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Sweater update: I'm 6 inches into the yoke and still going strong (total yoke depth is 10"). I'm hoping to get all the knitting done this weekend (with the exception of the collar/buttonbands which happen after steeking and blocking). In the mean time, I've been cleaning up on all kinds of online knitting sales and some new yarns have found their way to my doorstep in the last week.

The first yarn is a luxury fiber, in all aspects (this one is not on sale anywhere, unfortunately). You definitely won't find a sweaters-worth of this stuff lying around in my apartment - just two humble skeins for me to photograph, pet, and stare at.

Yarn Portrait: Shokay Yak Down

This is Shokay's Pure Yak Down. As in 100% yak. A worsted weight that you surely must feel to believe - the thing that really got me about this stuff, though, was the color. I'm a sucker for those deep cranberry burgundy crimsons. I'm not sure how this was dyed, but its got all kinds of depth and subtle variation going on. This is really the jewel of my stash!

Next up we have a dk weight blend of extrafine merino, alpaca and silk from Queensland. This is the 'Uruguay DK' in a pale shade of mint (#10).

Queensland Uruguay DK
see the cake here

I've been getting the urge for some lace knitting and this is my weapon of choice for the next project. As far as patterns go, I'm still on the prowl but have a few ideas brewing. We'll see what happens.

And speaking of lace, I picked up this stuff last week too. I had put in an order for some much-needed knitting supplies from KnitPicks (this included a fill up of Swish to finish this) and was just a few bucks shy of the free-shipping minimum price. Rather than paying 5 bucks for shipping, I opted to pay 4 for 880 yards of laceweight merino. Seemed like an easy decision to me.

Yarn Portrait: KP Merino Lace

This is KnitPicks 'Shadow' (100% merino laceweight) in the Vineyard shade. I really liked the color and was surprised to find that I liked it even more in person (this rarely happens when I buy online). Who knows what this will be, probably just a beautiful paperweight for a while, but I like yarn so things are good.

I'm going to try my darnedest to close in on the Aran Cardigan this weekend - it has been such an enjoyable process so far, I'm almost sad that the end is now in sight. Good thing I have another bag of Skye Tweed waiting for me in case of sudden tweed-sweater withdrawal...

Happy weekend knitting.

The color of the yak down is gorgeous! I hope you have it on display somewhere in your home. Could you imagine a sweater in this?! I'd never want to take it off. Thanks for sharing. Happy knitting this weekend!

I've never felt yak! I can only imagine how soft it is if you are oogling so much about it!!! The color is amazing - it is hard to find reds that are THAT saturated.....

Oh, you're going to love that Uruguay yarn. I snagged a bag of that at Stitches East (for a song!) and have been knitting a cabled vest with it, it's SO nice to knit with.

Long-time lurker, really enjoy your blog!

Beautiful yarn and photos!

I always love your yarn photos! I hope you get through the sweater this weekend! You are a knitting machine!!!!!!!!!!

You are so FAST! I can't wait to see the cardi. I wish the computer had touch-o-vision or something, because I'd love to check out that yak! Gorgeous colour choice for the knitpicks laceweight, too.

Great photos! I am always so envious of your mad photography skills.

I just finished something with Uruguay DK -- it's scrumptious. But yak.... sounds divine!

Oooh, I'm jealous! That yak wool is gorgeous!

I've heard yak is very soft- I'm so intrigued, as it just doesn't seem likely. Very pretty. Also, love that Vineyard Shadow laceweight!

Yak is my favorite!I've never seen it spun so squashy-looking. That color seems perfect for you. What do you think you're going to do with it?

Beautiful, especially the yak. Although yak has always sounded to me like a Dr. Seuss animal instead of a real fiber animal. All the pics of your Aran have really made me lust after the Skye Tweed.

Excuse me while I go wipe the drool off my keyboard.
That cranberry yak stuff is splendid. I might have to put that on my wish list.
And I so get the "buy more yarn to save shipping" thing.
As usual, I love your photos!

Beautiful yarn as always! Can you come to my house and help me with my online yarn orders?

the laceweight is a gorgeous colour but alas there won't be any for moi cos bloody Knitpicks refuses to ship to Australia [ and in fact to almost anywhere that isn't the US or Canada ]

Can't wait to see your finished cardigan! I bet it turns out just as great as everything else you knit. And the Swish sweater, I'm curious to see that too!

Yummy yarn photos as always:)

OK, I just ordered my own Skye Tweed--and some laceweight from Julie (Samurai Knitter) after reading Cassie's (toomuchwool) post about yarn passion.
Who knew reading blogs could be so expensive!
Always love your yarn photos--luscious!

Gorgeous yarn choices! So yummy!

How funny, I have soem vineyard wiating patientlly for me, but the way ou have it wound (so loevely) I almost didn't recognize it. I've used another shade of Shadow already and it is so beautiful. i love your pictures. Thanks for sharing!

Love those same reds. The yak must be a treat to pet.

Yak eh? That is certainly different.
I'm never quite sure if I am happy or sad that Knitpicks won't ship to the UK. It saves me a lot of money - but they sure have some lovely yarns - especially the lace ones.

Very nice!
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