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  Chunky Merino Throw
As I said before, it's kinda like the perfect project for people who love swatching, since that's basically what it is. Introducing my Lace Swatch on Steroids.

Merino Chunky Throw

Pattern: Lacy Chunky Throw by Wenlan Chia
Source: Classic Elite WebLetter #63
Materials: Twinkle "Soft Chunky"; 7 skeins in "Mink"
Needles: 42" Circulars in size US 17 (Broomsticks!)
Dimensions: appox. 54" x 40"

Started: November 2008
Finished: December 2008

Merino Chunky Throw

I just realized that, with the exception of a few last minute Christmas hats, this beast rounds out my finished work for 2008. And let me take this opportunity to wish you all a happy new year - I think 2009 is going to be a good one.

Merino Chunky Throw

This was intended to be a quick knit to beef up the winter home lineup, since it's been a cold one this year (which I love!) - and it was relatively quick, although not as quick as I had planned because knitting with broomsticks is a bit hard on the hands after a while. Speaking of broomsticks, the pattern calls for size 19 circulars, which I don't have, so I just used my 17's. I figured I'd knit a bit looser anyway, given the circumstances with this gigantic yarn.

Merino Chunky Throw

I had one extra skein of yarn than the pattern required (I had 7, the pattern requests 6), so I cast on 80 stitchess rather than the 76 called for. With a few added stitches, an extra skein and slightly smaller needles, my finished blanket came out just slightly bigger than the projected dimensions. Big enough to get under comfortably, but not huge - which is a good thing, cause it's on the heavier side, despite the very open lacework (yarn overs every other stitch, every row).

Merino Chunky Throw

I really love the color - it's almost silvery in the way it catches light. The yarn is super bulky, short stapled, and has a low-twist which means it fuzzes a lot.... but it's so soft that I just didn't even care. Yarn this thick becomes truly sculptural, which I enjoy profusely, so all in all, I'm very happy with how it turned out.

Merino Chunky Throw

The pattern is free, so if you happen to have a bunch of this yarn lying around, it could be just the thing. I think blankets and throws rather than garments are better suited to super-bulky yarns personally, but I'm easily suffocated in excessively heavy sweaters.

Merino Chunky Throw

I hope you're all recovering well from the holiday period. I'm taking a much needed respite in chilly Portland, OR this week and reorganizing my life after a crazy couple of months. Enjoy the new year we've been given and as always, keep knitting!

PS Just cause I know some of you will be wondering - the sweater in the photos isn't handknit. It's just a reeeaally good thrift store find! Huzzah!

Oh, so cosy !

Enjoy our Rose City -- it is indeed chilly today. Your chunky blanket looks cozy.

oh my gosh! that blankie is scrumptious! i just want to put my face into it and fall asleep. you do beautiful work. i wish i could knit :~/

Beautiful pictures, as always. Looking forward to seeing you here in PDX!

After your last post featuring this blanket, I had to make one for myself! I bought the yarn, and size 19 Addi broomsticks (32"). The yarn is Twinkle, color is Ash. It is admittedly harder to knit with 32 inch circulars, but moving right along. Your pictures really do it justice! Thanks for the inspiration.

Mmmmm...that color fits right in w/my color pallette, and super-chunk merino you say? I think there may be summat like this in my future.

Love the blanket and it looks cozy indeed. Wish my photography skill was as good as yours!

gorgeous yarn!

Oh my! That blanket looks awesome!

Love the new blanket!

What a fabulous blanket! The colour is amazing.

Pure comfort! It's beautiful.

Very pretty blanket! And I was, indeed, wondering about the sweater: the cuff bind-off looks manufactured, but garter stitch button bands seemed just so *you*

Oh, wow. Love the blanket and coveting the luck at the thrift store! You're amazing

Looks great! :) Like a fresh sheet of snow on the lap (but warmer, obviously).

Gorgeous knit. Gorgeous pictures. Have a wonderful break, Jared. I'm looking forward to your beautiful work in 2009.

Great blanket! I just finished a scarf in soft chunky and this makes me want to move on to a larger project

gorgeous and wonderful color too!

That's beautiful! It looks so warm and smooshy.

Welcome to Portland! The throw is beautiful... if it keeps snowing, I'm definitely jumping on the soft chunky train...

That looks delicious!

This looks like snuggly deliciousness. Thanks for sharing.

This looks so comfortable...

soft & comfy indeed. but the low-twist is out for me. any yarn with 'fuzzies' (whethor they be acrylic baby yarn, bling-y, or natural fibers) give my skin a horrendous break-out--looking like a really serious hickey lasting for a week. my grandpa's girlfriend used to broomstick crochet. which involved an actual broomstick & a large crochet hook. she did it so often that if she fell asleep while crocheting, she would keep crocheting--without dropping a stitch!!

This is a perfect knit for a cold day. I need one of these in my apartment, but not sure about knitting with broomstick-size needles!

I really love your projects. All are classic and clean, and just plain gorgeous. I don't have any bulky yarn left over but this will make me wanna go get some. Happy New Year too.

Enjoy my hometown of Portland! I really love the blanket and I think I may use up some of my ultra bulky stash this way! Your pictures and your productivity are absolutely amazing!!

Gorgeous blanket. You always inspire me with your fabulous projects.

The blanket is fabulous as is the thrift store find! Hope you have a great 2009.


Very nice. Looks like a quick project. I've never used size 19 needles b4...

Very nice squishy looking blanket. Your PS did put a smile on my face the thought did cross my mind. I have a son called Jared but he is only 12 I have shown him your blog. Hopefully it may inspire him to become a knitter also. Silly isn't it?!

What is that grey sweater you are wearing in the photo? Pattern, info, etc. Thanks!

That looks really comfortable. I'm not sure I could knit with something quite that robust (I haven't knitted on anything bigger than a size 8 in a really long time). Maybe if I downsize it to a more hand friendly yarn.

My resolution for 2009 is: less lurking, more commenting. hmmm, a resolution I may actually stick with?! Anyway, I love your site, I love your knitting, I love your photographs. Thanks for sharing with us.

beautiful! how were the size 17's? seems like it would be really difficult to maneuver??

Beautiful work as always.

nice - I like this pattern - printed it out - it might free me of some of the bulky yarn I bought a long time ago... thank you!

hey - are you going to the men's spring knitting retreat at Easton Mountain in NY May? you should! :)

Makes me want to curl up and take a nap, after a long satisfying knit.

This is gorgeous! If I didn't live in Houston, I'd be tempted to make one for myself! I just finished seaming the karate sweater from Wenlan's first book. I wear it with a black shirt underneath and it fuzzes all over the place. I wish there were a way to stop that! Regardless, the yarn feels like butter doesn't it? So who cares!

Happy New Year! I think I'm in love with this. It's dangerous.

enjoy your rest! im a few hours north of you and this is definately get the generator ready and sit in and knit weather for sure....keep the yarn high and dry with these floodwaters!

the blanket is adorable. the pattern looks great and it´s matching to the cold outside...

so lovely


Jared- I'm a cold weather lover as well, and that blanket is wonderful.

Here's to 2009- another great year of projects.

love it.

Dude, this blanket is simple and cozy. I love it. I am probably one of the last people to be working on your scarf of the year....but it is so interesting to see how the color patterns will work out! Thanks for the inspiration!

This comment has been removed by the author.

Your photography makes even the simplest of knits look absolutely delicious!


I like your blog! Please check mine out, it's a funny look at the life of a teacher who is also a first time, stressed out mom to a growing boy. A unique look into friends, family, and parenting.


do you have any doggie sweater designs or previous projects? would love to see it!

I finished my blanket, and mentioned your website on my blog. I made a change because I did an extra row by accident, and it turned out real nice.

I love the new gloves in VK! Congratulations once again.

oh, this is wonderful.

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I am making this for my duaghter - she loves it and so does her grandmother. Thank you so much for sharing and for the beautiful pictures which certainly encourage one to do the project.
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