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I'm home after a wonderful week of adventures -- simple knitting projects, simple foods, and many a click on the old odometer (people drive fast in Italy) -- oh what fun! I took the opportunity of being in the middle of such a visually rich country (texture, texture everywhere) to shoot some new accessory patterns that I've been working on this Winter. I'm happy to introduce Dryad -- which has become an instant wardrobe luxury around BT headquarters, even despite the slow thaw that brings Spring.


In the Fall I found myself frequently experiencing the urge for a serious cabled scarf -- one that pulls out all the stops and doesn't apologize for being dramatic. I wanted something wide and long, with big, plump cables that still retained a non-oppressive weight and elegant drape. As is usually the case, finding the right yarn for the job was the key to solidifying design, and made all of the above listed requirements possible.


The scarf is knit with Blackstone Tweed, new from Berocco last Fall, a yarn that is special and unique and in my opinion stands out among the commercially available tweeds. Blackstone Tweed has a rustic look, but a surprising drape and hand, due in part to its interesting fiber composition (Wool, Superkid Mohair, Angora). Don't be fooled though, this is not your average mohair/angora sneezy fuzzfest. The yarn is prepared with minimal halo and a lightly spun, crisp hand. The touch of angora (just 10%) adds amazing softness and really makes this a luxurious material. The drape that can be achieved, even in heavily cabled fabric is something definitely worth taking a second look at!


All that said, it makes a perfect fit for a scarf that may otherwise be overly heavy or rigid. Even with 6-stitch cables, which begin to be voluptuously plump, the fabric still drapes and moves beautifully, and is quite visually appealing as well. A great color palette doesn't hurt either.


Back to my ever-present desire to be swathed in cables: this one definitely fits the bill. In general, I usually wait to absorb a new piece of knitting into regular wardrobe rotation until the pattern is written and the photo shoot complete... not only as a way to keep the work fresh for its close-up, but also to trick myself into getting the work done faster. This scarf has been burning a hole in my pile of finished knitting and I'll be honest that I've been wrapped up in it ever since we wrapped the shoot. Even indoors. Which makes me think I may have a problem.


The pattern has been provided for three differing lengths: 60, 75, and 90 inches. All sizes have a width of approximately 8.5 inches. The sample shown is the long version and can be wrapped and wrapped if you require a nest of cabled fabric around your face. If you're less about the drama, a shorter version can be worked without problem.


The pattern is now available in my Ravelry Store here, and will be available through BrooklynTweed downloads shortly. Pattern instructions for this piece are charted.


Thanks also to my dear friend Sara for modeling -- a Contemporary Italian Literature Scholar and truly fashionable Tuscan -- she wears knitting quite well, wouldn't you say? We shot these photos on location in a tower-filled, Medieval hilltown outside of Siena.

I hope you enjoy!


Breathtaking!! And I can't believe the timing - I've been yearning for a stunning cable knit for weeks now. This fits the bill, and then some!

Yum! Thanks for the new pattern and the new (to me) yarn endorsement.

It is still cold in Seattle...I would love to be wearing one of those right this second! Bella!

Yes, I enjoy!! Thanks. Your pics are just beautiful. BELLES, très belles, très sensuelles...

Gorgeous, Jared! I know several knitters who will add this to their Ravelry queue. And Sara is lovely, as are her surroundings--that is truly beautiful country. I will check out the yarn soon.

It's lovely! Just wonderful!

Bellisima !

I love this scarf!! This will definitely be something that I need for next winter. Thanks for the great yarn description, too. Berocco isn't offered in my LYS, so it's nice to see it knit-up with such a nice review from a third party. ^_^

That almost makes me wish for winter's return (ok, not quite yet)!
But it's gorgeous!!!

you just never let us down, fantastic! glad you had a nice vacation too!

WANT! The pattern and the yarn both!

Yarn ordered....check!
Can't wait to cast on!

Oooooh, I love that scarf just as much as I love Siena. I have only been there once but I fell in love with that special town.

Beautiful - pattern, yarn, model and setting! Thanks!

I was eagerly awaiting your next post, and am not disappointed. The cables are luscious and your photography is enchanting.

Of course, we enjoy it, so beautiful!

Aboslutely love this scarf!! Oh, I have that yarn in my stash...


beautiful scarf, woman,scenery . . . photos!

I am enamored, both with that scarf and the setting!

seriously gorgeous!

Gorgeous! And I love Blackstone Tweed. Nice to see what you did with it!

Oh, thank you for posting this! This is just the scarf I've been wanting. I made several attempts to come up with one on my own -- with absolutely no success, but I definitely think I was using the wrong yarn. I can't wait to give this pattern AND yarn a try!

Wow! What a lovely scarf!

I'm glad you enjoyed Italy. It's like a second home to me; I love it. As always, your photography is breathtaking.

I love the cabled scarf and am considering doing one for my husbnad, perhaps in grey.

Keep up the good work.

Wow ~ stunning and oh so very gorgeous!

I am absolutely in love. Your expertise with cables knows no bounds.

Absolutely gorgeous!!!

This is a lovely scarf. I also was interested to read about the yarn. I had seen it in my local shop, was attracted to it, but yet, you always wonder. I'm glad to know you liked it.

Hmmm . . . Ravelry isn't listing the pattern in your store. They give me the price, but nowhere to click to purchase. Hope it's fixed soon!

Ooooh! This is just gorgeous! Love the photography! You are a true artist!

Sneezy fuzzfest = awesome. Great way to classify that particular type of yarn. :)

Love the new pattern. My cables-obsessed husband will want it tout de suite.

The scarf is beautiful, and the pictures are fantastic.

Love the cables -- even more, love the scenery! We're headed there in the fall -- any things you'd do again?!

A wonderful scarf for cable lovers, I've added this to my queue. Love your pictures!


This scarf is great. Really wonderful photos.

Beautiful! Green is my favorite color. Would love to wrap one around me on a cold day.


I absolutely love the tweed cable scarf. I'm looking forward to the pattern download. I think Santa may be bringing me a scarf for Christmas!
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