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Today we wrap up with a few stragglers from the collection who haven't fit into any other category yet. Both projects make great travel or gift knitting. And while I don't fancy myself an expert crocheter by any means, I thought I'd be crazy and throw something in for fun for the hook-lovers.

Meet Grove.


These mittens are an ornate little treasure for the hands. I've always loved the relief-like quality of twisted stitch knitting (knitting all knit stitches through the back loops) and how sculptural and graceful they look when used in travelling-stitch and lace patterns.


The interesting thing about the main motif on the tops of the hands is that there is no cabling involved - the motif is formed by yarn overs and twisted knit decreases so I guess technically should be considered lace, albeit a well-disguised version. The cuffs on both hands do utilize traveling stitches in a spiral pattern that is mirror-imaged on either side to add that special detail.


There's something enticing about mitten knitting - maybe the way they remind us of childhood winters, or how they don't really make sense for adults who are constantly in need of finger dexterity (mittens are a great way to drop expensive little electronics down a large flight of stairs - ask me, I know), or that they're just more enjoyable to knit than other things for your hands? Nevertheless, it seems that mitten knitting is alive and well, and that makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

And finally, Metropolitan.


So these. I spent a lot of time staring at a few big, beautiful hanks of Aspen - a super bulky, heathered wool/alpaca blend that comes in a gorgeous array of autumnal colors - thinking What, Oh What am I to do with you? Super bulky presents a funny problem: it's fun to knit for the instant gratification and larger-than-life sculptural quality of your stitches, but not as practical for daily wear because it's, well... super bulky. The other sticking point is that the yardage isn't exactly what you'd call generous - the fiber you could use for thousands of yards of lace schlumps itself into mere double digits in the super-bulky arena.


So my personal design challenge was this: what can you do with one skein (approx. 51 yards) of Aspen that isn't a hat? And as I was mulling this over on my morning commutes to and from school, I found myself marveling at how all of my fellow commuters, while jammed together on a crowded train, were so perfectly isolated from one another by virtue of a fantastic modern wonder that we call Noise Cancelling Headphones. You know, the big, shell-like headphones that make you look like a cool, urban fighter pilot? Do you see where I'm going with this?

Then: the light bulb. Earmuffs! Inspired by these insular electronic devices! Or even, earmuffs to wear over your insular electronic devices! Well, now I was getting a little carried away, but more or less this is how these things came to be.


Metropolitan is a simple crochet project, worked on two different sizes of giant hooks (Huge and Really Huge) for a structural pair of muffs. The ear "shell" is shaped by changing hook size - trust me, I'm not fancy enough to design other means of shaping in crochet with super-bulky yarn - we're keeping it simple.

But the best news about this is that they use just under one skein (including tassels), can be worked in about an hour or less and are perfect for last minute gifts for that person in your life with quirky winter style. And if I can hook it, so can you - trust me.

And with that, we wrap up our official coverage of Made in Brooklyn - I hope you enjoy the collection and thank you already to all of you who have sent such supportive and wonderful e-mails about the work. It is very much appreciated.

In travel news - I'll be headed out to Western Mass this weekend with the trunk show for some teaching workshops. Be sure to stop by WEBS to see the garments in person if you're a local and need a knitting fix!

ETA: If you've been searching for a copy of Made in Brooklyn and haven't been able to find a retailer, you can use CE's "Where to Buy" page to find local shops that stock it here.
The booklet is also available online through CE's website here.
Grove on Ravelry
Metropolitan on Ravelry

I'll be there on Thursday night to say hi and admire your recent designs!

I recently had the chance to see your book in person and all I have to say is WOW. Beautiful patterns, beautiful photography...congratulations on a gorgeous collection! I look forward to your next one.

Quick question on Grove...are the mittens knit in the round or flat?

Wow those mittens are amazing!

The mittens have the most fabulous texture! Fantastic color choice.

I have been looking everywhere for your book, would you mind taking a moment to post some links to where one might be able to find it? I haven't seen a copy anywhere yet.

Thank you. And need I say it? Wonderful designs!

I got my copy in the mail yesterday, and it's beautifully put together. Well done, and thank you!

Thank you for taking time to talk about your designs. My copy of your book is on hold for me (and has been for MONTHS), at a local yarn shop in Belfast, Maine. I can't wait to pick it up!

Love those gloves. The color, the pattern... oohh la la.

Got my book yesterday and love love love it.

Such great designs can't decide which to do first.

Thanks again for such a great coffee table book.


The gloves have pushed me over the edge! Book ordered. Yarn ordered. I can't wait to start!!!

Mine just arrived in the mail yesterday; I am so excited!!!

Congratulations on your first book! There are some truly wonderful designs in here and I'm looking forward to exploring it!

Jared, the are lovely! Really beautiful colors.
We don't often wear gloves here in Brazil. But I will probably knit this pair for me just because they are wonderful enough!
I would love to see your garments in person. And you, of course!
Too bad to be so far...
My best wishes for you and thank you so much for this little expedition inside MIB.
It was a pleasure!

I ordered it and it came TODAY!!! Everything is so beautiful - I'm not sure what I'll make first!

Just ordered your booklet from WEBS. I didn't have the patience to wait until I had the time to track it down locally. The hardest part will be choosing what to make first.

Actually, in Minnesota, mittens make more sense than gloves. Of course, that has advantages and disadvantages....

I want to learn to crochet, just to make the earmuffs!

Jared, your stuff is fantastic. I don't generally do bulky weight stuff. I have tried & failed at crochet a number of times. I don't wear earmuffs. Somehow I still want to try the pattern.

I love the earmuffs. They're fun and very Princess-Leia-esque :)

I already have my copy of the book and think these mittens will be what I try first. I am in awe of the scope of your talent. Good luck and keep on designin'!

Thank you for the link to find out which LYS sell your book! I'll make sure to get a copy. I love Grove!!!

I bought your book through Classic Elite. Congratulations! It will never be a "coffee table book" for me. I hope it will become dog-eared and bent from use! I did a review on my blog which I hope you enjoy! You give more pleasure from your fiber passion than you'll ever know! On behalf of knitters everywhere, I say a heartfelt "Thank-you!" (who knew EZ had a fiber love-child? LOL!)

Oh, those mittens. I was just eyeing Meg Swansen's Bavarian pullover, thinking about featuring one of the main cables on a mitten. I couldn't quite get the math right, so I'm very happy to see a pre-done pattern in the same mode!

Princess Leia earmuffs! I might just have to make those.

I tried to get your book today, but it had sold out in two days. I'm on a wait list now. Congrats. If my area is any indication of success, you will do well!

I just can't say enough about your booklet and the strength of the patterns you've created. Over time, I'd like to make all of them. It's so balanced and carefully thought out. There isn't fluff in the booklet, just smart beautiful designs presented wonderfully. Congratulations!

Grove is amazing! Would really like to make me a pair - will the book be available as a pdf for those of us not living in the US?

What a lovely mittens and Metropolitan is very good idea.

Oh I love those earmuffs so much. I need to try to convince my mother to make them for my daughter for Christmas since I don't know how to crochet. Do you think they would fit a child or would the pattern be easy to adjust to fit a child?

I LOVE your whole book! I want to knit everything as store samples but can't decide what to knit first! Thank you for such great designs, I know I will love knitting them.

CE Princess is one of my most favourite yarns and will be making the bobble/cable beret and those mittens in the same colours of Princess for myself.

BTW - I'm not the only one who loves it, all but two of my 12 book order was sold the first two days of receiving it.

Lisa from the nakedsheep.ca

I love metropolitan. While I wouldn't wear it, it looks like it would be fun to make!

I am close enough to WEBS, that I really wish I could go. Makes me wish I could drive (or had a car even).

Congratulations Jared! Your collection is the very best I've seen in years! The sweaters, the lace, the accessories are all handsome and truly timeless and classic and wearable (there aren't that many). I'm definitely going to buy the book and I'm sure I'll be making many of the garments. I've been knitting for 52 years and am delighted to have these great knits in my future.

Metropolitan actually called out "Princess Leia" to me, but the noise-cancelling headphones analogy is better.

I really must get a copy of your book. Your designs are inspired.

I just have to say that you have the most amazing pictures and make the most amazing items. Beautiful colours and patterns and displayed so pleasantly. I love to come here and see what you have in store for me. i can't wait to get to a city and get my hands on your book up close and real. This is what I try to do, so I will keep trying.~Jo-Ann

Dear Jared,
I entered two of the hats I knit from Made in Brooklyn in the MN State Fair: Beaumont got a 3rd place and Quincy took first! Yay. Also, I will definitely be meeting you next April as I am on the Yarnover committee. See you then!!

A friend just came into the shop where I work (Fibers Grass Valley) looking for your book... I love all the designs! Great job and congratulations.

hah! i am so with judy, i totally thought Leia when i saw those ear warmers!! They are so awesome though so you know I will be rocking them.

Congratulations on such a wonderful and inspiring pattern book!

Beautiful patterns! But I live in France and I can't buy the book through Classic Elite. Where can I buy this so beautiful book?
Thank you.

I got my book last week!!! Looove it!

I am delighted with your work! Thank you!

Congratulations, the whole collection is absolutely gorgeous. But these mittens... hmmm, they´re actually edible!

I need to make those mittens. Love them!

Those mittens are to die for! Amazingly beautiful.

Very nice things here!! The winter is coming and we all need something warm to put on!! :) I like your colours, beautiful!

So I want to make Metropolitan but I'm not sure how to keep the muffs on my head without having to tie the braids... Any ideas? How did you do it?

My maiden name was Grove - must have this mitten pattern!!!

Your creations are lovely...the single ply green cardigan looks very delicate and nice,the mittens and the leggings are all very nice.
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