b r o o k l y n t w e e d
  Well That Didn't Take Long


Double Drive Tensioning

On-Board Lazy Kate

Oriface and Bearing

Kromski Minstrel

Small Whorl Storage

Hooks and Flyer

Kromski Minstrel

Mr. Footman


Hand Turned Spokes

Kromski Minstrel

pictured: my new Kromski Minstrel

You are a wonderful photographer!!!! I couldn't get past those skills and "Oooh! Nice Wheel!" ;o)

Eeee! It's beautiful! Hope you have a fabulous time spinning up some gorgeous fibers.

You are so weak.

welcome to a whole new world!

congratulations, you bought a wheel! I bought a wheel about 2 months after learning how to spin on a drop spindle. I couldn't help it. Did you go to the yarn tree?

Stunning pics and a tdf wheel.

Congratulations Jared! I just bought my first wheel yesterday, so I know just how you feel. I posted about mine today too. Although, my photos don't compare. Gorgeous as usual!

yay! that i-have-a-wheel-in-the-house euphoria is so so good. congratulations!!

how did you pick out the Minstrel?

Nice! I'm thinking about buying my first wheel too and am intrigued by the Kromskis but haven't had a chance to take one for a test drive as there is no local reseller. I look forward to hearing all about your new wheel and especially how you came to choose it.

Welcome to the fold! And so begins the process by which Jared immediately surpasses all of us in the spinning department. (Careful, it's addictive.)

And since I haven't said so yet - congratulations on your pattern in Interweave!!! What a big exciting life moment for a knitter! (It's always great to see men's items - there could be a lot more in IK, and this is one of the only ones recently that has actually grabbed hubby's attention! Yay!)

Ah...new love. Congratulations! :)k

Gorgeous pictures as always. Love the color of that wood!

Well, there is obviously no way that you could resist for long....Wheels are just too damn photogenic ;)

Great wheel porn shots. You've done your wheel justice.
Now, about the name...have you picked one?

Congrats on the new wheel and the pattern. Both are stunning. How did you come to choose this wheel?

What gorgeous photos . . . and I love the title. :-)

It's shiny, it's wood, it photographs well in its own right... and it MAKES YARN. How could you resist, really? (Damn. Now I have to figure out how *I* can resist.)

Good luck get any "real" work done! The first few weeks the wheel was at my house, I found it very difficult to focus on anything other than spinning. Congrats!

Congratulations! She's beautiful.

What a beautiful wheel! I bet you will enjoy it. Thanks for the pics.

Congratulations on the new baby! What gorgeous photography! I can hardly wait to see your yarn...

Yes, tell us if you've named your wheel.
I've never had a desire to spin but your photos sure do tempt me...

Holy crap, it looks like a Stradivarius. Hey, put me on the mailing list for when you start selling your homespun, m'kay?

Please stop with the temptation. Did you test drive a few wheels before settling on the Kromski or did you just dive in based on reasearch? Or were you just attacted by the pretty?

Beautiful! I'm sure you two will make beautiful yarn together :)

When the spinning-bug strikes, it strikes hard, doesn't it? You'll love it!

identified the wheel from the first shot... mine's green ;)

I'll be waiting and watching to see what fabulous tweedy yarns you create.

Oh gee. A new baby. Have you named her?

The Fever is strong. I love the look of your new wheel. I can't wait to see the results of your first wheel spun yarn. Congrats!

Truly a thing of beauty. Even if you never spin with it! You can easily call it art.

Go big or go home, as they say! (I went a little smaller when I caved in, but I admire your fortitude.)

Congratulations and Enjoy!

Dude! You've got to stop posting so much porn on the internet!

Now I really really need a wheel, um can I have yours?

Excellent photos on your wheel. Keep the porn (or photos) coming, because I enjoy your photos.

beautiful! thank you. i am in love (and now full of more dilemmas as i approach my first wheel purchase.. it's soo pretty!)

thank you for your beautiful inspiring photos. :)

*LOL* Welcome to the club of happy spinng wheel spinners!

I believe I did predict this would happen...! Seriously, congratulations, and the Minstrel was my first wheel, too. Oil the heck out of those leather bearings...they should eventually turn almost black! I like it better with a stretch drive band and Scotch tension, but you'll figure that out. As for names, I think the Kromski names are quite appropriate, although I think the Minstrel should have been the Sonata and vice versa....minstrels being travellers, and all. (I also have a Sonata and a Symphony.)

Bwaahahahahaha! Welcome to the dark side! Really, resistance was futile - oops - mixing my metaphors. Sorry. So, anyway - NICE wheel! I went the other way - I had to teach myself to knit again to use up all the yarn I was making...but then of course I found out about yarn I could BUY and well...now I do that too. AND...congrats [late] on the sweater in IK! Love the "EZ feeling" it evokes.

niiiiiice. ;) happy spinning!

She is, indeed, a beauty. And, believe it or not, for a brief second, I thought it said "My new Kromski Mistress".

I excel at accidental creative reading.

I've had this same wheel for over a year now and it is my hands down favorite! Congrats!

Sigh. Congratulations. Enjoy the honeymoon!

Only you could make a spinning wheel look sexy.

So which ones were you considering before settling on this one? Just curious.

Nope, that didn't take long! lol What a beauty you chose, too. Awesome photos - as always.

Does s/he have a name?

Ah, yes...the lure of the wheel is stong indeed!

Aha! I knew it wouldn't be long... My wheel is a Minstrel too, though I have the clear finish. Yours is gorgeous - can't wait to see what beauty comes off it!

(BTW, the arched lazy-kate they sell is much better; and the leather bearing drink oil at first.)


Have fun!

You never do anything by halves, do you?

I have found spinning to be an interesting excursion in my need for perfectionism. My first spinning teacher (this past April) had to keep saying, "let the wheel have it" so I'd stop trying to fix the bumps. I am loving it.

So, so beautiful.
It didn't really take that long did it. It is very hard to resist the call of the wheel, i know. I just purchased my second wheel. Yup. Welcome to the dark side. ;0)

Welcome to the family, bro! You ROCK!!!!

omg, that thing is beautiful!!!

Lordy is that one pretty piece of woodwork. I want one for me it is so pretty. (Um, I don't spin. Yet.) You're right, it didn't take too long. :)

It's beautiful. I'm sure you'll love it. It didn't take me long to go from Spindle to Owning a Wheel either.

oh my. you fell hard. heh.

I knew it as soon as I saw those gorgeous yarns... it looks delicious! enjoy. I will be going home with one from the fest.

Congratulations. Didn't anybody warn you that it was a slippery slope? But as any body who's ever ridden down a hill on a sled knows, it's a fun ride. Enjoy!

omg, you are taking over the world. congrats!

It may take a little while to get the hang of it, but once you get going, you will LOVE spinning. Trust me. I started last winter and am totally hooked.
It's rewarding, relaxing, just all-around wonderful.

Hope you love it as much as I do!
Can't wait to see your handspun yarn!

Oh my God. Is it really that red? How extravagantly luscious! Yummmm!

That's a beautiful spinning wheel. And beautiful pictures. I'm always a little sad when my favorite knitters get into spinning. I feel they'll post less about knitting... ;)

OOOH YOU FELL FOR IT! you got one! hahah. it's a beautiful beautiful wheel. i can't wait to see what you spin up. :) congrats.

This is beyond beautiful.

We knew that was coming.
Good for you.
I cannot wait to see what you do with it.

Wow. So gorgeous!

beautiful! i can't wait to see the results...

Unbelievable. The coloration is TDf.

I just got a Louet S17 for my first wheel last weekend (surprise birthday present from my husband!). I want to drop all responsibilities and spin spin spin.

Kromski Minstrel *sigh*. Yum. What a gorgeous machine.

Congratulations! You've opened up a new world of fibery possibilities! Enjoy it - that wheel was one I was seriously tempted by before I ended up with my Lendrum! And gorgeous pics, as usual!

It was only a matter of time, wasn't it? :-)

Congratulations! It's a beauty.

First fiber porn, and now wheel porn! Why are those bobbins naked??? I'll bet they're not any longer!

You suck so bad right now, tempting me with such a beautiful wheel. You make me want to learn spinning (like I need another addiction). You're evil!!! Pure evil! ;)

BTW, congrats on IK, that is a gorgeous sweater. Love the garter yoke!

absolutely beautiful.

NICE! I just got the Mazurka, your pictures are almost the same as mine, all close ups with low DOF. Best to show off the gorgeous wood colour. We also have the same finish! Did you get the stool? I can't use my wheel with anything but now.

The Kromski is Sooooo you. Perfect choice.

Ya know--handspun and garter stitch go very well together. The garter stitch looks great with inconsistent yarn.

Have fun.

oh no! why must every good knitting blog eventually turn into another darn spinning blog? Sigh. Spinning and socks... surely I'm not the only one out there who doesn't like doing either. Hmph.

Do enjoy yourself, however -- just don't stop knitting!

Beautiful wheel! oooo, the possibilities…

Have fun!

This is just the beginning, now comes the niddy noddy, combs, carders, diz, swift, ball winder, dyes for the fiber that you will want to dye, lots and lots of fiber and all the other doo dads of spinning. Hopefully you have some of these items already, I didn't and starting this hobby cost me a fortune! But I'd do it again in a heartbeat!!!

No sympathy. Can't wait to see what you do with it!!

I love my Minstrel - you are just going to adore yours. Congratulations on the new baby!

I have no intentions of spinning anything but seeing your photos made me gasp, what a beautiful object. Looking forward to seeing what you make with it.

Your photos are phenomenal!

Same thing happened to me... got a spindle... got hooked. bought a wheel :) I like the wheel a lot more than the spindle, hope you do as well. enjoy!

:wipes drool off of mouth: That's a very nice wheel.

stunning photo. I too, spin on a Minstrel :) I personally love it in doubledrive

Looking forward to seeing your gorgeous yarn!

That wheel is gorgeous!!

As is your pattern in IK! Congratulations!

charlizeen AT ya HOO

Ha ! Another one joins the dark side. You have no idea how your knitting will change. (In a positive way, I mean.)

Welcome to the spinning world. I'm actually surprised it took you this long.

that sure is a B-E-A-utiful wheel! you photographed it very well too.

'Kay...I'm jealous...


I've heard of yarn porn bought wooo....
That got me hot and bothered (in a knitting way) :D Enjoy it! I'm sure it will spin great yarn :)

Congradulations Jared

I have been spinning for 3 years now my first wheel was a Kromski Symphony and I love it. It spins anything I put on it.


Beautiful pictures!

Enjoy spinning on your new Minstrel. It absolutely gorgeous.

it's beautiful!

Congratulations on your new auburn Minstrel. I have a blonde one and have always appreciated its small footprint. The Kromski people work beautifully with wood. Your exquisite photos do it justice.

When I saw your Cobblestone pullover in Interweave Knits, I knew it was your aesthetic before I even realized you were the designer. Truly a classic design; very well done.

I'm laughing my head off here! I started spinning this May, with one month of drop spindle spinning before I got my wheel. Your Kromski is beautiful. Have fun with it! ;o)

I knew that it would not be long before you started spinning!

Just like that??? Did she fall into your lap or was there some decision making involved? I've been trying to decide on a wheel for weeks now, maybe months!....

Man, you're fast! Congratulations on the wheel, it looks beautiful.

Hey, we have the same wheel! I love the minstrel, it is so beautiful that I derive tremendous joy from looking at it on days when I don't spin. I also have a son named Jared, and live out to the east of you on Long Island.

Your blog is always a feast for the eyes, you do incredibly fine work with both fiber and a camera!

WOW. I've just stumbled across your Flickr and blog, amazing, amazing photography and work, simply stunning!

Beautiful wheel, that colour is fantastic.

this is one of two wheels I'm thinking about getting - congrats on the aquisition - I look forward to seeing you work on it :O)

Ha! You are powerless against the force.

I am originally from Brooklyn, bought a Minstrel in April, and would love to be able to knit...just a pinch as well as you!

Use it well.
Diane in PA

WOW - that sure is some spinning eye candy. Great pix! Welcome to the dark side - we have cookies. ;-) Esmerelda, my Lendrum, says hello, too.

What a beautiful wheel!


Spinning wheel porn!
Beautifully photographed, beautiful wheel.
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