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  Big Blue
I'm happy to finally share my most recent "real" sweater project with you. I've been knitting lace and other smaller woolies for so long that I'm getting pretty starved for sweater knitting. I'm devoting the rest of my vacation time to the Pi shawl but back in Brooklyn sweaters are gonna be back on center stage.

Big Blue

This sweater was a collaboration between knitter and recipient - we merged ideas and I imposed my Seamless tendencies on all possibilities that were presented. I knit the majority of this beast in the Fall but didn't get around to choosing buttons (and sewing them on, my least favorite part of any cardigan) until a few weeks back. Brooklyn's first snowfall prompted the photoshoot and the sweater has been in regular rotation for a few weeks already.

Big Blue

Pattern: My Own
Materials: Beaverslide McTaggart Tweed in "Big Sky Heather" (100% wool)
Amount: 8 skeins (1680 yards)
Needles: US9/5.5mm Addi Turbos
Gauge: 15 sts to 4 inches
Buttons: 7 Leather Cased Buttons from M & J Trimming

Started: July 2007
Finished: September 2007 (Knitting); December 2007 (Officially)

Big Blue

About the Pattern: The sweater is a cardigan knit in the round, back and forth (yes, I purled) with a shirt yoke (one of two seamless hybrid variations) a la Elizabeth Zimmermann. The yoke is my favorite part of the sweater - I wasn't sure how it would work out with a chunky yarn, but it turned out just right. I've yet to find a pair of shoulders that this style of yoke doesn't suit wonderfully. My first one is a fit-superstar in my sweater collection. I still marvel at how those shoulder stitches travel horizontally across the body - amazing!

Big Blue

The collar and button band were knit last, after body, sleeves and yoke. I picked up stitches around the collar opening and knitted straight for a few inches for the stand-up collar and the picked up and worked the buttonband in a 2x2 rib to finish everything off. For anyone thinking about a vertical ribbed buttonband, I love how it turned out - and don't judge it until you block it, it will behave very nicely for you. I extended the 2x2 ribbing up the underarms to make the sweater a bit more fitted for the body type. It also adds a nice little design detail.

Big Blue

As for the yarn, I know I've said it before but this is one of my favorites - probably one of the best values out there. It's the same stuff I knit my Tomten out of earlier this year and I'll tell ya - it wears just as nice as it knits. Not only is there color palette unmatched for nature-tone lovers, but the yardage alone is unbelievable. For a thicker yarn, you won't believe how light it feels. It blocks beautifully and can take some serious real-world wear and tear. Yes, Beaverslide has a big fat BT stamp of approval for anyone who is considering it.

Big Blue

All told, I'm very happy with how it turned out - and it always sweetens the deal when you see a non-knitter wearing a handknit on a regular basis. As I mentioned before, revisiting this project has sparked my interest in going back for round 2 on any one of my multiple half-knit sweaters. Unfortunately they're all about 3000 miles away. I'll have to settle for lace and colorwork for another week... nothing to complain about I suppose.

Hope everyone is warm and relaxed with knitting nearby. Don't feel bad about wrapping up an unfinished knit tomorrow morning - it still means a lot! Merry Christmas to all.

Wonderful sweater! The color and texture of it is very pleasing to the eye! Will you be offering the pattern for sale?

Enjoy the Holiday Season!

Wonderful! This is a great looking sweater! And the light grey heather is such a lovely colourway. Will it get published? It should be!

I love all the styling features you have incorporated into this sweater. Stunning.

It's completely gorgeous!

Another beautiful and thoughtful knit - job well done. I am in the final rows of my 2nd Koolhaas - lovin' it!

Another great sweater!

i love it! great details all around. merry christmas!

What an amazing sweater! You are truly inspiring.

That is a gorgeous sweater! My husband even likes it and he's VERY picky.

Very nice! The yoke looks wonderful, but I particularly like the stand-up collar and the ribbing up the side. Oh, and the colour. :-)

Gorgeous sweater. Love the ribbing up the side idea, and the innovative collar/button band.

Marvelous, as per usual. Will you be sharing your pattern with us BT groupies? =)*)

Stunning cardigan! Do hope that we might see this pattern some day in Interweave Knits!

Awesome, awesome! Merry Christmas to you too!

This sweater is simply gorgeous!The fit is perfect. Very good job (lucky recipient)

The sweater is a stunner, Jared. I'm delurking specially to lend my support to all the hopes that you'll publish the pattern in Interweave. I've got EZ's books, too, but often require some handholding where her designs are concerned. This sweater would definitely be on my queue! I'm in love with the button bands and also the ribbing extending up the sides.

Merry Christmas, and a big THANKS for sharing the luscious photos!

Great sweater!

I love your patterns and this one is, once again, amazing!. I have almost finished the Cobblestone and made one Koolhaus which my daughter snatched off my "head model" right away and has claimed as her own. Can't wait for this one to show up in Interweave Knits too?!?

Beautiful sweater! As always, inspiring, and wonderful to look at. You've convinced me about the Beaverslide, I'm going to have to invest!

Thanks much for your comment about unfinished knits tomorrow. I'm giving hand knits for the first time tomorrow, and nervous about giving the almost-finished wrap to my sister. Thanks for the encouragement, just what I needed!

Happy holidays to all!

Saddle shoulders with handsome detailing and fit. Jared, you've got another winning design here.

You've done it again! Wonderful, beautiful sweater. With inspiration like this, I might finally embark on a sweater for my husband.

Merry Christmas!

Beautiful work as always!

I love that sweater!! Looks great!!

Beautiful! Both the yarn and the finished item.

By the way, the link to Beaverslide is broken.

Love it! This is a Wonderful sweater! Congratulations, and happy holidays!

amazing how you inspire us more mortal knitters over and over again. have a merry christmas. i'm looking forward to more of your knitting, design, photography and prose in 2008!

That is one classy sweater!

We love the blue colour too!
Wish there's a guinea pig sweater version, I'll make Mum knit one for us each :)

We all at home think model is Lui :D
He's a gorgeous guy!

Jared, I hope you will be writing the pattern down and selling it for those of us who have a hubby who might look smashing in it....PLEASE???

Happiest of Holidays,

Kim in very chilly northeastern Ohio

This is really fantastic!

L is for Lucky.
I was telling my husband last night that you are the most talented knitter and designer. I love your clean, elegant style...attention to detail. Thank you. Have a wonderful holiday. Looking forward to the next work of art.

Now that's a sweater! I love the yarn you chose and it looks amazing!

Another fabulous design Jared. I love the colors of those yarns you use. You just need to bring out your own knitting book now, which I am sure would sell very very well. Happy Christmas to you and your family too.

I definitely know how you feel about being starved for sweater knitting. OR anything larger than a scarf, really. I've been doing gifts and such, and I want to make something bigger!

Touche on the seamless tendencies, as well. I hate sewing. ;)

I love it.

Merry Christmas to you and yours and all the best in 2008. Keep those gorgeous knits coming!

Nice job on that yoke. I have seen it in EZ's books but wasn't impressed at all. On a live model I can see how the fit would be nice and look masculine if need be. Thank you for sharing.

Very nice work. Fits you very well indeed! You got me lusting for more Beaverslide, now:)

Merry Christmas to you!

Seriously, your best sweater yet! Beaverslide, here I come!

ooh boy - I've got a Brooklyn son who's about to be relocated to London, and a Manhattan husband -- both of them are going to fight over this one!

just ordered the Beaverslide yarn ... now all that's left is the pattern - um - when?

happiest of holidays, and thanks once again!

The sweater is gorgeous and I love the yarn. I will definitely have to have some of that yarn and the pattern as well.

Merry Christmas!


Have a wonderful & merry Christmas!

amazing! I love the sweater.


I absolutely Love this sweater.

You did a fantastic job as usual.
Loyal reader, first time commenter ;)

Oh my. This is really gorgeous. I hope you'll publish it, but in the meanwhile, I'm placing an order for some EZ books to copy it! Merry Christmas!

Another winner Jared! The color is great, and I love the little splashes of ribbing here and there, it really gives the sweater character. Have a very Merry Christmas!

Love everything about it, color, yoke
- & the pictures of it! Great!

To me you are in the same catagory as Martin Storey, and I hope you do take that as a compliment. I have always adored his work and your projects have always inspired me too.

In other words, I love this cardigan.

Looking forward to visting your blog in 2008.

Merry Christmas.

Great sweater! I think the ribbing panel on the sides is a wonderful detail.

Happy holidays!

I really like all the details, and I really want to steal the sweater. I won't because it's Christmas, but I think instead I'll try that Beaverslide.

Merry Christmas!

Any change of the pattern for this one showing up someplace?

i adore the fit. it looks so nice on the recipient. and a perfect sweater for new york in winter. and everything you say about the yarn is oh so right. i have had boxes coming my way all this winter both the mctaggart and the worsted which is lovely too. and about the zimmermann inspired pattern there is nothing like that yoke. i have made three and you are right the fit any shoulders (maybe especially men's shoulder though)

Very impressive!! Merry Christmas and Thank you for sharing your work and giving such inspiration.
It is a wool tonic.
Wool be with you.

It's a very beautifull cardigan.
Très très beau, magnifique
Joyeux Noël, Merry Christmas

You make sweaters whit style.I realy like your dessigns.Well done.Good work.

Gitte from Denmark

Beautiful sweater. I ordered and recieved my EZ books. EZ's lessons and your advise should help me improve my knitting skills leaps and bounds. Thank you and Merry Christmas.

Wow, a really great work! It looks wunderful!

Mary in Austria

I was just yesterday looking at the shirt yoke variation in Knitter's Almanac. I definitely must try it. Thanks for the great photos.

Enjoy Washington for me while I'm 1,000 miles away; thankfully with two sweater projects, a shoulder shawl, and swatches. Merry Christmas and a happy new year.


Gorgeous, gorgeous sweater. I, too, would like to buy the pattern!

I love, love, LOVE this sweater! I love the color, the button band, the collar, the whole thing! From the pictures you cannot tell it is knit from Bulky yarn! Great work!

(In a note, I WOULD pay for this pattern. In a book, magazine, or PDF! It really is amazing.)

Oh, another perfect sweater from you!! I love it, and I know my father or husband would as well. I'm going to repeat the "I'd pay for this" sentiment. I really mean it!

Have a wonderful holiday!

It's beautiful.

Merry Christmas Jared.

Gorgeous. I'm always on the hunt for something great to knit hubby, and 'McTaggart tweed' hey? Just so happens that is our family name! I think it's a sign that I am supposed to knit this sweater!

Love your sweater, and apparently...so does my husband. He looked over my shoulder and said "THAT you could knit for me, I would wear it." Would you be able to share your pattern or can I look for it to be published somewhere?
Merry Christmas!

Truly awesome sweater. I've knitted Cobblestone and have a third Koolhaas on the needles, so I've really appreciated your beautiful patterns this year.

Happy Holidays!!!!

Great looking sweater - hope you will let us know your construction details in a pattern at some point!

Hon that sweater is gorgeous!! You did an excellent job, you are so talented.


Inspirational, as always. Love it.

You say "The sweater is a cardigan knit in the round, back and forth (yes, I purled)." I find this puzzling.

If it was knit in the round, it couldn't have been knit back and forth. The whole point of knitting in the round is that you don't knit back and forth.

Do you mean to say you knit back and forth using circular needles? Or did you knit this in the round and then steek it?

"He looked over my shoulder and said "THAT you could knit for me, I would wear it."

-the same here in Düsseldorf, Germany, startet just right yesterday evening ;)

Wonderful Work, I love the colour!!
LG Eva

Yes the sweater is indeed something classic. The yoke is definitely my favorite part as well, and you always nail the buttons. Gotta love MJ Trims

Merry Belated Christmas!

The sweater is gorgeous. I love it. The yarn is perfect. When can we expect a pattern!!

Fabulous, Jared! Will we find this pattern in a knitting magazine soon? Keep creating, you're incredibly talented.

Merry Christmas!

Just beautiful! I, too, hope this will show up published before too long. What great details - I can't pick out just one or two favorites. The whole thing just works.

This is my new favorite brooklyntweed piece. Like everyone who commented before me, I hope this pattern will be available somewhere!

Very handsome sweater! I would be interested in the pattern too. Great job.

Love the sweater!

Once again you hit the ball out of the park...the Beaverslide was a perfect choice!

Awesome sweater! Love the color. And one of these days, I've got to get some Beaverslide shadecards..

Hope you had a wonderful christmas jared. Fab work as always :) happy holidays!

I like the ribs continuing up the sides -- good vertical to go with the horizontal yoke join.

About the button band: you say not to judge before blocking. . . what sort of pick-up ratio did you use? Did it appear puckered before you blocked it?

Gorgeous, as usual. I was admiring the yoke myself, it adds such a tailored look to the whole sweater.

Gotta say, I love this sweater, your prettiest yet, and that's saying something. You've knit some beautiful sweaters. So, if I knit the seamless hybrid and make it a cardigan with the same collar and button band, I should come close to what you've done here? Normally, I'd laugh at the idea that I could produce something like this, but this is EZ we're talking about, here. Somehow, her way of writing patterns makes it all seem possible for me, someone who has never knit a sweater. Great pics and the yarn recommendation sound like a good one to try. I'm sold on the yardage. (but, who am I kidding, I love tweed, too!)


I could not love this more. Another BT masterpiece! I love absolutely everything about it. Thanks so much for the inspiration.

Please Please PLEASE tell me you are selling this! This is gorgeous!

Would you please go get yourself a book contract already? The world needs your clean classy look - so wearable! So adorable! Sometimes knit designers get so carried away with the "knit" part that they forget that the point is to have something a real person can actually wear. Not you! Happy happy new year! - Ann

I too, am interested in purchasing this pattern!

Oh, a book contract! Ann is so right!!!! What a splendid idea!!!

Hello sexy!

I'd buy this pattern in a second. Delish!

Do you people not read his commentary? I'd say 98% of the sweater is Elizabeth Zimmermann's, How is he suppossed to sell her sweater? It has already been sold. However, it is gorgeous!

Absolutely wonderful! Love the colour, too.

Ahem! I have a LOT of knitting books and MANY of them have patterns that are their take on EZ's basic formula - with due credit given, of course.

Well said, Deborah! Notice that the person who posted that remained "anonymous"...

So Beautiful!
I realize you are very busy and probably get waaaay too many emails...But...
I am torn between purchasing the Kromski Minstrel and the Majacraft Rose. I am planning on purchasing this month, site unseen.
Would you be so very kind as to tell me why you chose the Kromski and how you are liking it?
I would be forever grateful if you could take a moment to answer

I love your blog.
I love your designs and I admire your spinning!!

With Warm Regards

WeeBit Wonky

Wow! It is exquisite. :)

Happy New Year!

echoing all the other comments... stunning.
i've been trying to find something just right to knit for my girlfriend, who has a preference for menswear. if i show her this, i'm sure she'll want one.
congrats on another impressive knit and excellent gift!

Hubba hubba, very beautiful sweater. I love the spare, textural details you put in your work. Your Ramona pullover in Sensual Knits is a favorite of mine too :)

am i the only one who thinks your buttons are as super-excellent as your knits.
so lovley, so wearable, so tempting me away from what's already begging on the needles...

dude! you are so awesome! I have some beaverslide in that exact same colorway (can't beat the sale!) and you make it look fab!

The sweater is amazing, and your knitting is inspiring. As a fairly new knitter it is hard to imagine knowing where to begin to start to design something like this. It is fabulous!

Absolutely BEAUTIFUL. As always, the photos increase the amazement I feel. The yarn, pattern and summary are great. I'll have to check out Beaverslide.

stunning. :)

It is just right.

As usual, another beautiful tweedy sweater! I just finished a raglan with Beaverslide's regular 90/10 wool and I'll definitely go back for more. I really enjoyed working with it.

Stylish, stunning and inspiring as always. Your sense of color and creativity it truly awe-inspiring. And the photography shows off your work beautifully.

Marvelous! A masterpiece - you knit like a God! I hope you'll sell the pattern! Please do!

This is my favorite sweater of yours so far--I do hope that it will be published. I would love to make one for my son and maybe my husband too!

It's all in the details and the lovely material. I'm just joining the choir and singing the praise for this beautiful piece of work and design!

Can you tell which Elizabeth Zimmermann book introduces this yoke technique? I would love to incorporate those neat vertical stitches to my knitting!

What a great sweater! It's just beautiful!

Happy New Year!

What a handsome sweater. Nice colour, pattern & fit. Bravo!


Yes, what a beautiful sweater! I know my husband would love something like that. Are you going to be offering the pattern any time soon? Please, please do!

Please offer the pattern! My husband needs this sweater. Beautiful knitting!

I love this sweater. is the pattern to be sold?

Wow!! That is a very handsome sweater. I wanted to delurk to let you know that I am inspired by your designs and the colours you knit them in.

Also, I am quite pleased that your Cobblestone pattern is for sale at Knitting Daily. I live in an urban apt with no room to hoard so I usually miss out on some great patterns.

Happy New Year!

As a die-hard EZ fan, I already have the "pattern"... What I would like to know is - what cast-on/off did you use? Tubular? The edges look very clean.

Lovely work. A nice riff on a great classic.

Skip IK and sell the pattern online. I'll buy it, just to skip figuring it out myself from EZ's method (not that it's not fun).

Faboo work. Again.

I love all your style and all your knits. I'm obsessed with wool, especially tweeds. Take a look at my knitting blog if you get the time. http://collegiatecrafter.blogspot.com/


Amazing work and great website,Jared. I am a former graphic designer turned SAHM/knitter. My husband fell in love with your Big Blue sweater. I would love to knit him one (his first ever request for a knit). Could you please post the pattern for sale? Thank you!

The lines on this sweater are great - any guy would love this sweater! I'm not the first to say so, but if you submit this to a magazine, they'd be foolish to reject it - and you've already got a pool of buyers if you decide to sell it yourself, lol!

My non-knitting husband LOVES this sweater. We need a pattern! Give it some real thought. It is gorgeous.

Love Love LOVE your sweater!! Seriously, is it amazingly wonderful...

oooh, awesomeness!!! Love it :)

WOW This style would look sexy on just about any guy. I CANNOT WAIT until the pattern becomes available! (Hint hint)

Another vote for publication. This is the first men's sweater pattern that made me think Oooh! I want to knit that!

The sweater is beautiful! I love the yoke best too.

Your work is the work that I strive for: it looks like it could be sold at Barneys or Louis Boston. I am not there yet, but always striving. Please write a book and publish your secrets and designs.

Love it. Want it. How do I get the pattern?

Love this cardigan! I'm imagining it in navy blue on my boyfriend already! Please do write up the pattern! =)

THIS is the pattern I want. It's wonderful!

Hi there - my Husband loves this sweater (so do I) and it would be really great if you publisdhed the pattern. I would buy it immediatley! Thanks

Please publish! I am finishing up cobblestone right now and have two more boys to knit for!

another voice in the choir....wow that sweater is fantastic. you have an eye for detail and finishing that is really exceptional. you can add me to the heap of people that will pay for that pattern.


Just wanted to voice my support for an available pattern to buy for this!! I love the fit and style and EVERYTHING! I would definitley cough up $$$ to be able to knit this.


There is magic in your work; in the projects, yarns, colors and the photos and words that share it. The care and artistry you put into it brings real joy to those of us who would love to capture just a bit of it in our work.

I am beginning as a male knitter from Paris and I love every pattern you did on your blog. This project is just a very beautiful job. Please could you tell me where I can find this to do the same for me. If only I could knit just like you.
Best regards

This comment has been removed by the author.

it's a beautiful sweater. I'm wondering if you can share with us where the elizabeth zimmermann pattern part came from?

Jared, As always your patterns are wonderful. Still hoping you are going to publish the Big Blue Sweater pattern.

Please let us know when it is available!

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