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  The Ribwarmer
Here's a Christmas present that was given early to my mom when she was visiting after Thanksgiving. New York is colder than Washington state, so we both agreed it was a good choice for early gifting.

It's another classic Elizabeth Zimmermann pattern to add to the ever-growing collection I've started.


Pattern: Ribwarmer by Elizabeth Zimmermann
Source: Knitting Workshop
Yarn: Rowan Scottish Tweed Chunky in "Lobster"; 3 skeins
Needles: US 10.5/6.5mm KnitPicks Options Circulars
Buttons: 2 black marbled toggles from M&J Trimming

Started and Finished: Late last summer (planning ahead is rare, but awesome)

Ribwarmer Collar Detail

Modifications: The original pattern is written for worsted weight but I really had my heart set on using this chunky red tweed that I had in my stash. I did some pretty simple calculations to change the counts for a thicker yarn although in retrospect I think the vest would be pretty nice as-written with a chunkier yarn. My mom is a tiny little woman so this fit her perfectly, but I don't think the modifications made a huge difference for the intended size since the chunky yarn needs more ease than worsted anyway.

Ribwarmer Collar Detail

I trimmed the whole thing with I-cord and tried invisible I-cord buttonholes a la EZ which are really fun. The vest is knit in two pieces - the right side and left side (this was the predecessor of Elizabeth's "Rorschach Sweater") and seamed up the back after knitting (see picture below). All shaping is done using short-row-style mitered corners and as usual its all garter stitch, which means no purls allowed.

Ribwarmer Collar Detail

This is a quick knit - great for gifts if you've already exhausted someone with hats or scarves over the years. Also, this piece technically fits in the sweater category... so you'll get extra brownie points for that. In true EZ fashion the pattern is so clever that it's sure to keep you interested all the way through, even on a deadline.


I have three days of trials left and then we're hopping on a plane and flying far far away from The Big Apple. Here's wishing you minimal stress over the next 10 days. I'm shooting to have one more sweater for you before Christmas - stay tuned!

You've inspired me to get on and finish my Ribwarmer which has been half done for months. Thankyou!

It looks very cozy. I could use one of those myself on this windy, snowy day!

lovely! is your mother the model in the photos?

Both elegant and cute... I love all your EZ projects.

it's lovely! kind of a vest, kind of a shrug. great color choice for yarn too.

Awww, now I want one!!

Lovely photos, lucky mom!!

Happy Holidays to you, Jared.

hummm ! ce tricot est magnifique : la forme, la couleur tout me plait, bravo, Tine

How beautiful. So simple but stunning.

Wow, seeing everyone's renditions of EZ's patterns make me realise how truly timeless her designs are.

It's gorgeous, as is all your work. It's possible you may turn me into an EZ fan yet. Ahhh... if only I had your talent!

Wishing you a wonderful Christmas.

charlizeen on yhoooooooooooooo

This is gorgeous - what a great color choice and the pattern is a stunner!

Good God almighty, that is one stylish yet simple rib warmer. You have single handedly resurrected garter stitch and made it cool again, my friend!

As usual, Jared, you have done awesome work! I love those buttons!

I love it!! The tweed really makes the whole thing pop!! Wunnerfull,Jared,just wunnerfull!!!

Oooh pretty. It looks great on your mom! I've been yearning to knit one of those for myself. Nicely done.

really, really beautiful! your mom is lucky!

The red is gorgeous! (And I love the collar, makes it even more cozy.)

it is beautiful. ribwarmers like this one is in all the stores here i copenhagen worn with oversize shirts. i have the pattern and would like to make one for my petite ubertrendy niece. i am looking very much forward to seeing the next sweater.

The yarn truly is stunning and it looks great with those buttons and the invisible buttonholes. Next time you make one consider checking Spun Out #42 to eliminate the back seam, plus other variations ad infinitum (almost).

wonderful sweater, it looks very cozy. I love the color.

What a thoughtful gift! Lucky mom--lucky son....

The color is fabulous. Yet another item from your blog that I want to make...now! It's really truly beautiful.

So that's why we hadn't seen it yet! It came out great, and looks very cozy on your mom. Enjoy your time off!

I love the way you make such simple items, with very little fussiness, look so stylish and yet so pleasingly unique.
Have a great Christmas.

It's absolutely gorgeous - the design, the knitting, the yarn, and the colour, that is. :)

lovely!! that's for inspiring yet again!! :-)

beautiful! great choice to modify the pattern to use the red wool....

Awesome! I have to buy that EZ book.

Another beauty from Brooklyn Tweed!!! You make me wish I were single. I keep telling my husband how sexy make knitters are, but he won't pick up the needles.
Got to LOVE EZ, she's smiling down at you for keeping her goodness alive.
Enjoy your holiday.

I meant "MALE" in comment above.

Love it! You keep me inspired. I love your yarn colors.

Gorgeous! I love it - I must knit that now too!

loving the garter stitch!

Wow. I love it! :D

That is one of those books where I always SAY I'm going to buy it but never do. I guess I have to now.

Love that yarn color too.

This seals it. As a new knitter I feared that my skills would never be adequate enough to try an EZ project. This Rib Warmer is so awesome, I simply have to try it.

The vest is great! It's beautiful. I love the yarn color. I'll bet your mom was happy!

it's too beautiful - any time you make a post, my heart jumps - I love what you do and I'm always excited to see what things my buddy Jared has come up with... your mom looks adorable in her gift - she has to be very proud of you

You continue to be a great inspiration for me, Jared. I love seeing your patterns in mazagines and love your blog. I hope to have ONE sweater done before Christmas. Please don't stop sharing with us. Have a wonderful holiday. Best wishes to you and yours!

It is just lovely and am sure your mom loves it. Thank you for all your knitting inspiration in 2007 and all the best to you in 2008.

You continue to inspire. Thank you. told you you'd be big! Mazel tov and happy holidays to you and yours. It was very good to meet you this year! Much continued success to you in 08, and beyond!
From your not so newbie knitter friend


I tried to e-mail you, but your Inbox is full. Any other way to get ahold of you? I wanted some information on the unspun Icelandic wool you're using for your Pi shawl.


It's beautiful. I totally want one.
My mom requested some of my own handspun. Finished it last night, just posted it, now it will go into the suitcase. We are off to Germany tomorrow.
Have a great holiday, Jared.

Gorgeous, as always! I think this would make a great project for me since I'll be off from my day job next week (WOO HOO!). I'm a big girl, usually wear XL, so do you think, in your wonderful opinion, that the original pattern made in chunky yarn would be a good fit for me?

Reading EZ pattern, she doesn't stipulate what size needles to us. Also what ply is US worsted wool. I am from Australia so we use ply. Also what is a good brand US for worsted wool that she recommends for the rib warmer. 4 sts to 1" / 20 sts to 4", is what she recommends. What size needles (mm please) to use for this yarn/garment. I hope you can reply before you go on hols. Thanks.

Maybe if you give me more info. about the yarn type she recommends maybe I could find a substitute here in Australia.
Also I would appreciate it if you could write your pattern for the chunkier one day, (not too soon) It is just so lovely and oh so neat and tailored.
I don't think the pattern calls for 8ply because that is 22sts to
1" that is why I think it may be 10 ply.

love the design and your choice of colour

This looks awesome! I still can't believe I haven't knitted an EZ anything yet! I'm long overdue!

Lovely! And it's modeled very well too!
Mum likes the buttons especially!

That is a lovely piece. I have a Ribwarmer (different pattern though) that I need to finish. This is definitely the season for layers both indoors and out.

Love Love Love the vest. And the color is so bright and perfect for winter.

Hi. My daughter LOVES the Seattle Library, and would LOVE for me to
knit this pattern for her. However, she won't wear hats. She wears
scarves and wraps them around her head. But I am not smart enough to figure
out how to make the pattern 2-sided. HELP, please. The only thing I can
think of is to make a tube and cut it. With a steek. Or if the yarn is
lighter and maybe the needles bigger.....? Is it possible to write a
"flat" pattern? You do beautiful work. Hope you can help me. Thanks.

Ah, the elegant simplicity of it all.
Jared = Perfect Son Material
How lucky is your mum to have you knit her something so special?
Have a good break.

Congrats on your SpinOff article.

Very nice work, and great to see a guy getting ink in that mag.

I tried to send this message in an email but it bounced back as undeliverable as your mailbox is full. Maybe remove your email address from your blog?

Beautiful ribwarmer! Fabulous color & texture. What a lovely gift. I hope she LOVED it! I am sort-of afraid of EZ. I suppose I should break down and buy one of her books and see what I can do. I've been wanting to try a BSJ in the worst way. Lovely stuff as always.

est-ce qu'il est possible de se procurer ce modèle à Paris ... il me plait beaucoup, merci, Tine

Anonymous said...

est-ce qu'il est possible de se procurer ce modèle à Paris ... il me plait beaucoup, merci, Tine

Haven't been tremendously inspired to knit the Ribwarmer up till now, even with my adoration of EZs patterns and ownership of the necessary book.
Now that I've seen yours I am revising my opinion.

I love this ribwarmer - the colour is wonderful! I have loaned this book out, and wonder if you could let me have the page that the pattern is on? - I would love to make it (when I get the book back!)
Kindest regards,
Shirley I.
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