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I'm so happy to finally be able to share this project with you all - I've been starry eyed for it for months, but didn't want to feature it here until the pattern was all set with t's crossed and i's dotted. She's all set now, though - and just in time for wintry knitting!


May I introduce my new favorite thing to have on my person at all times. In fact, I knit this in August while I was in the PNW (summer knitting is bearable there), but only recently, since the cold weather has hit us hard have I been getting to indulge myself. You'll see two versions shown here - the Blanket version (Yellow) is worked in an aran weight Wool/Llama blend (Cascade Pastaza) and the Shawl Version (Light Brown) is worked in fingering weight Shetland wool (Jamieson's Spindrift)(Swoon). They're both fantastic and so very different.

Girasole (Shawl Version)

I'm consistently fascinated by how incredibly important yarn choices are when we knit, and how, especially with lace, a project can completely change in nature solely based on yarn construction, weight and fiber. My goal here was to provide a pattern that could have flexible function - if you want a big woolly throw to keep you warm this winter - you got it. If you want a more traditional, Shetland lace shawl - light as a feather and shockingly toasty - you can have that too!


The pattern is worked in the round with a traditional circular shawl construction - started in the center and increasing outward towards the edges as you work. A circular cast-on is recommended but not required - and if you've never tried one, I highly recommend it. You'll never go back! [Great tutorials here and here] My favorite thing about circular shawls is, as you may have guessed, absolutely no purling(!) - and this one is no exception. Also, every other round is plain knitting, so essentially half of the knitting is mindless stockinette, and that's always a plus in my book.

Girasole (Shawl Version)

The pattern utilizes a knitted-on edging to finish off. Because elasticity is a prized quality in lace, any and all bind-offs should be avoided like the plague. Knitted-on edgings are a completely wonderful solution to this problem - not only are they equally elastic as the rest of your knitting, but they look great and add an interesting contrasting element (worked perpendicular to the rest of the shawl) to any design.


For you first time Knitted-On-Edgers, this is how it works: when you've reached the last official round of the center section of the shawl, you will no longer be working in the round. With the working yarn you cast on directly the number of sts for your edging (in this case 4) and begin working back and forth on those stitches in the edging pattern, joining the edging to your live shawl sts around the circumference as you go. It's a fascinating technique and a whoooole lot of fun. Read more about circular shawl construction + edgings here [Thanks, as always to Eunny for these exhaustively thorough, wonderful lace compendiums].

Girasole (Shawl Version)

As with many of my other patterns, the bulk of the motifs are charted (I'm a chart freak, what can I say.) If you're new to knitting from charts, or want to brush up your skills here is a wonderful tutorial with lots of visual aids that I find very helpful. The pattern includes yardage/dimension/gauge information for both weights listed above, but I always encourage creative yarn choices and love to see how patterns play out with different yarns. Gauge in stockinette for the blanket version is approx 4 stitches per inch, and 6 stitches per inch for the shawl version. As always, though, gauge in lace is variable and should always be determined by your personal preference for the finished fabric.

The pattern is available for 6.50 (USD) in my Ravelry Store, for Ravelry members, or through Paypal. Just follow the buttons below.

Girasole Preview

Purchase Via Ravelry Purchase Via Paypal

The Brooklyn Tweed Guarantee: As a self-publishing designer, I strongly feel that it is my responsibility to you to present a quality product free of errors that is pleasing both from an aesthetic and practical point of view. All patterns that are self-published here at Brooklyn Tweed have been test knit by multiple knitters using various manufactured yarns to ensure the most pleasurable and intuitive knitting experience. I have personally prepared all diagrams and charts as well as knit/photographed samples and designed pattern layouts - soliciting the opinions of knitters prior to publication in an effort to streamline this product. I have done my very best to bring you a pattern that I am proud to stand behind fully. I do my best to respond to concerns or comments as soon as possible and, as always, thank you for your support and encouragement. Happy knitting! -Jared

These are beautiful Jared! Well done!!!

Wow, what an amazing pattern. Beautiful! Thanks for making it available!

Those are simply stunning. Just beautiful. And not wanting to gush (much!) but the wonderful photography shows them to perfection.

They are absolutely gorgeous . I love the design of the lace and it has inspired me to try and knit a shawl in the round during the Christmas break . Ursula

Oh stop it! It is gorgeous...I am currently having knitting lace withdrawals...this may be the cure. I have been searching the perfect afghan type pattern for the new couch...hmmm. I think this may be my january project! Excellent, as always!

Just gorgeous! It's going to take every ounce of strength I have not to cast on right away!

dude. you have seriously outdone yourself. effing brilliant

Che bel nome, è un girasole magnifico!

Lovely work and a great choice for its name!

i said a lot and lost it. i am happy you finally charge a little more for your patterns. they are worth it. sooo worth it.

and the blanket is lovely. i would love to make the shetland one for a baby due soon.

Absolutely stunning, Jared!


Wow. Gorgeous.

Very pretty.

This reminds me of EZ so much! I thought is was another of her patterns when I first saw it. But I I love the more intricate flower at the center with the zig-zagging lines going perpendicularly to each other. That's a really nice design element. I love it!

I knitted two Hemlock Throws for gifts and as much as I wanted one for myself, I could not think of knitting another.....now I have this creation to knit all for me!

absolutely gorgeous, I must have it!!!

Congratulations to you for two great projects. I'm off to purchase the pattern!

Looks like it's made with a lot of love.

That is just gorgeous!

I always know when you're not lurking around here for a period of time, that you're going to just appear out of the blue with something magical and wondrous for us!!! I am completely in love with these beautiful pieces. Thank you so much for sharing!

These are stunning pieces of work. Thanks for making up such a great pattern!

That is just gorgeous - and what perfect timing - just as I could use a lovely warm wrap! I'll be purchasing soon.

Oh, truly Jared you've now outdone yourself. :)
Hello, I have never commented on your blog before - though I am a faithful reader since, um, probably two years ago? Anyway, that's irrelevant.

I'm coming out of the woodwork now not only to congratulate you on such a great design (so gorgeous!), but also because I have a question, which is: do you think Girasole can be knitted out of unspun/pre-yarn? I bought some wheels that I have not yet started knitting with, and I am not sure if unspun yarn can accommodate lace that is, well as lacey as this, without having a strength/breaking issue...

I'm already looking forward to knitting it, even though I first have to finish 3 gifts and a Shetland Triangle KAL... Thank you for, well, being so inspired and inspiring yourself.

Congratulations! I think this one will also be a success! I think everyone just loves you (that's what I hear from all knitters here in Montreal)! Anyonecanknit.

All I can say is WOW! I would love to make this part of my after Christmas recovery plan.

Wow! Jared, this is truly a work of art. That first picture is amazing! I'd keep gushing but I've got to go start this. Great job!



It's beautiful! I bet that was super fun to make. :)

When I was in high school we were given lessons on how to do this weaving. Glad to see that these things are again in fashion. Have a nice day!

As always, you have created something classic yet contemporary. Completely stunning. Love.

This is gorgeous - I guess I'll be knitting myself a blanket this winter!

Fabulous design and just the thing for winter knitting. Must resist the urge to cast on know, too many WIPS going on already.

Congratulations!!! It's splendid!! gorgeous!!wonderfull!!

Oh you, you, ENABLER you! I'm trying to finish the Christmas knitting here. Have a heart...


If you ever run short on test knitters, keep me in mind. I'd love to test out your patterns, even though I haven't knit any of them yet. Shame, I know. I work for KP and also knit for Laura (Fiber Dreams)before.

Oh my gawd, Jared These are just beautiful. Great work!
What I love about you and your blog is the how well you explain your methods and with enthusiasm to help us fine tune our knitting skills.


That is just beautiful.
I am working on another "in the round" shawl, it is my first large lace project, and I love it. Plan to purchase and make you pattern when I am finished!

They are very beautiful. Thank you.. Love it.

The pattern section of Ravelry is a daily treat. Sometimes I roll my eyes, sometimes I get a giggle, but yesterday I sucked air in and yelped "Dang you, Jared!" LOL!!!!

This is absolutely stunning. I zipped over and purchased the pattern.

So MUCH knitting! So LITTLE time! But this one gets bumped to the top of the heap. I'm casting on a sweater next week and then I'm starting in on this beauty. My winter knitting will be bliss! OHHHHYEAH!!!

So, Dang your ornery hide, Jared! LOL! You've done it again! Splendid! Absolutely Stunning.


Jared, what am I going to do with you? I just cast on the Hemlock Ring Blanket yesterday (that needs to be finished before Sunday....yes less than 4 days) and am LOVING it. Now you're adding to my Ravelry queue yet again.

Girasole is absolutely GORGEOUS!!!!! Thanks as always for sharing your designs with all of us. ;)

Jared, that's stunning...I've queued it!

I think think you have achieved your goal because I want to knit Girasole, not just one Girasole but two - in both Aran weight and fingering weight yarns. I'll be back sometime in 2009 to purchase this lovely pattern.

Oh, Jared - you've outdone yourself with this one. She's GORGEOUS in both weights! Wonderful, exquisite work!

oh yum, because I needed another thing on my list of lovely things to knit. You rock!!!

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Ooooh! Jared, you constantly challenge me to knit better, faster, try new & scary things! I had just promised DH not to buy any more knitting 'stuff', but this is a work of art! Thank you for the beautiful photography & the wonderful pattern!

You've nearly convinced me I could do this. Can I do this? Maybe I could do this! Maybe not. But, maybe I could! Oh goodness. Someone else do it for me.

I like the detail

Absolutely gorgeous.


I'm not a shawl knitter; I don't know anyone who really wears shawls. But this is stunning. I love the way the motif is echoed throughout the body of the shawl -- so carefully done.

I may yet *become* a shawl person, if I think about this one long enough... :)

Jared!! You have outdone yourself this time. Truly a masterpiece. Congratulations and thank you for allowing this to live in the knitting world with the rest of us.

Off to purchase now...

As those of us near Mexico say "Aiy chihuahua!!!!"

I now know how I'll break my lace fasting.

you are amazing! it's just beautiful.

It is beautiful - I'm a little scared of lace knitting - I need to get to grips with it.

ack!now i've really got to get a move on finishing my pi shawl blanket so i can start this one!

Abolutely lovely!!!

Truly phenomenal and beautiful piece of knitting.

Absolutely breathtaking.

gorgeous, magnifique

these in a good way remind me of my grandmothers table. There were always wonderful times and food on table cloths like this!

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Just absolutely stunning, I am in awe! Again.

So beautiful. Congratulations!

Where I live this is not something you see everyday and its nice to bring something so unique back. You have a real talent and something I could never be able to accomplish.

Girasole is amazing. I love the yellow. Thank you for doing what you do!

be still my racing heart...so beautiful! You just get better and better! Thank you for sharing the pattern with us!

Yay! Thanks for an early Christmas present!

Beautiful!! Thank you for sharing your delicious designs! It never occurred to me that a shawl pattern could be turned into a blanket. What a great idea!

Jared, it's nothing less than stunning.

These are both absolutely beautiful - I can't wait to knit the pattern!

Beautiful. As always you have outdone yourself. Girasole captures the essence of the sunflower perfectly!

Absolutely gorgeous, and I love the name!

very nice work. Very beautiful. www.nosle.com pilo

love brooklyn forever

truly lovely pattern.

Wow! That's what we call pure art.

UK's search & save shopping

absolutely gorgeous!

that is beautiful. i was wondering if you could think of a yarn sub. that would still look nice, but would be a little more affordable? unfortunately 14 skeins of pastaza doesn't fit well in my college student budget...

very nice. i also would like to compliment you on your photography skills!

I saw this and immediately bought the pattern and ran to the knitting store. I stayed up all night working on my Girasole and at this moment it looks like a beautiful 24" snowflake of white Shepherd's Wool. I love it, and I know I'll end up making another tweedy version for me to keep after my mom steals this one.

Wow Wow Wow. Just when one thinks it can't get any better.... it does. There aren't words to describe. Blankets, shawls, lace have all taken on a new dimension.

Absolutely beautiful!!!!

Perfect, Breath-taking, Beautiful, Amazing, Unbelievable...Continue filling in positive and remarkable adjectives as needed.

Too beautiful to be true!

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

I've been reading your blog for 2 years now. Every single thing you knit is amazingly beautiful and thoughtful. I have fallen in love with your Girasol and I must knit it. Thank you for sharing it with the rest of us.
(twoleftsocks in Ravland)

Truly exquisite! This is perfect for the natural Icelandic laceweight I bought at Rhinebeck.

lovely knitting, I'll have to show this to my grandmother! She knits excellent pot holders.

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

wow thats amazing!

Eu era muito agradável sentir saudade de muita diversão em seu blog recebeu uma calorosa saudação.

existe-t-il assez de mots pour le dire ... c'est MAGNIFIQUE

Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous! I keep meaning to make Hemlock, but now I like this one more.

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Check it out!


Gorgeous, as always!

Oh Jared, Jared, you've done it again. Just when I"m nearly caught up enough to do the next lace wish, here you come with another beauty. So I've gotten the pattern, and we'll just see what comes up. What IS it about lace?! Thanks, you're genius!

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wow, they're beautiful designs :)

Jaw dropping gorgeous, Jared! Congratulations.

very beautiful!

Knitting, an area being left by me as I don't know the basics and hadn't tried to learn.This post makes me rethink my decision towards knitting,Thanks.

gorgeous, as always! what a treat to think of girasole in the cold winter, too!

I'm going to be the bad person here.

Can you just plain old blog sometime? I LOVE your patterns, but I miss your old non-salesman blog entries.

Jared- I'm a big admirer of yours, as we share similar taste in yarn, and this is no exception.

Congrats on a great pattern.

I love your designs. Lace with no purling, sounds perfect, this may just find it's way onto my list.


Well done! Both versions are fabulous.

Lovely work! Finding stitch patterns that fit in your repeats is not too hard but making a logical and pleasing transition from one to the next can be quite difficult.

Simply stunning, delicate pattern. I only wish I could knit this well!

This is gorgeous, but for now, beyond my resources in terms of time and ability. However, I love the Brooklyn Tweed Guarantee as much as I love Girasole. I wish every business--big or small--were as responsible and forthright. I hope I'm up to creating my very own Girasole sooner rather than later. Congratulations on a beautiful creation.


Did you know that you were on the 'blogs of note' for December 2nd? I've been reading since the beginning of the year and I agree with blogger!

nice blog i like it so much

This is amazing.

So many comments so I know you would probably not have time to answer questions. But, how long does it take you to finish one of these beauties?

What a beautiful creation! I am glad you mentioned making it as a blanket, since I would enjoy knitting a circular shawl much more than wearing one, but a sunflower blankie would be a true gift to myself.

Can I just say WOW!

Uniquely inviting and heart warming...

All I can say it oh my that is goregous your did a wonderful job

This is just incredible! I wonder if I could do it!?! Amazing. I may have to think about it for after the holidays. I am in awe.

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Yummy so want to put down my Christmas knitting to start it:)Hugs Darcy

That must take a long time!


So stunning!


Wow! Beautiful. My grandmother taught me to crochet, but I can't do anything like this. Amazing.

The shawl is stunning. Could you provide some details such as quantity of yarn needed? I'd like to know this before I purchase the pattern.

That is realyl very beautiful! Your work is flawless!

i really want to start knitting but i have no idea how to begin. any suggestions?

Congrats on Blogs of Note! ;)

You are good, likes the work which very much you design, after I purchased Girasole draft ~ completed, me to ask you to pass again have a look! But I must overcome the writing first, because of me in Taiwan!!

Dear Jared,
I used to think I loved you.
Now I know it's true.
If I could think of a rhyme right now I would write you a poem.
But words fail me.
But as I told my Rav group, how can you NOT love a man who knits and is devoted to EZ.
Good thing I am old, and you are far away or I might swear off girls. Yeah, fat chance.
But this grandma still thinks you are HOT and your knitting rocks too!
Happy yarning,

Jared, this is incredibly lovely! I already own the pattern and I am just a novice knitter. :-)
But someday...
Thank you,
Julie C

niece piece in knit.1
beautiful work :)
& happy holidays full of fibers, but not too much snow...

I just learned today (while looking up Jerusalem artichokes) that "girasole" is Italian for artichoke--I see it now!

Vraiment très très beau travail !
C'est un super blog.
Joyeux Noël .

I love it.
Just wondering where the blog list and the pattern list and the finished items list went to?

Am I the only one who can't see them any more?

Scrap that, they are at the bottom of the page... why did they go there?
The bloglist is still missing though.

Thanks so much for this design--you can't imagine how happy I was the day you posted it, as it is exactly what I had *just* been looking for! I'm into chart D already and really digging the pattern (so easy to "see"!) and I can't wait to have a finished product.

Stunning, just stunning. Thanks for sharing your talent.

so a little late to the band wagon but I just saw this pattern completed by someone. She made two and they were both amazing. She also used two diff yarns and two sizes. This looks like an amazing work of art and I am very tempted to start it. Thank you for writing and making it available.

Gee thanks Jared. I finished the Hemlock blanket with the group on the knitting community with Knitpicks and here you go with another beeuuuuutiful one. Now I will have to post to the UFO group about the blanket in progress that is going down so I can knit this up. OOOh and need more yarn too...See what you started, you darling you. Sharon

This is really beautiful, Thanks for sharing with us.

I would love to have one of these I just don't think I can do it. I had a half finished hemlock ring blanket stashed around here for months before I brought myself to just face the music and frog it.

Jaret, you are an amazing Artist, both with your knit creations, and your Photographic ability-your works are as professional as any I have ever seen, you should be so proud!

This table cover is MAGNIFICENT! Well done!

manyhorsesmane, Ravelry!

Is there any any possibility that you might add written instructions someday? I am utterly chart impaired, I have tried and tried and tried and anything I try from a chart invariably becomes a horror of too many or too few stitches and other nasties ....

i loved that

Thanks a lot for your beautiful patterns. Girasole is really astounding , both ways (well, there may be others...). Can't wait to lay my hands on the right yarn (I think I'll get Pastaza while visiting the USA in exactly a month...)....A note to the comment posted Dec 24th 2008: Girasole doesn't mean artichoke in Italian (that's carciofo!): it means Sunflower instead, that's why it's so beautiful in that goldenrod shade. Literally it means "To turn towards the sun", which is exactly what sunflowers do. I really like the word in Italian, it has a certain inherent poetic quality...Thanks again,

That looks so very amazing, wish i had the patience for such beautiful knitting!

Such a wonderful pattern! Easy enough to knit while watching TV or listen to an audio book. Complex enough to keep your attention and keep it interesting. And the result looks so complex.

Thank you for the beautiful shawl and the well written pattern. I'll happily purchase patterns from you again.

I've just finished this shawl.

It is stunning beyond words - you are a genius.

Thank you :)

(and if you don't mind, I'm going to link to this page from my website page listing the wool I used to make it - I think more people should knit it!)

Amazing & gorgeous! Lust here for both pattern & yarns!

Have just started this pattern in a between-lace-and-fingering yarn in the most gorgeous cherry-chocolate color I've ever seen. I can't wait to finish; it's going to be so pretty!

So far the pattern is easy to understand and very straightforward, no errors found thus far, great explanations, no places where I'm left wondering what on Earth the designer wants me to do, or what they were smoking. :-)

Wow..superb designs..keep updating more...
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