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  Saartje's Booties
The Big Garter-Stitch Baby Wave is coming to pass... but not before these hot little booties get some blog action! Here's a quick pattern that's so cute it'll get just about anyone's biological clock ticking!

Saartje Booties III

Pattern: 'Saartje's Bootees' [PDF] (or via Ravelry)
Source: Saartje Knits
Materials: RYC Cashsoft 4-ply in 'Spa' (one partial skein)
Needles: US1/2.25mm
Buttons: 4 teensy iridescent ones cut from mussel shells

Started and Completed: June 2007

Saartje Booties II

No modifications on this pattern. This is a quick knit and the booties are TINY. From my virtually non-existent experience with babies, I'd say these are fit for an average newborn, although I made the larger size of the two listed in the pattern. The great news is that you could work these in just about any weight of yarn to fit babies of all sizes, colors and creeds! I sort of have an impulse to cast on in a super tweedy dk wool... but I think I should wait. It's probably time to return to the world of adult knitting for a time, don't you agree?

Saartje Booties I

And speaking of adult knitting (and more garter stitch), the Adult Tomten Jacket is DONE and let me tell you, it is a piece of work. I will do my best to serve it up this week sometime. I love it so much that I've already worn it several times, despite the summer heat and general ridiculous-ness of wearing a chunky garter-stitch sweater in July. In New York.

Thanks for all your vacation e-mails and comments. Oregon was, as usual, amazing and I'm sort of bummed about being home. We were stranded in Dallas for 30 hours coming home which was an absolute nightmare and also accounts for a very long and silent homecoming recovery. Things are pretty much back to normal now, so I should be hanging out around the 'Tweed a bit more. Hope you all had a happy 4th of July!

You're right - those are cute enough to make you want to have another baby! Like the two sweaters, earlier. Can't wait to see the jacket!

Dude, I can't believe you've worn your Tomten outside in this weather. It's like some kind of sickness! Baby booties are v. cute. I say, triple the yarn and make adult slippers!

Those booties look adorable! And I call dedication on wearing the Totem jacket outside, in July!

glad you made it back in one piece, we missed you around here. the booties are seriously one great looking design. not that you didn't have anything to do with the perfection of your craftsmanship !! makes me want to go and knit some up for no one in particular.

I made a bootie once. (Yes, only one) and I remember holding it in my hand and thinking... nothing is this tiny.

Yours are very sweet.

i've been eyeing the Saartje bootie on Flickr. it is a cute pattern. glad you're back from vacation. i'm about to head out on mine and can't wait.

Hi - just delurking to ask that you please stop posting all these amazing patterns that keep distracting me from the WIPs I already have on the go! Kidding. But you have made me look at garter stitch and Noro in a new light. Running down to the stash to pick some yarn out for some of these adorable booties. Yorkshire Tweed 4-ply, perhaps?

I already have this pattern all printed out and I SO want to knit these up!! SO cute!!

Welcome Back!! Glad you got back safely despite the Texas horro!

Adorable! I will be making this soon...

I expect you've already seen this article in the Times re: airline delays, eh? If not: http://www.nytimes.com/2007/07/05/business/05late.html?em&ex=1183780800&en=0e4c146e0b426ba0&ei=5087%0A

Seriously. It's a good thing people in my office are expecting or I might get pregnant just to have an excuse to knit those. Well, probably not, but I'd probably make the cat wear them.
Glad to hear your home safe and sound if you are road weary.

These are adorable! I just saw these on Ravelry. Too cute!

Darling booties! I can't wait to see the Tomten.

Those are fantastic! I'm going to have to try this pattern.

Oh. My. God. Those are so freakin' adorable!!! I'm downloading that pattern. It's just too precious.

Can I just say how much the image of you wearing your Tomtem outside in New York pleases me? That is too funny. True knitter's pride! I can't wait to see it!

Your booties are adorable! I've been meaning to whip up a few pairs ever since I saw them on Saartje's blog!

No, please don't leave the land of Babyknits. Ever.

It's funny, each time I come by here, I fall in love all over again with your exquisite photography. I know a lot of it has to do with the way you frequently employ a white background to offset the colors and textures of your beautiful knits.

I could imitate this, couldn't I? Nope, not with three kids in the house. Nothing will ever stay white long enough. So, I'll have to continue to pop by to admire the loveliness here.

The picture of those booties is particularly beautiful.

every time i read your read your site i want to cry - such beautiful work, such great photos. i have a huge knitters crush on you.

those booties are cute - i have some that i designed that are also kinda cute - let me know if you want the pattern for free, as a small thanks for sharing your work here.


Yay, you're back! Glad you had a good time in portland - we just visited as well and loved it so much we're moving there. looooove the teeny booties!

I just love those booties. Sadly, neither of my kids would ever keep anything like that on. Nor caps/hats. Sigh. Sory about the travel nightmare--I hate being delayed in airports. Glad you're back!

Oh my goodness, those are totally adorable. They have totally affirmed our decision to start trying for a baby. Gorgeous work, and beautiful photos, as usual. Thanks for the link to the pattern, too.

Cute, cute, cute. I'm doing some baby knitting right now for forthcoming kidlets (not mine!), so these will go on the list.

Speaking of which, I finally found myself a copy of The Opinionated Knitter... I sense a BSJ in my future!

Welcome back! 30 hrs in an airport sounds like torture to me.

The bootees are adorable.

Dude. You should put a warning label on those things.

(oh shaddup, bio clock! shaddup!)

yay for ravelry linking!

Okay, those are seriously cute booties! That's alot of baby stuff for someone without kiddos...hmmm...are you knitting for Nicole Richie?

Totally totally adorable.

Those booties are so cuuute!
I found myself hoping desperatly that the pattern was truly right there under the link, and *gasp* it actually was! I have snagged myself a copy & I will definitly be making some of these adorable baby shoes. Thanks for sharing the link!
I am intrigued to see your Tomten! I can't wait for you to post it!
I really enjoy checking out your amazing photos & knits :-)


Oh man i've been doing a bunch of these booties! :) I love them!! heheeh

Sorry you were stranded in DFW (that's where i am!)...i hope it wasn't TOO horrible for you. :(

Great booties. I might try them in Rowan wool cotton.

They sure are so sweet and delicate, but I have to say, no ticking of the clock here :)

The booties are so lovely! Thanks for sharing them. Babies are sprouting up everywhere, it seems, and new bootie patterns are always appreciated.

Holy crap. Those are so cute my ovaries hurt.

I think I will try to whip out a pair tonight.

I love this pattern! Those shell buttons look perfect with the blue!

Agreed... too cute for words. And I'm sure my mother in law thanks you for posting these...

BTW, first time commenter and just wanted to say that the photography of your handknits is beautiful.

The booties are adorable! I might need to try a pair for my little man on the way!

The recipent will be a lucky baby!!

Yep. Cutest. booties. ever. The cross straps seal the deal for me. I love the pastel color you chose and the nice, full shape they have. =) ::keep taking that pill, keep taking that pill, keep taking...::

I came across that pattern only yesterday! Aren't they the cutest things! I am just knitting a baby cardi in Rowan CashCotton 4ply and will make some of those little shoes from the remains....hope you are well! Your photos never fail to please me!

I'm deeply in love with these little booties - I got the pattern a few weeks ago and I've been dying to cast some on. You're just strengthening my resolve to do so!

I squealed when I saw them! Another cute bootie pattern that looks like it will stay on fussy feet.....the buttons put it over the top!

Oh, oooooh. I canNOT afford to add anything else to my "knit before the Fricklet arrives" list. Can. Not. But those booties!

Your knitting is amazing. I love your blog...Every time I check it I've either just started a similar project or I'm about to. My first BSJ is on needles and I just printed the instructions for saartje's booties. and yes, my clock is ticking like mad over these booties. Glad your back...welcome home. I'm heading to EZ Camp 2 in 2 weeks and I'm terrified of the possible airport crap...lots of knitting time I guess...

Oh so cute! Can't wait to see the adult tomten in all its glory!

Those are adorable. So dang cute!

These are adorable! I'm going to make a pair for my friends upcoming baby.

lovely booties.

wish i'd known you were trapped in dallas - i would have taken you out to a meal and some yarning at my shop! next time, perhaps

can't wait to see the tomten!

So very very cute!

Oh. My. Gosh. Those are absolutely adorable!

Oh dear. There is 'good airport knitting' and then there is "stranded in Dallas for 30 hours"
Glad you are back.
The booties are WONDERFUL.

they are so cute i had to knit them for myself!! but how did you seam the back so it is so tidy? mine looks AWFUL!


I know! These booties are da cute bomb!

Absolument adorable, je veux un bébé !
Absolutely cute, I want a baby !

those are just insanely, ridiculously cute. no babies yet, but when they come they will be wearing these shoes.
and a tomtem in nyc in july? that must be one heck of a coat :) can't wait to see it.

I've been seeing these around Ravelry, and they are just about the cutest baby booties I've ever seen! Nice Job!

Darling booties. I think I'll be making a pair for the next little one that comes along.

This has got to be THE best dressed baby ever! Thanks for sharing this great pattern and I'm loving all the knits. I for one, would never judge about when your sweater is worn, seeing as I live in FL and loves me some wool and all ;)

i just made these! i did mine in the round though. and when i finished them i so wanted a baby to knit some for! hehe. but then i woke up to reality and decided i'd be happy with knitting these for friends.

So cute! And the buttons are a perfect choice!

Wow! Two months ago I saw Saartje knit her booties, allready 8 months pregnant and I asked her for the pattern. She decided to make it into a real bilingual photo covered pattern and I knitted them as well (http://angelic.web-log.nl/photos/uncategorized/jump_005.jpg)
Just today I visited your site-of-the-pretty-knitty-pics and I saw you knitted them too!! They are very nice in cashsoft!!

Those are really lovely! Now I know what to make for the impending bundle of joy one of my friends awaits. Thanks for sharing that!

Hmmm... your listing on my google reader is just one line below AngryChicken - who is in Portland. When I read your note I was so confused - 'cause I thought I clicked on hers (going from alphabetical top down) and thought maybe she had moved from OR and I had missed it. Again, confused as she just had a baby and oh geez, never mind. And then of course that biological clock is ticking so dang loud - it could rattle anyone!

Can't wait to see your EZ jacket, as I've been toying with that for a while. Coastal Oregon evenings and nights can be chilly! Glad you have been getting some use from it before heading back to the "eastside".

I'll be honest here, I'm not really a fan of garter, but those booties are adorable! I just may have to try them out myself.

BTW, are you from OR originally? It's my home state. After 8 years in So Cal, I'm extremely homesick.

I'll be honest here, I'm not really a fan of garter, but those booties are adorable! I just may have to try them out myself.

BTW, are you from OR originally? It's my home state. After 8 years in So Cal, I'm extremely homesick.

Thank you for the link. This pattern is too darn cute!

Loving your blog!

Would say that pattern's a keeper. With such a nice criss-cross Mary Jane effect, I may have to try an adult-size-maybe-felted version of a slipper for myself...

Jumpers in July? Eegads, I'm melting while we're in the US in this heat.

you are incredible! your site rocks! are u for real!?

Jare, you are amazing! These are so beautiful! I hope I can create beautiful things like you someday! I finished my forst scarf!!!! Fianlly!
Love you,

thank you for posting this i have been looking for boyish booties for 3 days now!

found you from finneganpurlknits.blogspot.com.

cannot wait for the new interweave magazine lots of stuff i want to make.

rock on with the knitting!
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