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I'm here, snoozing through the sleeves on the Aran. Leave it to the sleeves to really take the wind out of your sails. I've been persistent though and am just rows away from finishing the second one, which is pictured here.

Sleeve <span class=

Sleeve number one
is already, of course, united with the body, waiting impatiently for its counterpart. I've been surprisingly exclusive with this pattern, which is the only explanation for the relative speed. I'm absolutely surprised that I'm still so interested. Maybe it's the steeking that's keeping me excited to press on. Or maybe I it was the notion that I might get to wear it a few times before things warm up. Today is slated for 75 degrees, though, so that logic is eluding me now.

Some new fibers have recently come into my hands for upcoming projects. Fibers that I'm very excited about - so I'll be sure to share more information later this week. Other than that, it's just knitting and taking pictures of my knitting stuff.
Business as usual.

it's been so long since I've used a cable needle for its intedned function, I had to do something with them.

Take care and have a good wool week.

Hope you get to wear it before the season ends. It's gorgeous! The gadgets are half the fun of knitting!

that is coming along really fast! I'm sure you'll get at least one wear in before it gets too warm....

I've never tried the straight cable needles - all of mine have always been the "hook" kind...though my set is the same exact colors!

Gorgeous. That pattern, that yarn! Isn't it funny how sleeves will do that to you though? Gets me almost every time.

That sweater's looking great! I've got two on the needles and am kinda bumbed it's getting warmer too. Eh well...there's always next year!

I find myself putting big pushes on at this time of year in the hopes for at least one wearing before the weather turns for good. It's looking beautiful!

An aside/response to an earlier post regarding your swatch for this sweater. I am bad about swatching and paid for it dearly on my first attempt at Shedir which I started after seeing the one you made for your brother.

Your comment re memorizing the pattern via the swatch caught me at just the right moment - I swatched and I am now flying - as you say, in the hopes of at least a single wearing before the season is truly over.

We do have a forcast for possible snow late next week here in Toronto so I am aiming for that.

Well, it's supposed to be "only" 60 tomorrow and the rest of the week. Is that better?
Good luck with the steeking! Is it your first time?!

Can't wait to see this baby all sewn up and in one piece. You know you've just been toying with us by giving us peeks of pieces, right?

I love row counters. For some reason they make me feel like a little kid when I use them.

By the way, thanks for the lead a few months ago to the Nora Gaughan pattern hexagon pattern. I am positively obsessed with it and just cast on a beautiful spring shawl using it.

Ok, what is the other thing you're using those cable needles for?;)

(I know, you're doing the whole cable w/o a cable needle drill, right?)

As a mother of young children I am very jealous that you are able to lay knitting things out without a child trying to take them and injure another child with it.

I hope you keep pressing on. It would be a shame to let the weather stop you from finishing such a beautiful project.

Lookin' good...can't wait for the unveiling.

Wow, really beautiful knitting. I can always count on your blog to inspire me to challenge myself. Thanks for the inspiration!

I hope spring in PS is treating you well!

Reading all posts related to this cable knitting stuff, I really love the pattern and the yarn and the colour very much. Hope to see the FO very soon.

I have to agree that your blog always inspires me. Everything is always so breathtaking. I love the yarn, the pattern, the label of body armor, everything!

I seriously melt inside when I observe your photos. I am on the warpath to finish my first sweater (seamless hybrid) so I can start another one with tweed and cables.

Cheers and Bobblecogs!

Your work simply takes my breath away...Beautiful.


i understand how boring the sleeves could be. but for me it's the body that's so difficult to get through. the sleeves are pretty easy cuz they're a lot more portable and i wizz through them when i watch tv, go to the movies or my breaks at work. but it's looking loverly!! i can't wait to see the rest.

wow i am looking so much forward to seeing it. it looks great. just got the pattern in the mail. i am a little bit between sweaters not quite able to decide what to do. but cabling is an option. it is such a long time ago i did it last.

I'm so envious-your knitting is amazing! That yarn is beautiful and works so well with that design. Can't wait to see the finished sweater.

But, but, but... the sleeve is beautiful! Keep going!!!

the tools--that rocks! tried sending you mail, but got a failure notice...it said, "The user does not accept email in non-Western (non-Latin) character sets." :( honestly, I had no non-Western chars...

That yarn is making me swoon - brown with teal and orange flecks: well, swoon! And the precision of your work inspires me like nothing else :)

It does seem to be getting warm in these parts, though, doesn't it? Maybe you'll have to take an Arctic holiday this year!

Wow! Looks great can't wait to see the finished work.

Your photos are amazing. I love how this sweater is coming together.

Tem muito material e as amostras são bonitas

You take such frighteningly good photos, especially of yarn, that I get an overpowering urge to run out and find a yarn shop. And it's 10:27pm on Sunday night, no less. Thank goodness, there are no late night shops.

The sleeves always bog me down. Scott is currently in limbo on a sleeve and Forecast just got stalled on the sleeve.

Darn sleeves!
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