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  Montera: Part Deux
I was rummaging through my photos today, as I'll often do when I'm seeking solace from stress (or when I'm just straight up procrastinating), and came across these pictures of the second version of the Montera Hat that I knit up at Christmas. After gifting this to a dear family friend, I completely forgot about the photos and hence forgot to share - good thing it didn't quite get away from us!

Montera Part Deux

Pattern: Montera Hat by Pam Allen [Ravel it!]
Source: Classic Elite Alpaca Stories
Yarn: Classic Elite Montera in 3875 Inca Grey; Just barely under one skein (pattern calls for two)
Needles: US 7 (4.5mm) and US 10 (6mm) circulars using the Magic Loop

When: Christmas Eve and surrounding hours, stuck in an airport due to snow storms.

Montera Part Deux

It's much the same story as the first one - aside from using a different yarn, they were both knit during snowstorm-induced airport hysteria (collective) at Christmas. Extra gift knitting, in retrospect was the silver lining of the story, if only a minor amount of silver proportional to the rest of the chaos. I'm over it though, can't you tell?

Montera Part Deux

My gauge on US 10's was slightly tighter than instructed by the pattern, although I like the finished product with slightly less slouch. I blocked the hat over a 10" lid to the pot we use to boil water for pasta - it's my go-to form for blocking the slouchy and tam-like. Cardboard circles cut from old boxes work well too. This accounts for the shaping you see, although it would fit more like a beanie without this. Knitter's preference!

Montera Part Deux

I squeaked in at just under one skein - it was a nail biter, since I only had that one skein and limited time. If you knit one, I'd play it safe and grab an extra skein. If you end up making it with just one, you can be sure you'll have enough yarn for another! I guess I should mention the one skein trick didn't include the survival of my swatch - I used everything.

Montera Part Deux

Last week was "Spring Break" (term used loosely) - although I did take a day or two off for myself to knit, think, and re-acquaint myself with my spring priorities. The weather is warming up slowly but surely and the Perfect Storm of spring, as I've affectionately dubbed the coming season for myself is on its way. The good news is that I'm really having a light-at-the-end-of-the-tunnel moment and there are some really exciting things on the near horizon - I'm really looking forward to sharing these with you, faithful friends! I'm entertaining the idea of taking summer off and knitting next to my air conditioner for three months as an effective transition into a new chapter... sounds good (and not at all irresponsible), doesn't it?

Taking the summer off to knit sounds heavenly!

Take the summer off! I could be saying this simply because I want to see more of your knitting, but who cares. :D

It's beautiful, and your photos are as stunning as ever. Look forward to hearing your new things...

Sounds like a great summer plan to me! The hat is a beaut!

well, taking summer OFF sounds like heaven. if it is possible, do it. as a mother, a can`t do it, because i am on a 25-hours-job ;)
i am jellous...but looking forward to YOU and hope for lots of new designs and pushing ideas.
thanks a lot!
lg eva

your photos are really great...your projects too...thank you for inspiration...greetings from kiel...colette

Taking 3 months off to knit sounds WONderful! :)

So fuzzy and warm! Really lovely. I'll have to try adding a little llama into my life.

If you want inspiration during your summer off, come to the Scottish Highlands after your jaunt in England :-)

Yes, taking the summer off to knit does sound wonderful. I love the hat too. Being stuck in the airport is never fun, but at least you had extra yarn and needles while you were delayed.

Gorgeous! I'd love to take the summer off, but this summer is shaping up to be busier than ever.

As always, your photos are an inspiration to us all. And very timely for those of us Down Under, as cold weather approaches.

Hmm, sounds like exciting new things are in the works for you...can't wait to hear all about it!

The hat is lovely and so is the model!! I can't wait to see what you crank out this summer. Good for you and good luck with your new chapter...

What a visual feast, the hat, photos and model are so beautiful!
Take the summer off and knit. Stealing little moments here and there are good for sanity upkeep but focusing a chunk of time on something you love is like a rebirth.

I love the idea - please do!!

Thanks for spending part of your spring break in Staunton. It was lovely to meet you and I WILL finish the shawl (although I ripped and restarted it the next day). And do take the summer off if you can. I'm looking forward to knitting by an Adirondack lake for a week - woo hoo!

I love the closer-fitting beret! I can never keep the super slouchy ones on my head. It's a beautiful pattern! Looking forward to your exciting news!

sounds like a great way to spend summer. don't forget a trip to seattle though! and if you do, capitol hill knitters of dooooooom (i'm never sure how many o's there are in there) will welcome you.

I think you should take the summer off to knit.
Love the hat, its great.

glad to read that your tunnell is near it's end! take the summer off-color, texture, & creativity sounds like a great staycation!

Forget the air conditioner - your knitting is always lovely, and deserves the extra inspiration of visiting the Scottish Highlands [as Helen said] - and why not the Hebrides? Wonderful colours... and we don't need air conditioners.

As always, your knitting inspires me and I'm so grateful you share. I have learned so much from blogs like this!

Happy to hear things are going well for you. And, I'm interested to hear your good news...there's not enough of that around these days.

That's not irresponsible at all. Grab the time while you can. You'll be glad you did later.

The hat is fantastic, but what is that lovely shoulder warmer the model is wearing? I MUST knit that if you can point me to the pattern. Thx. ever so.

I love that your career is taking to higher heights!

Sounds VERY good. I can't wait to hear more about your plans.

Beautiful hat! I'm glad we got to see it.

A summer of knitting by the AC...I can't think of a better way to enjoy the season!

I wish I could take the summer off! I only have 6 free weeks, half that you can knit.

Summer break sounds great to me. Everyone deserves a summer break! Hope you do and have a wonderful wonderful time. Looking forward to reading about your goods news. Never ever knit a hat before perhaps I will try this one. I do need a good pattern for a fisher mans cap for my brother who goes out fishing on his boat a lot. Any suggestions wold be welcome please?

The only way I could take the summer off to knit is if my chiropractor agreed to hang out with me. :) The hat is lovely, but the model is lovelier. She is beautiful!

Summer off: This will make you more energized and ready to go again in the Fall! Love the hat!

I would love a summer of knitting, though I'm pretty sure it would soon become a summer of knitting, baking, making ice cream, long walks and runs, and reading. But I'd still call it a summer of knitting. I'd go for it. With your published designs, knitting is just another fun job!

The hat is beautiful and I think that's a brillint idea for summer!!!!

Have a question about blocking hats as I've never knit a hat I haven't felted (or ripped out... truthfully, it's more the latter than the former; I tend to freeform crochet hats. I DID do a mohawk hat of my own design (wasn't going to pay for a book I didn't have time to have shipped to me (and didn't want to begin with), though. Crochet goes so much faster. :p) but plan to start as soon as I have yarn money (or my stash organized. I figure I'll have more yarn money before I get the yarn all nice and neat. (working on my room this summer, so some yarn cubbies are DEFINITELY in order!)).

When you're blocking a hat for a tam or a slouchy, like you mentioned, does that slouchy hat look STAY, or only until it gets wet (and then needs blocking again)?

Oh my goodness- you first pictures is so perfect! It looks as if it was out of a magazine! So beautiful of a hat.
<3 Emilee

That beret's incredibly gorgeous! As usual, your photography is so stunning that it's making me want to have it too!

Your pictures are so beautiful!

Gorgeous.. :)

where and how can i buy these? do you have a website?
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