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  Pattern Store Update, and Splitting the Country
I've been scurrying around the US so much in the last few weeks that I completely forgot to mention that I have two patterns that are now available as PDF downloads in my store, both on Brooklyn Tweed and on Ravelry.

The Alberta vest was published last year in Wild Fibers Magazine and can now be purchased as a stand-alone pattern.

Alberta Vest

Upon request I've also made the Wool Leaves Baby Blanket available as well, for any of you who were interested in making one too! There are links below to both Ravelry as well as BT.

Wool Leaves

* * * * * *

*Alberta Preview.jpg

on Ravelry | on BrooklynTweed

*Wool Leaves Preview.jpg

on Ravelry | on BrooklynTweed

* * * * * *

As for me, I'm currently having that frantic moment before a long trip when you have to decide what (oh, what) knitting to bring. I tend to always overcompensate and bring too much, so I'm trying to be reasonable. I won't finish 3 lace shawls on vacation. I know that. And I can exercise control to be away from said shawls for a week... in theory.

I'll be back at the end of the month. Until then, I'll be knitting (and eating) in Italy. Have a wonderful week!

You'll be knitting and eating in Italy. You poor thing. ;-)
Love that blanket!
Very nice vest.

Where in Italy? I used to live in Firenze and have lots of restaurant recommendations.

Thanks, Jared, bon voyage! Or, my pretend-Italian version, buon voyaggio! I've already worked a Hemlock Ring blanket in Eco Wool and am looking forward to doing the same with Woolleaves.

I just went to Japan and had the same problem deciding what to take, agonising!!

Jealous! But have fun...I loved Europe when I lived there, however I haven't been to Italy yet...someday

oh wow! enjoy. it is such a lovely country. and oh.....the food!! eating and knitting in italy, now that is a vacation. have fun!

Both patterns are gorgeous, as usual... Have a great vacation! I hope Italy is all out sunny for you! : )

Mmm. Italy. I'm a little jealous.

I want to go/live there so bad!

I love both of these patterns. Might have to make the vest for my husband.

oooh, have fun!

Enjoy Italy! I really enjoyed your class in Boston (in case it wasn't completely obvious).

I'm really glad you wrote the pattern of wool leaves. I'll keep that in mind for the next baby I know! Have a great trip! Enjoy every moment!

I'm so excited the blanket pattern is for sale! I've not been knitting long, just since October '09, and took it up to keep the family tradition going. My grandmother can't knit anymore due to macular degeneration and Mom passed away 6 weeks prior to my 1st class. When I knit, I think of them and how proud they would be of me. Your patterns make me want to knit, to learn more, to expand myself and go for the techniques that frighten me, knowing that, right now, my work won't even compare to Grandmother's, who I believe was every bit as skilled as the great EZ. Thank you for inspiring me.

How nice to have a vest named after my home province. Now to find one of the men in my life to knit it for.
Love Italy, have a lovely time.

Knitting, eating, and no doubt taking absolutely gorgeous pictures in Italy. I look forward to your travelogue. (with expersub, as my word verification suggests)

I get so happy when I hear you saying you're working on lace. It's certainty of pretty pictures to follow.

Ciao! Have a blast! Eat great food and knit!
I highly recommend everyone buy the blanket pattern! It is one of kind and unique! I have already made and give away one blanket and the mommy-to-be and all guests were in love with the pattern! No one had ever seen anything like it before!

Wonderfull !!!! I got it now !!!

Enjoy you trip!

Sorry, I found this only now.... but if you happen to be around, please, let us know... we'll be glad to show you local yarn !I live in Modena, roughly 30 Kms from Bologna, North/central Italy; I'm here until Sat 27th, leaving to celebrate Easter in Greece on 28th. Have a good stay wherever you are...

You, your camera, Italy and knitting - oh what photos must be to come! squeeeee

OMG! Are you teaching a class here because I'm here in Italy and I would travel some kilometers to attend a class of yours.
I'm trying not to sound too whinny (or wine-y) but please...


OOOO Italy to be there again..you have a great time..we were there 3 yrs ago for 2 1/2 wks...love the food

Love the color choices!
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