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  A Spin-aissance
The organization of yarn inevitably meant the organization of projects (major bonus), which meant that I've been stricken by that wonderful feeling of falling-in-love-all-over-again (or what I like to call Knitter's Christmas). When a project that we once fell out-of-love with comes rushing back into our lives and we see it with fresh eyes as we once did. One previously stalled project of mine gave me the familiar rush and has been welcomed back onto the regular roster of nightly knitting with open arms.

Corriedale Cloud

My thick-and-thin handspun corriedale lace blanket dates back to circa Spring of 2008, as best as I can tell, and is just the type of project I've been craving lately. It's already large enough that I can use it as a lap blanket as I work. I consider this a major plus.

I originally put this project aside because I ran out of yarn and didn't feel up to spinning more right away... which in turn meant that this fluffy cloud of handspun got inadvertantly buried and has been lying dormant ever since.

White Corriedale

The construction is almost identical to the
Bridgewater Shawl from Made in Brooklyn, and in fact when I was starting work on the book I still had this piece knocking around in my head. Aside from the obvious difference in materials and a simpler knitted-on edging, there is virtually no difference between how the two pieces are constructed. Which is yet another example of my favorite part about lace -- the same piece can be completely different with decidedly different materials. Each more delicious than the other!

White Corriedale

So, yes -- I've fallen for it again, which leads me to my next admission: I've been having a love session with my Spinning wheel this week. I went back to spin up the remaining Corriedale fiber so I could finish my blanket... but when the yarn came off the wheel and was ready to knit, I didn't feel like stopping. So I consulted my humble fiber stash and just kept spinning.

Romney Bobbin

And I've been spinning all week! It feels fresh and relaxing and is the perfect activity for sitting next to the window and enjoying the wonderful sunlight (after endless days of monsoon rain) that reminds me Spring is almost here.

I've spent the last few days spinning up a some beautiful, smokey Romney that a friend had given me last Summer. The wool is a perfect warm-grey heather and light as a feather while being very warm (my favorite combo.)


I've spun up about 300 yards of dk-weight 2-ply, lightly plied and can barely wait for it to dry so I can get it on my needles and start making fabric. In a few days I'll be leaving for a ... wait for it... VACATION (I can hardly believe it myself) and I think this handspun will be my treat for mindless vacation knitting.


As for the lace blanket -- I'm closing in on her. I have a little less than half the edging to finish, although I'm worried I might run out of yarn (again) just before the end.

Closing In

But you know what? I'm happy to spin more right now... just in case.

Beautiful. This inspires me to spin up some yarn for a Bridgewater blanket. I love the natural, undyed color for a blanket.

I really want to learn to spin yarn. I would love to have a spinning wheel that is actually used. My house right now is just too small.

superbe matière
c'est un vrai bonheur de se promener dans cet univers laineux

I see. You enjoy spinning. The yarn spinned is really lovely. It takes your touch, your choice.
Congrattulations for your work.

wow. sounds fabulous. a renewed love affair with fiber and yarn!! so invigorating and just in time for spring and the changes that it brings.

I'm in desperate need of rekindling my love affair with my wheel, you've inspired me! Loving all of this natural wool you've got going on...gorgeous!

I'm so pleased that you're back in the spinning mode. Your shawl beautifully showcases the corriedale singles to perfection.

And have a great vacation. Looking forward to seeing what you made while on it.

I'm on the verge of trying spinning....this brings me even closer to the edge.....

The shawl is so beautiful!

Enjoy your vacation, hope to see all the lovelys you created when you get back. I love your book too just for the record :-D

absolutely beautiful! and your right, spring fever is here! I just sorted through my stash a few weeks back (clearing house to put it on the market and yard sale... aka: stash enhancement moolah) and located a few set to the side projects, finishing them as well! Still to cold/damp to spin here right now though, almost warm enough!

Boy, your gorgeous pictures always make me drool! I swear, if was not already a knitter/spinner, I'd pick it up after visiting your blog! - I hope someone will roll out the red carpet for you - wherever you go for your well deserved nice vacation! Have a great time - lots of relaxing knitting included!

Beautiful stuff... So nice to be hearing from you more often!

Once in a while, I "play" with my stash to see what wonderful yarns I forgot I owned. My name for it is "stash diving". Once your UFOs are complete you free yourself up to starting new ones. Yeah

Knitter's Christmas! I love it!

Lovely blanket.

I keep meaning to learn to spin, but instead I just keep going for knitting in this wonderful sunlight...

The two weeks of steady, and towards the end, long knitting during the Olympics has found my desire to knit on the low side. Spinning though is right there.

Spinning is a totally zen thing. I'm sure that after my second batch of yak-merino is done I'll be inspired to knit, but for now, I'm enjoying the spinning.

Spin on!

I have a spinning wheel in the basement that I bought at an auction, but I don't know how to use it. After reading this, I am going sit down and figure it out. I always look forward to your next entry. You knitting is out of this world, I love it!

Love, love, LOVE your blog! You are a true artist. "Knitters Christmas" what a wonderful way to describe it! Your way with words are poetry!

Oh lovely...your photos are a visual feast!

What a delight these projects are. i'm guessing they are a reflection on your frame of mind these days--it's so nice to see you are not completely stressed out.

I will have to give knitting a blanket another try. It's been such a long time (and my last one was a pieced misery). I love the shawl and the idea of upsizing it, but I want to make something a little more me!

Am always delighted by your photos, but today I also got a huge rush of blanket lust...thanks!

so beautiful... love the handspuns... I'm currently in love with spinning Coriedale, too. Have a terrific vacation. Can't wait to see what you make.


I know a lot about reviving old projects. Seems you are having lots of fun. That is what it's all about.

Beautiful corriedale. I'm curious - how do
You get the yarn to balance (not tilt)
When you haven't plied it?
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