softer than anything i currently put around my neck

shade cards for my new purchases below:

aurora 8 (what a pallette!)

puffy (not all colors pictured... at least not the color i bought)

the cold weather gets me excited! how long have the knitters of new york been waiting to wear warm hand-knits that have been in the works for the last few months? i myself... am a scarf whore. i'm rockin the gloves now and oh so soon... the sweater!

i'm setting my (sweater) completion goal for next week. just checked the weather forecast for the weekend and it looks like i'll be rocking the long sessions of couch knitting. grey and rainy... just how us washington (state) natives know it to be. lets hope for some major progress.

i feel guilty having a knitting blog with no pictures. i know i personally need the visual stimulation. just know that when i get my camera back, you will be so overwhelmed with photos of my projects that you will forget all about this imageless vortex of text. (... vorTEXT???)

  oh elsebeth how i love you
just when i thought it would be a while before i found something i loved more than elsebeth lavolds silky wool.... i have to go and order two hanks of... yeah, you guessed it.... SILKY TWEED (also by Lavold). Oh god ... So good. Its gonna make the perfect finishing touch for the sweater. and of course i'm already trying to find a way to make another sweater using silky wool/tweed... or really anything that will let me keep working with this one.

  oh what a weekend
spent most of the weekend knitting through the grey brooklyn
rain spell we had. it was great!

saturday morning i hiked over to Knit-A-Way Brooklyn on Atlantic Ave.
If you live in NYC, especially Brooklyn, you must check this place
out. She has a great selection of yarns for every project. I never
leave the place without an unexpected surprise in my bag. A
great oasis of tweeds to boot....

I picked up some Misti Alpaca Worsted [color: marigold melange] and
Classic Elite '03 Tweed [color: 5927] (this stuff is great! think i have a new favorite...)
Randomly picked up a new project and whipped out a pair of fingerless gloves
with the alpaca (poor man's cashmere) by sunday night.

After spending most of the weekend finishing up small projects (i finished Voodoo)
I resolved to hit the sweater with new tenacity this week. Its finally time to wear
it and i'm so close to finishing anyway. so i'll be sweatering hardcore these next
couple of nights... hopefully finishing soon.
a shocking discovery!!!

check out this yarn

STCY's Karaoke looks like something i could really get on board with.
my twitching finger is hovering over my mouse/purchase-machine.

trying to ward off impulse. if anyone has personal experience they'd
like to scribble... i'd love to hear it.

oh, ps :: softer than kureyon and much more subtle color transitions.
tweed-esque solids also available!
  Current Projects
Raglan Sweater :: Knitting Pure and Simple
Using: Elsabeth Lavold Silky Wool :: Color: Moss

Voodoo Wrist Warmers :: Knitty Pattern
Using: Tahki Donegal Tweed :: Color: Mustard

Shedir Cabled Cap :: Knitty Breast Cancer Special Issue
Using: Rowan Calmer :: Color: Coffee Bean

Felted Market Bag :: Weekend Knitting by Melanie Falick

Using: Lamb's Pride Worsted :: Colors: Sandy Heather, Grey Heather, Brown Heather

Felted Needle Roll [includes sewing] :: Fabulous Felted Hand-Knits by Jane Davis
Using: Lamb's Pride Bulky :: Colors: Loden Leaf, Sandy Heather

Fingerless Gloves :: Weekend Knitting by Melanie Falick
Using: Elsebeth Lavold Silky Tweed :: Color: Rust

unfortunately.... my computer is in transit from old apartment to new apartment. so photo posts will have to wait. until then its work blogging only. not nearly as exciting... i realize. we all need visuals.

first things first... i dont love blogs.

i'm really starting this because i want to join the ny knit-ring.

i'm not completely anti-blog, but this is a stretch. its for motivational purposes. i guess i owe it to many of you whose knitting blogs i secretly stalk ... lurking in the cybershadows, always seeking free patterns that a male knitter can somehow adapt or springboard from ... deserve some reciprocity.

okay so there we have it. a little swatch of text just floating around insignificantly. i guess i'll put up some pictures of my work. sometime.


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