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  Fiber Flashing Friday
It's been awhile since I posted any gratuitous yarn shots on a Friday. And boy do I have some beauties to show you today. *Sundara Yarn. I think that's all there is to be said.

I Die For This Color
(I live in fear that I'll never find a project worthy of this perfect color)

Sundara Sock "Brown with Red"

Sundara Sock

So Saturated it Hurts

Did someone say colorwork?

Enjoy your weekend!
[*Yarn pictured is Sundara Sock in unique semi-solid dyelots.]


:gasp: That is to drool over. How absolutely gorgeous!

beautiful! Can you give some more details? Is it her sock yarn? Sport Merino? and in what colors? Enjoy!

Yes, colourwork, definitely.
Your knitting and FOs take my breath away. Thank you.

Gloriosky!! What gorgeous colors. I can hardly wait to see more. Hurry!

Pretty as they are individually, that last picture is just *rich*. Colorwork, colorwork, colorwork!!! Pretty please...

YES put them together!!

They would definitely work well together.

Yum! Those are some tasty yarn colours - they are spicy and fall-like. Wonderful recent FO, by the way, you do beautiful work. You also have a superb eye for photo taking - may I ask what type of camera you use? Have a great weekend!

I have definitely become a Sundara yarn junkie. Could be worse, no?

I'm drooling over that gorgeous russet in the middle, and that autumnal golden yellow really is perfect.

I love your work with colours and envy it... keep it up and I will have to go back to Sundara and order more, maybe even knit it up and blog about it from Brooklyn myself :)

Those colors are so beautiful together. It would look great in some colorwork. The yarn looks like it could make something beautifully delicate as well. I wonder what kind of combination that could be?

What a gorgeous yarn! The colors are so rich. I think they would work beautifully together.

Gorgeous when combined, these colorways remind me of curries and tikka masalas. Your eye for color is fantastic...and I can't wait to see what you make with these.

Happy weekend to you, too!

That gold and burgundy combo is rocking my face off!

Such beautiful colours. I can't wait to see them knit up. About the previous post, best novice spinning I have seen. You are a natural!

Well, you know how you've been meaning to knit me that bohus sweater...

yum yum yum! I love the brown and russets!

oooh deliciousness indeed!

That is a lot of beautiful yarn!

Those are some great colors. I can't wait to see what it is to become.

that colour combo just screams fall to me! Am I have the perfect lipstick I could wear with them!


I love the colors you chose for my Christmas gift (winks)

Lovely... I can't wait to see what you create with it.





Those reds are to die for!

Yummy yummy yarn you're flashing! I love that one can see descriptive text when doing a 'mouse over' your photos!

Gorgeous! LUV the colors!


*Sigh* that makes me covet your yarn. How do you take such lovely pictures? So artistic!

Gorgeous colors, too.

Lovely primitive colours (said I having just come from holidaying in Colonial Williamsburg)...scarlets and bricks and mustard and berries.

Another lovely colour combination, as I recall, was Scott. How's that progressing?

Oh so YOU'RE the one who keeps on bagging all the great colours before I can...!! ; )

Un régal pour les yeux ces laines! J'en profite pour te dire en français ( car je ne suis pas suffisamment experte en anglais) que je trouve ton blog fantastique et qu'à chaque fois que je viens, je me régale! bravo!

Do I smell Red Light Special 2.0?

Love these Sundara colors! Reminds me of autumn!

Is that you in the new IK preview? If so, congratulations!

Yes! Congrats on the IK pattern (preview issue)=Terry

I came over to see if that was you in IK, too. Looks like your understated elegance. If that's you, congrats!!

Beautiful colors! I keep missing the days Sundara yarns are available...aarrgghh!

My favourite is the third. I love red :)

I'm guessing you are the jared for the new IK sweater!! It sure speaks "Brooklyn Tweed"

Sundar means "beautiful" in Hindi, and judging from these pics, they certainly picked the right name for this yarn!

Wow those are gorgeous! I have been hoping someone would be doing some more solid colors for sock yarn.

big geek beth

I've long admired your blog, so when I started my own knitting blog, I linked you. I hope you're okay with that! Its at http://nataliedanger.wordpress.com.
Let me know if there's a problem.

Is that your seater in the Fall preview for Interweave?

Now ain't that Cobblestone pullover yours? GREAT! Congrats. It looks delicious by the way, has an air of becoming a classic.

yes i wanted to congratulate you on your sweater in IK as well. i have no idea about your last name but the classic elite and the garter links back to you, doesn't it. and it is a lovely masculine sweater, i think.

Awesome design ! Its in my ravelry que. Love it. Great job.

All your yarn looks great!But that first one I am really loving that one!!

Congratulations on the IK pattern. I knew it was yours even before I read the name. It's beautiful!

I just saw your pattern in IK fall 2007. Congratulations! 23 people have already queued it in Ravelry.

Okay, you will just have to!! tell us about the road to designing for IK :) As a poster mentions, it's you all over the design. EZ would have loved the sweater! Terry (again)

Gorgeous colors and fantastic pics! (again!)
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