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Another hat with slouch, you say? Yeah, I was having a lot of fun playing around with that shape this season - it offered a fun variation on solving design problems for hats, so there it is!


Relm will be available next week in the upcoming Fall/Winter 08 issue of Knit.1 Magazine. [Ravel it!] The folks at Knit.1 are featuring a spread on designer-bloggers and each of us contributed a pattern of our own choosing, which I think makes for a great little line-up. Be sure to check out the other great bloggers' designs in the issue too! The magazine's whole look has been revamped and I think it looks like a great issue in general.


The yarn I chose for this is a new one and fantastic - "Aran" by Stacy Charles is a wonderful tweeded-out (tricked-out?) 100% cashmere that has awesome drape. The hat is as light as a feather and super warm, which was just the combo I was looking for on this one.


A quick word about the weight of the yarn: Aran is considered a worsted weight yarn because of it's suggested gauge of 4.5 sts to the inch, but remember that cashmere yarns really sing when they're knit up less densely than other fibers... hence, the yarn looks thinner than a worsted (it is) even though the gauge is the same. Does that make sense, or have I confused the issue further? Anyway, it's really lovely stuff... and did I mention the drape??


The issue hits news stands in December - but they seem to always start popping up early. The specs of the whole issue will go live on Knit.1's site on Monday, so be sure to check out what the other bloggers have served up.


I feel like I can't shut up about the cold weather, but I really love it. Multiple layers of handknitting get to be worn daily - it's what I spend most of the year waiting for! I hope you're enjoying it too.


And enjoy the issue!


Another added to my queue Jared. I'd better learn to knit faster.... :) LOVE it!

Lovley hat, I'm looking forward to the magazine. You are a fabulous designer! (I've knitted five Cobblestone..).

Another winner!

love it.

OHH this may be THE hat I'm looking for! already added to queue!

you going to make me knit both of these hats, aren't you? Oh, dear.

Jared, that is too beautiful! I'll just have to go and buy some of that Aran now to make this.
This time of year is totally my favorite time, and having knitted items to wear in abundance is even better!
Great work, you truly are gifted.

That cashmere yarn sounds like a dream!

I love this hat!! Definitely going in my queue.

You're doing NOTHING to help me get through my ever increasing wip pile Jared! But please, keep the gorgeousness coming.

And that yarn sounds just heavenly. Tweedy cashmere, sigh....

Okay - along with everything else you create - this is awesome! Yippee - I love knitting hats...

Love the new hat! Yes, cold cold frigid gotta pull out that big wool jumper cold!

I love it as usual and your model is darling. However, I'm still waiting/wishing for you to put out your own book!

You have another great pattern!

i adore your slouchy hats. wear one of my poroms every day along with knitted sweater and scarfy thing. and i had been wondering about converting porom into something cabley but don't have to wonder any more.
thanks for the pretty pattern. i will spend time on this one.

yours should be on the cover..

gorgeous as always

Another great pattern just when I needed a Xmas gift idea (I've already made Porom for someone) Thanks! Going to get down to -3 in London tonight - yey! bring on the handknits...

Yes, I adore the cold, and I adore all the hats you're treating us to!

Another great hat! Still hoping that the BIG BLUE Sweater pattern will be published this month in time for holiday knitting.

Lovely color.

My God! That's gorgeous.

Now I'm gonna have to buy this issue!
Margie in Maryland

Another beautiful creation Jared. I second the notion of your own book!

I will mos def be watching for this mag! Patti in Indiana

Jared: I travelled over to your site a week or so ago from the Yarnharlot's site (it's the scarves) and I am now a total fan. I'm trying not to gush here, but just to tell you, I so totally want to be your next door neighbor. Scary? Sure. Hey there's a house for sale across the street from me. You could move HERE since my husband is not likely ever to live in a cold climate again. Back to being serious: your design sensibility and your wonderful photography are inspiring and I hope you keep designing and blogging. And in response to Patti's comment? Isn't mos def a suburb of Mos Eisley?
-Penny, just south of Palo Alto.

The fact that these hats are named after girls in old video games means that I pretty much HAVE to make them. :D Relm would totally wear that beret.

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I love your patterns - have made many - and I would love to knit this one but it costs $55 a ball for the yarn you used! That's rich for me. Any suggestions for a sub?

Great Blog Keep It Up
congs. for blog of the note.

Great knitwear for winter !

We all need one of those today.


Wow, lovely work.

cute hats!!


Yes, yes...the drape is great! Congrats on your Blog of Note recognition....it's well-deserved.

Nice work. I crochet only, but I love looking! Inspiring.

FALL in love with all your knitting hats. Looks nice and match perfectly with a beautiful model.

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Congratulations on making blog of note. I'm so jealous--I wish I could knit. I started learning as a little girl before my grandmother passed away.Now I Prefer to shop! Searching for exquisite, unique fashions. http://kryshasshoppingkapades.blogspot.com

Really neat photos. Congrats on Blog of Note.

Love the hats! Wish I was crafty.

Congrats on blog of note!

wow, that's really nice! I'm still very much a beginner at knitting i'm afraid.

HEY! im glad i found this site, are you really from brooklyn? 'cause im from Queens but that's not the point...see, i've been wanting a CUSTOM made peruvian hat, something like this http://www.flickr.com/photos/rafski/2495646843/

BUT everywhere i search, even in my hometown, they are made small and TIGHT...i want something lose and large...not that i have a big head but i like it lose and not tight and small.

Anyway, i will pay you a good sum of $40 (or negotiable) for you to make me one. you can e-mail me at c vinicio p at earthlink dot net (no spaces, sorry its just that i dont want my e-mail inscribed into a search engine)

Thanks and hope to hear from you!

Very nice! I really love it!

That is great! I need to break out the knitting neddles now.

Would a knitted fedora work? That would be completely awesome.

Congrats on Blog of Note! Love ur knits

what a beautiful design! where can it be had/

the only thing better than a nice knitted cap that I can think of is some free wii points ;P

I would love to learn how to knit. I'm learning how to sew but knitting makes some great stuff

Lovely hat!

It looks so artsy, so chic.

What a beautiful hat, I love slouchy hats. Finally a "Blog of Note" about knitting. Haven't seen one of them in a while.

that's a gorgeous hat. :]
thankyou for sharing

I love it. Beautiful hat and I found the mag at my LYS.

Unfortunately my LYS sold out of the pink and purple color Aran early this year. So I will have to scour the globe to try and find those colors or sub it with a yarn not quite as nice.

Picked up Knit.1 Magazine yesterday and it is one of their best issues ever! So glad that they did this article featuring the 8 knitters/bloggers.

I love the hat. Can't wait to make it!

Jared -

Is there any chance that Knit.1 misprinted the gauge? at 30 stitches = 4" and 90 stitch cast on, that is only about a 12' circumference and do achieve that on size 7 needles would be a challenge. Should it be 20 stitches to the inch?
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