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  Montera Hat
I guess I can say there was one benefit (and I can only say this in hindsight) from experiencing (along with so many others) a Christmas Airport Nightmare, thanks to unprecedented storms in the Northwest and concurrent, fun weather here at JFK. That benefit being that I got to bang out a few handknit gifts that weren't in my original plan.

Montera Hat (in Pastaza)

Pattern: 'Montera Hat' by Pam Allen [Ravel it!]
Source: Classic Elite 'Alpaca Stories'
Yarn: Cascade Pastaza in #077 (Just barely one skein, not including swatch)
Needles: US 7/4.5 mm and US 10/6 mm

Started and Finished: 23 December 08

Montera Hat (in Pastaza)

I used up almost all of my leftover yarn from the Girasole - Pastaza is very similar to Montera
(the yarn called for by the pattern), and I think it was a good fit. (I also made one in Montera, which you'll see very soon, for comparisons sake). The hat is so sculptural - I love it (surprise surprise, Jared likes knitting lace with big yarn.) And I so love that shade of mustardy yellow; I was glad I had enough to make something else with it, instead of adding to the already-ginormous 'scrap' yarn pyramid.

Montera Hat (in Pastaza)

The pattern is accompanied by a matching triangular shawl and can be found in "Alpaca Stories," one of a few new and wonderful pattern collections put out by CE last fall. They've got a pretty rockin' design team going on over there so look out!

I knit the hat with almost no modifications, other than popping down to a 10 from the suggested 10.5 needle, and reversing the direction of the decreases at the crown (I worked k2tog's when instructed to ssk and ssk's when instructed to k2tog). My reasons for that are completely arbitrary, other than that I liked the look of a more feathered decrease scheme on this particular piece rather than the bolder, relief-like one used in the pattern.

Montera Hat (in Pastaza)

I like this lace repeat because it has yarn overs worked on every row, rather than having a free round of knitting between every patterned round, which makes for a nice open fabric, and a more dynamic look to the size of the yarn overs. But then again, I'm a major lace nerd, so I like these things.

Montera Hat (in Pastaza)

It's back, more or less, to business-as-usual (running around like a chicken with a severed head), and part of me has to admit that I'm glad. I was starting to miss all of my yarn. Even though I may not be using it all... it's nice to know it's right there in the next room. JUST in case.


So, did your fellow travelers comment on your knitting while you were stuck at the airport? :-)

I see that you have the same attitude toward flight delays that I have; everything is okay as long as you have enough yarn and some snacks. I have to fly in February from Boston to Colorado, which is a very iffy thing, and I plan to bring along emergency yarn.

That hat is completely stunning. I'm not sure how I missed that pattern in all of my recent searches for berets, but it's now in my queue.

Love the mustard color, and of course the photography shows it all off very well!

I am a big fan! Just binding off my hemlock ring blanket on this frigid w/e. You keep me inspired! Love the hat - stay warm and keep knitting!

Gorgeous hat.

what a lovely hat. i love your hats. and mustardy yellow. what's not to love.

Every object you knit inspires me to want to become a better knitter. I love the look of this hat, the stitches, and the color is fabulous. Thank you for sharing your work with us.

Thanks for another great knit. I love your work. One question about this one - Do you see any issues in knitting in Alpaca for a fitted knit that needs to expand and contract?

The reason I ask is that my table at a recent mens knitting night at the point was discussing fibers with a very experienced spinner in the group (jimbobspins on ravelry) and he was talking about how alpaca and a number of other fibers don't have memory like wool does. He then gave a great talk explaining why, and how the fibers look under a microscope and why wool has a memory.

Thanks Jared,
Jack (ravelry - centrejack)

A beautiful hat AND you got to spend time with my people at Knit Purl in Portland! Envy ensues (though now I know what to do with that one skein of worsted weight I've been agonizing over).

Lovely lace hat.

Love the color...and the pattern works so well with it. Very nice! (although I wouldn't expect anything less from you--love your knits!)

Reminds me of starfish. Love the colours.

Love the big-ass lace!

Love that mustardy colour!

You don't post very often, but when you do, wheeeee! It's always fun! I love this color.

I think this is my favourite hat so far! It's lovely.

Love this hat! Pastaza is my new obsession so this may be my next project. Hope I'm up to it!

Very pretty hat and model too! Lovely.

Very nice. I've been looking for a new hat pattern, so I'll have to check this one out.

I'm so glad I didn't have to drive or fly anywhere this year!
I never get any knitting done when I do travel, I like to watch and see everything too much.

oh gosh, this is really lovely. i need one just like it right now. :)


Oh, that is so, so cute! :] I need to make one now. I have the most perfect yarn for it, too!


Wonderfully knit hat on a very lovely and pretty young woman.

What a lovely hat!!


gorgeous ...
happy neaw year and best wishes for 2009

Nice work! There is always an up side to being stuck somewhere if you are knitter and have yarn/needles with you.

Another amazing project. You continue to inspire me.


What a beautiful model! The hat is very nice too.

That is a seriously funky hat. I think you're turning all of us into lace nerds, too.
That's a good thing.

god forbid you will be stranded in the airport with nothing to knit...!

Lovely hat! It's really old fashioned but unique and stylish... Great for city-goers looking for a new style to keep warm with! Thanks!

Jared- Pantone has selected a similar shade for 2009's color of the year.

It is bright and optimistic.

I think I'm going to have to cast this one one! I look awful in hats (not self-depracating at all--ask anyone who has ever seen me trying to stay warm in the winter). The hat is so pretty it could distract from the horror!

Stay warm,


It's really lovely, and that colour is delicious!

You? A lace nerd? Never!

Ah, yes. We had some fun weather in the NW, too. Glad to hear you're back with the stash.

Way cool. The shape is wonderful.

Oh my gosh, that's beautiful! I might just have to make one with my leftover Pastaza from the hat I knit my son. Wish I could start right now.

I have been reading my CEY letters more lately, they really have ramped of their designs. I do love the mustard color and the design.

absolutely love this!

Great use of Airport nightmare time! :D It's in the same category as Hospital nightmare time ;)

Wow! Beautiful hat, wish I could design something like this! Great job :)

Wonderful hat! What a profitable delay you had!

Sohbet Ekle
sohbet chat

i cant seem to find the link for this pattern....did you say that it was a free one?

love the pattern and the coler.
this hat do I also wana knit, were can I find the pattern?
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