b r o o k l y n t w e e d
i really, really... REALLLy want to make this hat. in a chocolate brown and a deep yellow mustard color.

but there's a problem. i've literally sworn myself from spending money on yarn until i use up a considerable amount from my closetful/stash. or at least finish some of my larger projects. usually i wouldn't let this little condition stop me, but none of the fibers that i already own really fit the project.

should i stay strong? the norwegian fair-isle sirens have been coaxing me for a loong time and its getting hard to resist. the fact that bea ellis offers a very affordable and convenient kit doesnt help at all. what should i do?

don't ask us - we're self-interested! :)

i vote for getting the bea ellis kit. it's affordable and you won't have much leftover yarn to add to your stash when you're done.

I can TOTALLY relate because I was in an almost EXACT dilemma. (OK, I promise I'll lay off of the caps now...)

I decided I absolutely, positively needed to make the "We Call Them Pirates" hat (http://www.helloyarn.com/wecallthempirates.htm) for my 2 ski trips in March but, although it seemed impossible given the size of my stash, I didn't have the right weight/color yarn in my stash and I'd promised myself no more yarn until I used up some of my stash (and finished some of my WIPs).

I gave into temptation and, after seeing someone use Knit Picks yarn (http://brainylady.blogspot.com/) I broke down.

With shipping it was about the same price as the kit... Since I just got it yesterday I don't know how it knits up but I plan on blatantly ignoring all of the other projects in my knitting basket - one of which needs to be done for a 3/10 shower - and casting on tonight.

Go forth and order more yarn!

go for it! I am all for the knitting of the most compelling pattern. knit what makes you happy. If you feel inspired, do it.

oh, that little hat will only take a little bit of yarn. What could it hurt? =D

I say go for it too! Of course, I am the girl who is good at breaking yarn diets. =)

Definitely knit what you feel like knitting now. I have a huge stash waiting for needles, also, but I am in pattern limbo for most of it right now, which means I must buy yarn. I actually had a commissioned job for a scarf that I had to turn down because I just couldn't get inspired with the yarn or pattern. So, I think if you feel passion to knit something, you should. It's your time and your love of knitting that compells you and you should knit what feels right at the time.

one little hat never hurt anyone. and it looks like so much fun...
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