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this is our busiest and craziest week of the year in my office. i'll probably be working 20+ hours overtime in total and so i haven't really gotten any time to knit and probably wont be doing any until this weekend. aside from impending exhaustion and major lack of personal time, i will be making a significant amount of overtime money and have decided to reward myself by purchasing the Ufserud kit from Bea Ellis. (seems i can always find a way to justify breaking the steadfast yarn diet.)

the reason i'm telling you this is because i need your input on something. i've been going back and forth for the last few hours (between working) trying to decide what colors to choose for the project. now usually, i have no problem picking colors - its all fairly intuitive, and usually after a few seconds of staring at the color card, i'm positive that i've made the best decision. unfortunately, the heilo color card is just too good. too many good colors. too many slight variations. too many options. not to mention i'm completely and utterly braindead from work anyway. so... i need your help. I've come up with a few options, and I'd love to hear your comments/thoughts on what you think would work.

option B is the most 'representative' of my usual preferences, but i thought maybe i'd try something different... although i'm definitely not ruling option B out... those colors rock. if you have a chance (and an opinion) i would love to hear what you think....

Ufserud Contenders

cast your vote now!

I'd vote for E first, with B as a close second. The reason being is the contrast. That pattern would look great with a decent amount of contrast. Also, keep in mind that the colors will tend to blend a bit, visually, in the smaller-detailed areas. E is a bold contrast, and B is softer. The others seems dull in their presented colorations.

I agree. My first choice was B until I looked a little closer at the pattern. So I say E with C being my second choice.

So sorry about all the work. I have been under the same gun myself. I have been looking forward to a slow down for a few weeks, but it's just not happening. But that's also more yarn money!

I like b the best, but if you're trying to go away from your normal choices I like c. It'll be fun to see how it turns out, whatever you choose.

I like d. I don't know why...I just do. I love that pattern, I have seen someone else knit it somewhere out there and keep eyeing that kit. I just may be knitting along with you! Oh, I didn't do a provisional cast on for the current komi mitten. I decided against it...I just don't think I could bring myself to knit the boring ribbing AFTER knitting the komi pattern! So I knit the ribbing...knowing that I would soon get to the "fun" part of the mitt!

I like C, with A as a subtler runner-up. B and E match your blog theme better, though.

i like e the best with b in second place. can't wait to see it, whatever you choose.

I like B! =)

I like A! I'm really tempted to knit that hat too, so I'll be watching your progress. :-)

If you want to try something different I'd pick A.

I like A and D the best. Can't wait to see what you decide!

Well, if you want something really different opt for C. If you just want to be a little different, than go for the clearer colors of B which is E I think. Good luck.

I'd go with e...it's similar to your usual preference, but much brighter. Perfect Spring colors!

My favs are b and c... :-) They'd all work beautifully though.

I like D and B the best, for contrasty reasons. Those are some beautiful colors!

My vote goes to b and then c.
Pretty pretty.

Well, wouldn't it depend on what you'll be making out of the yarn?


I'd say B too, with E as a runner up! Good jobbie, and greetings from Fourth Street.

I love c!!!
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