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  Notes on November
Well I've been somewhat of a knitting schizophrenic lately, working on all sorts of little projects intermittently between my larger chunks of movie knitting, which have been religiously devoted to The Pi Shawl. It's good though because now I'll have at least a few small things to dole out from underneath my gigantic icelandic lace blanket come Christmas.


Concerning the Pi Shawl, there's not a whole lot to say other than that I'm still enamoured and that it has already reached gigantic proportions - certainly much too large for photographs (there's a lot of fabric not shown in the photo above). The most amazing news is that I'm only halfway through the yarn. Although the project couldn't be more perfect for my lifestyle right now, it isn't a superstar for blog material. Good thing for you I have a few other instant-gratification-types to share.

Compelled to Knit

Above we have the beginnings of an aviator hat with this handspun merino; Below a garter stitch scarf in one of my favorite handspuns yet. I swatched about 80 different stitch patterns in search for something perfect for this scarf and ended up *surprise surprise* with garter stitch. Such is my curse. I should just resign myself to the power of garter already and be done with this incessant wandering.

Espresso Knitting

And finally, Koolhaas III has made its way onto my needles. I've seen so many of you knitting the pattern in Malabrigo and I just had to try it myself. It's a thick squishy poof of cables and I'm loving it.

The Third

I'm not usually one for knitting a pattern twice (and especially not thrice) but the request for this came with such sincere sweetness that I couldn't resist. I'm also happy for opportunities to nip away at the cavernous yarn storage under the bed. Take it where you can get it.

I'm rather excited that it's December in spite of the fact that the last month seems a blur. Good thing we have knitting to remind ourselves that good things do happen each month. I hope you are all doing well. Next time: knitted Christmas ornaments and more handspun creations. Stay warm!

Your favorite handspun looks great all stripy like that!! Those colors are one of my favorite combinations, so soft and earthy.

I agree, the espresso handspun is beautiful, and the scarf is going to be lovely. Koolhaas is such a fun knit, I've got yarn picked out for another even though I haven't finished the first. Hope school is treating you well!

Hi Jared,
I just want to 'clone-knit' EVERYTHING that you knit......you have an incredible eye for color! I am getting ready to cast-on a Woolhaas tonight for a Christmas present and can't wait to immerse myself in it!

Having just finished a sweater I've knit thrice, I can totally relate-NO garment should be knit that often. Never again.

I LOVE that handspun! it reminds me of a wheat field-beautiful shades in that yarn and the blue is beautiful too! Can't wait to see them completed.

Stay Warm!

First time commenter: thanks for sharing all your knitting, photos, and inspiration. I really appreciate it.

Oh, your hand spun yarns are so beautiful - leaves me on teh verge of (happy & envious) tears. Thank you for sharing your magic!

Be still my heart - your handspun is a delight! I can't wait to see the Malabrigo Koolhaas - I have some coming in the mail - This would be my own Koolhaas II. Thanks for the great project.

The colours in the aviator hat are beautiful. They look like the sand and seaweeds in a rockpool.

And you are cementing my love of tweeds with that Pi shawl.


Hi Jared! I'm new to your blog, but I have to keep coming back to see the gorgeous photos and great yarn. The handspun is beautiful. I cast on my first Koolhaas 2 days ago, and just need to finish the shaping. I've already picked up Malabrigo to do one for myself! Thanks for the awesome pattern.

You are to be commended that your yarn fits under your bed!

Thrice! Nice.

Oh, sigh, your images are brilliant and beautiful. I am such a fan of texture and you have so much of that here.

I love your posts!!!! Take care!

Hi Jared,

Long time reader, first time commenter (not the first to say that either I'm sure.) Thanks very much for all the lovely blog posts. I have a question--what pattern are you using for the aviator hat? I've been looking for a good pattern and have yet to find one I like.


MMMmmmm Malabrigo is so great, is that the Continental or the Indigo?

My... you always churn out such beautiful pieces, they are art! We love very much!

What do you study? Just curious to know.

I blogged recently about the magic of keeping things simple when using richly textured/coloured yarn. Your knitting choices perfectly illustrate that. Trying to pair up complicated yarns with intricate patterns often yield a dog's breakfast. But sweet garter never disappoints does it?

I get so excited when I see a new post from you. I always know I'm in for a treat!~

Hey welcome back!! I've missed your pictures and insights and inspiration.....yes, garter can be your friend. You and Carolyn (cmeknit) are making me want to join the Koolhaas party...while everyone's still there.

take care and enjoy the holidays,

The Espresso batch is gorgeous. I love the blues. I could look at the photo all day. Very calming and beautiful.

I check every day to see if you've posted anything new. It's always such a pleasure when you do! Thanks for the updates!

Oh I love garter stitch. Nice to see a fellow enthusiast!
Jared I tried to thank you via email the other day for taking the time to respond to my spinning question, but it didn't go through.
So here I am! Thank you so much. That was very kind of you.

Ooh, beautiful handspun! I love it. The malabrigo Koolhaas also looks fabulous. Funny how the *color* looks icy cool, but the *yarn* looks soft and warm. It's a good combo.

it looks so great the pi shawl in unspun. isn't unspun fab. it was a fad in the seventies here and now people are finding the old patterns again. i see really young people wearing what i knit as a teenager.
koolhaas is great. i love the stitch patterns simplicity and order. and i love making the same thing over and over again in different yarns. tried out mctaggart and i am sold. right now cabling with beaverslide worsted. thanks for the link.
and now you are a spinner as well. that is great.
the beauty of knitting, in my opinion, is that you can plan and get the result you planned for. not many other things in life is like that, i realize, unfortunately.

I've reemerged into the knitting world a bit late this year (I couldn't stand the temptation while I was recovering from De Quirvain's in my thumb). A horrible side effect of this is that I have returned to blogs etc to find your Koolhaas beanie after IK Holiday ed has sold out. Do you know of any way I could get hold of a pattern? I really like the way it seems to sit so nicely and is so crisp-and a nice quiet reference to make for one of my friends at architecture school. Any advice would be hugely appreciated. your cool hand spinning is gorgeous.

Jared, I'm a big fan of your photos and knitting, they're always so inspirational! I'll second the request for pointers to a good aviator hat pattern, though, as nothing I've found so far is very good.

Most people love lots of color. But I love the colors in your Pi shawl. Very comforting.

It's not often you see the word "thrice".
Thankyou :)

Considering all the curses to have, Garter Stitch really isn't too bad of one to be stuck with ;) Especially with the most beautiful handspun ever.

Your photos are so artistic! I just feel good looking at them, esp. the last one -- the cap in blue Malabrigo.

funny how simple garter stitch is often the "go to" stitch! it looks great from the little bit I can see. I have to get the IK holiday issue so I can make your hat - I have some squishy DB yarn waiting for it!

oooh, more details on the aviator hat, please. I would love to see a hat pattern with earflaps that is a product of your creative mind. Or is it for a magazine submission?? If that is the case I'll just have to be patient.

When I can't find just the right stitch for handspun, I revert to double seed stitch. A little something more than seed, and simply splendid. Lovely pics!

Ooh, I never thought to knit the hat in Malabrigo, which is one of my favorite yarns. It looks wonderfully soft.

All of the colors you chose for these projects are so beautiful!! And I LOVE your photos! I'm waiting for the needles to arrive in the mail for the Koolhaas hat (for some reason, 16" are so hard to find where I live!) but I'm so excited to try one of your patterns. I'm new to your blog but I'm already hooked!! Love all of your work.

Beautiful, cozy colors and textures! I've never commented on your blog before, just silently admired, but I want to add my voice to the others who asked about the aviator hat in the Lazy Daisy handspun. What's that stitch pattern? Looks gorgeous in that golden, nubbly, sun-streaked handspun.

It's great to hear from you as I was going through withdrawals...

The yarn you used for Pi appears to have softened up compared to the photo of the cakes in the previous post. It just looked a bit stiff. It certainly looks beautiful now all knitted up. The colors are nice too. Just goes to show you cannot judge a yarn by its cake.

That aviator hat has me curious. Is that the trinity stitch?? I'll have to google Pigeonroof to see what I can find on this yarn. Very nice!

BTW, I'm working on my first baby surprise and I can now see why garter can be so addictive. I practically can knit it in my sleep. Garter is quite under-rated.

I hope you take this the right way. Your photos are what I think of when I think of yarn porn. (I suppose I should be concerned that I even think of that, but there you have it.)

I don't know which is better... your knitting, spinning or photography but it sure makes for a great combo! Awesome!

Love your blog. I'm sitting here reading wearing my Koolhaas I. Koolhaas 2, to be done in Malabrigo black (request from hubby) is coming shortly. Thanks for wonderful projects, yarn and photography. Oh, and thanks for introducing me to Shokay yarn. Um, that is some awesome stuff. I'm completely addicted now.

Marie from Media

Oooh thank you for the inspiration! And a clue at what to do next...Wink!

I've recently discovered your blog - you write amazingly well, and your photo's are beautiful!! Wish I could sit and read all day!

Keep Knitting!!

Tasch in Sydney

I knit one for myself out of a cinnamon colored out of Berocco 50/50 alpaca/merino worsted. It is the third hat that I have knitted. I have had many complements, even been offered money for it, or a commission. I have given away the source of the pattern several times and where to get it. From a Seattle resident, thanks for a beautiful and wonderful knit.

Bravo Jared!

Well done indeed. All of these projects are simply beautiful and it is wonderful that you share these expressions of your creativity with your fellow fibre (Canadian spelling) enthusiasts worldwide.

Thank you.

If and when you begin touring I am sure you shall have a wonderful turn out in Toronto as you have many admirers here in Ontario.

Patrick Madden
Village Yarns
Toronto, Ontario CANADA
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