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after reading this great review, (and then this, more specific review) it didn't take long before i did some investigation and purchased some wool from Beaverslide Dry Goods in Montana.

their wools are grown and processed by a family run business in the Rocky Mountains of Montana. The fibers are processed using environmentally conscious methods (no harsh chemicals, etc.) and spun on an antique knitting mule which produces a lofty and rustic looking yarn. VERY great.

the range of colors is right up my alley and there are lots of options. i even received a wonderful personalized e-mail from Leanne updating me on my order status. The whole transaction was great, and its always nice to be supporting independent agricultural business.

but if all of this sounds like white noise, maybe this will stand out:
241 yards of wool for 8 dollars. not to mention many of their yarns are on sale for $6.50. $6.50!!
for under 20 bucks i have about 500 yards of quality wool at my discretion. i'm pretty happy.

i bought two skeins of their wool/mohair (90% wool, 10% kid mohair). They came with hand-tied tags in bulging skeins smelling great!
Beaverslide Merino Hanks

the brown color is "mink" and the dark blue-green is "mallard." this should be enough to make that perfect warm winter scarf that i've been cooking up in my brain for a while. and after a freezing cold walk from columbus circle to lincoln center this morning, i was sure wishing it was already done and protecting me from the blizzard-gusts on amsterdam.

Beaverslide Merino Wound
here they are all ready to go. the yarn isn't as perfectly soft as i had hoped, but to my approval, the mohair is not even noticeable (nothing like the itchy halos of lamb's pride) and the knitted fabric has a great subtle texture. it'll be nice and warm and rustic. if you're looking for a great yarn to start your next project, here's an idea! keep your eyes out - scarf pictures will be up soon i'm sure.


Wow, great price! I'll have to take a look. Can't wait to see your scarf!

Love the comment about the smell of the yarn! I always smell my yarn!

Great tip! I've already clicked all over their site...
I totally understand the appeal of sturdy, organic farm yarns, but it's true that there is a payoff as far as softness is concerned.

Thanks for the yarn review, it looks quite nice!

Nice yarn...I wonder if they do international...will check that out soon. BTW, can't read the last part of your post!

Great colors! Looking forward to how these will knit up!

Thanks so much for joining my little Project. It is a real pleasure to have you! Can't wait to see what you have planned ;)

Now thems is some fine fibers. Of course, you know I've been stash-building, so...

Thanks for the review! Those colors are gorgeous! Do you think the wool will soften up after a gentle bath?
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