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Ooh, this is going to be a bit all-over-the-place, but there are so many little projects needing updating here that I figured I'd just cram them all in. Between baby knitting and de-stress knitting, The Piles (you know what I'm talking about) have been growing growing growing.

First, I finished my Shetland mittens and due to all this schizophrenic weather we've been having, they've gotten a lot of play in the last couple of weeks. I think they may now be officially retired for the warmer months, but hey, we could wake up (again) to hail tomorrow and biting winds. You never know these days.

Shetland Mittens

I have yet to give them a proper photoshoot or a more appropriate blog-post of their own, but they were so quietly sitting in the sunlight this morning that I figured they warranted a little show-and-tell time.

And speaking of finished projects yet-to-be-photographed-or-written-about, I've finished a few more little baby knits. (As an update for those who have been asking, I'm going to be an official uncle (not a father) and I'm VERY excited about it!) Below is a charming little vintage-style baby bonnet - a free pattern from Larissa at Stitch Marker - that is sweet sweet sweet. I knit this with a linen/wool blend (stashbustin') and loved the crispness of the wavy ridges and soft-yet-sturdy quality of the fabric. The eyelets around the neck are for ribbon but I worked up a nice sturdy I-Cord instead.

More for baby

I blocked this using pins and a blocking wire (pictured) to open up the fabric. I could go on and on about how much I love blocking wires. I find I use them for all sorts of things and they just give finished garments that extra OCD punch.

The stashbusting continues in the baby knitting arena: I had one skein of super-silky SWTC Bamboo - this stuff has great yardage (the skein feels a bit like a hockey puck - so weighty and satisfying) and I thought I'd challenge the skein to a duel. Is a one skein baby sweater possible? I believe so! I'm done with the yoke and body and just have the sleeves left - according to the weight of the remaining yarn (40g!), we should be golden for a newborn-sized EZ classic.


The pattern is the ever-popular and always-charming February Baby Sweater from EZ's Knitter's Almanac (I made one a couple years back in green).

Lastly: Remember my 'Reward Cone' of School Products Cashmere Merino? Well I couldn't wait until proper reward-time came around and felt a mindless stockinette pullover was in desperate need of conjuring. So I started. And it's making for some gooooood tactile gratification.

I Couldn't Resist

More details on many of these soon - apologies again for the random project purge session!

Signs of the kind of knitting I can relate to - so many burners on at once, at different stages and levels of intensity - you always have something to pull out and work on. I really am fond of the laced up vintage baby bonnet.

I am curious to know what pattern you are using for the mittens.

I've been on a tear to finish things myself. No unfinished object is safe! Next - the stash! Although that little bit of business could take awhile. I'm not too limited by space concerns.

Beautiful baby knits.

I made it over to School Products earlier this week to see what the buzz was about. It's definitely well-deserved! I'm sure I'll be buying a cone of my own there before long. :o)

your stitches are always pristine. All the WIPs look good enough to eat!

Congratulations! Favorite uncle is a very nice status to have, in my experience. And it appears you are working the baby jacket completely seamlessly, yes? I always wondered why EZ missed that opportunity.

No apologies necessary. :-)

I especially like the purple you're using for the February baby sweater.

Random, but all beautiful! I know what you mean about the SWTC Bamboo - the yardage is incredible!

Come on out to Denver and you can enjoy all of your knits. We are expecting 15-30" of snow by tomorrow!

i am an advocate for random project blogging. i love seeing all the different goodies that people have been working on all at once. it is comforting to know that others do it too.

I've got no problem with random. Just as long you keep that gorgeous eye candy coming!

I'll take a bit of a sneak peek of random knits from you any day. ;) No apology necessary. Thanks for sharing.

There is nothing wrong with a random project purge. Sometimes that is just the thing to get the knits out and about before they start to feel stale (mine often are used for months and I think, I should have blogged about this one, but I finished it ages ago... too late now).

Thanks for posting! I've been STARVING for a brooklytweed update. :-)

Your projects are so neat and perfect. I can't have more than 1 or 2 because I forget what I'm doing.

It was a good idea to make the i-cord for the baby hat. My mom gave me some things for my baby that had ribbons, and the ribbons drove me crazy.

Love the mitered mitts! EZ rocks!

Congrats on becoming an uncle! Love the EZ projects. The amethyst color is beautiful!

Random is very good.

Nice projects.

what an adorable baby hat! i hope your nephew/niece will fit into the sweater. congrats on unclehood.

The bonnet is beautiful. Makes me wish I knew someone who was having a baby so I had an excuse to do some tiny knitting.

I always look forward to your posts...and fabulous photos. Your talent in inspiring! Care to share the mitten pattern with your fans? Congratulations on the favorite uncle status...can't wait to see your knits for this little one!

such an interesting and beautiful random project purge session, can't wait to see the completed project, have a nice sunday

At least you finished what you started, even though they are piling up. Mum doesn't seem to finish anything! Wish they had tiny versions for the mittens, maybe then Mum would finish one project.

can't wait to see what the Reward Cone turns out to be as a FO. The yarn color is gorgeous. Enjoy!

Random or otherwise, it's always nice to hear from you.

Congrats on your impending uncle-dom. Babies are so great to knit for! And beware, they grow up way before you run out of patterns you want to try, so don't put the best ones off.

It's always inspiring to read your posts. Charges my knitting batteries!

OMG He Lives! I have been pining for my fix of Brooklyn Blog... oh the angst.. I thought u had been signed up by HOLLYWOOD for a knitting movie or some such, lol.(Could be bigger than Harry Potter and I aint kidden ya.)
As per usual even a quick project splurge is better than a well crafted other something from a less well endowed personage... if ya know wadda mean, honey, wink..
Yours truly Mae West...heeheee...
I want those jammy (jelly?)mittens on toast, please.

Thanks gonna be one lucky baby!
Beautiful knits!

Spring cleaning is satisfying for yarn and projects as well as the "junk" around the house! I've been trying to spring clean as well, but projects keep popping up to distract me. I really need to add the February Baby Sweater to my list of projects I need to knit - I love the way it looks.

Thank god you posted something...random or not. The shaking was getting pretty bad and my friends were starting to worry! I just needed a 'tweed' fix. :) Great stuff!

I recently bought a cone of Italian merino tweed there....very yummy but I can't decide what to make from it!

Love your mittens and hope to see you publish the pattern for them soon.

Congratulations on the impending birth of your niece!

Yum, Jar--thanks for sharing! You'd be hard-pressed to disappoint us no matter WHAT combination of knittish thoughts and things you chose to profile... =)

being an uncle (or aunt in my case) is even better than being a parent! all the fun without the dirty diapers! i am in love with the mittens...as i am with everything else you make!

I think your Shetland mittens are fabulous. Will you be posting the pattern? I hope so!

The mittens are absolutely gorgeous! I love the colors you chose... you certeinly never have enough red in your wardrobe!

The cashmere sweater looks like it lays very nice, almost more forgiving than wool. I haven't done anything with cashmere yet. Is that a quality about it? Easier, more swathy? However one would describe it, it looks beautiful!

Always nice to see your beautiful creations! Can't wait to see the finished projects and read deatil about all these lovely works!

Lovin' all your stunning knits!

Well THANKS for the mention of the Feather & Fan Baby Bonnet--I have been looking for a baby gift pattern and this is Perfect especially since the Feather & Fan is my all time favorite stitch pattern...

I love your blog and I've passed down the Honest Scrap Award down to you. Check out my blog to see what it is and to accept it. I can't wait to see your future postings.

As usual just like with everything you make its goregous what a lucky baby

Gorgeous work as usual. I particularly like the bonnet. I though it was a lace up gauntlet or spatt at first. It is giving me ideas.

Hey I like to knit too. I love your blog and your photographs.
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